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February #UE4JAM Submission Thread

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    Team Name: Y-U-No-Team?
    Team Members: Jamendxman3
    Submission Name: Y-U-No-Team?_ScaryMazeGame

    How to play: Position the mouse at the start of the maze (Bottom Left), and solve the maze by getting your mouse to the top right. The goal is to avoid touching the edges of the maze, and there are 5 levels.

    Unfortunately I started later than I should have, so I only got 3.5 hours of work in :/ Anyways, enjoy
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      Studio Vegaview presents Last Element!

      Download on Itch!

      Last Element is a scifi style game where you're an escaped prisoner on an alien ship, and the only weapon you have is only capable of firing one type of elemental ammo. One more thing, it only fires once before it's exhausted. The player will face a gauntlet of hostility in an attempt to make their way to the escape pod and off the ship!

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        Team Name: World Order Studios
        Team Members: Chris Robertson (BananaKing932;Programmer of Everything) and David Neal-Mejia (Da'King;Level design)
        Project Name: SpaceVacation_WorldOrderStudios
        Download Link:

        How To Play

        -Just think normal FPS controls.

        About The Game

        -I can't say much since it will give away everything, haha.

        READ ME

        1. Main Menu doesn't show mouse cursor when it should. Make sure to TAB to the 'START GAME BUTTON' (push it twice, the buttons won’t light up…)
        2. The 'SETTINGS BUTTON' does nothing, is broken or leads you to the wrong menu.
        3. This game does not play exactly the way it should since there was a lot trying to be done (first Game Jam ). For the “correct” experience on the first play through, stay away from the entry doors and do not jump over the fence that is outside. Wait at least one minute then explore the house one more time before trying to investigate outside.
        4. Do not run inside the house after the "cinematics." You'll cause more stuff to break lol
        5. If for some reason you feel like you can't dispose of the enemy NPC and feel like its a taking forever, push J on the keyboard for a surprise. Push O right after enjoying your surprise.

        Note: There is other bugs so I wish you luck.... haha.
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