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February #UE4JAM Submission Thread

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    Here is my entry, SupaFresh.

    Download Link

    Team Name: Here Goes Nothing
    Project Name: SupaFresh
    Team Member: Nicolas Noben
    Submission: HereGoesNothing_SupaFresh

    Third Party Assets:
    Font: A Dripping Marker by Wick van den Belt ( 100% free)

    Do you have Rhythm? Dexterity? Style? Get your skills right. Because nobody wants to be a one hit wonder.

    Graphics/Design/Dev/Music 100% original created by me for this Jam. I had fun doing it, hope you Enjoy!

    Twitter | Twitch | Instagram



      Homerun Planet

      Exclusively for the GearVR

      Team name: human
      Members: human
      Name of submission: human_HomerunPlanet

      NOTE 1: I did not include my oculussig file in the apk assets folder. You will need to include your own to install and run this on your GearVR device. I included a README.

      NOTE 2: Only after I finished everything and packaged it up did I realize it should say "meteor" and not "asteroid." D'oh!


        Team Name: Joke Yeti
        List of Team Members: John Yeager (Hyruth), Mike Foti (Horusalis)
        Submission Name: Rock... Shoot We Forgot Paper and Scissors (RSWFPS)
        Description: We had 3 maps planned out (one for each item) but unfortunately only the Ruins are fully functional. The other two can be selected but can only be moved around in.

        You play as 1 of 3 characters: Rock, Paper, or Scissors. Choose a map and play as the character that corresponds to it. Escape from your better (In this case escape from Paper as you play as Rock).

        I am a Gamer. Not because I don't have a life. But because I choose to have many.



          Kodi Mynatt

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          Advanced 3d Footprints | Videos | Open Source Mine Sweeper



            Game Name: Save The Music

            Download Link:-

            Team Name: Wattar
            Team Members: Moe Wattar
            Submission Name: MoeWattar_SaveTheMusic

            -This is my first jam i had fun working on this even though i started pretty late, i would've made more than one level if i had time.

            -Sourced Assets are sound effects and soundtracks:
            *Sound effects are from UniversalFX
            *Soundtracks are from a CC-0 pack by HalcyonicFalconX

            -Everything else was made by me for this jam.

            -Controls are kinda tricky but i have explained it all in the menu that pops up when the game starts "Sorry again, didn't have enough time for a proper tutorial level or something like that"


              One Hit Zombie

              Team name: Syntax404
              Team members: deark, Zan
              Name of submission: Syntax404_OneHitZombie

              Defend your treasure for as long as you can but do not hit the zombies or you will parish!

              Move with WASD
              Aim with the mouse
              Shoot with left-click
              Upgrade with F
              Use the "One Hit Wonder" with Q

              Known issues
              Gun sound not playing in current version
              Zombie run animation not working

              Sourced files:
              Gun Fire Sound
              Models: UE4 Marketplace (Bitgem)
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                POINT CLICK ILL - Sneeze your way to victory [MULTIPLAYER][CROSSPLATFORM][CROSSPLAY]

                EDIT: Created a WIP thread for future versions of this: POINT CLICK ILL - Sneeze your way to victory [MULTIPLAYER][CROSSPLATFORM][CROSSPLAY][WIP]

                Team Name:
                Richard Boegli's game studio for people who want to make games and want to do other stuff good too.
                Abbreviated to richardboegli

                Game Name:
                POINT CLICK ILL -

                Team Members:
                Richard Boegli, Mechatronic Engineer

                Game Description:
                POINT CLICK ILL: Sneeze your way to victory is a family friendly laser tag / "instagib" [One Hit Wonder] style crossplatform and crossplay game featuring Sam Smile, where each sneeze makes a player sick.
                Fly Sam Smile floating head around and sneeze on your opponents to win.
                Highest sick count wins.

                How to Play:
                WASD - Movement
                Mouse - Look
                Mouse 1 - Sneeze (One second between sneezes)
                Mouse 2 - Zoom
                Space - Jetpack Up Boost - Keep pressing to go higher
                Ctrl - Jetpack Down Boost - Keep pressing to go lower
                K or End - Respawn

                Known Issues:
                • Player movements is not tweaked yet
                • Player cannot see own sneeze count
                • Only a single map, Infinite Blade Grass Lands
                • Just me saying sneeze instead of a real sneeze. Didn't have time to make myself sneeze.

                3rd Party

                Windows Download Here! - 242MB - Version

                Release History
       - 2016-02-17
                • Fixed Ammo and Reload
                • K for Respawn
                • Fixed blocking volume for water
                • Removed random blocking volume
                • Fixed team names
                • Add Sam Smile Image
                • Fixed UI on screen - still says ONE CLICK ILL instead of POINT CLICK ILL
                • Fixed Weapon Name
                • Change crosshair to purple, add white and black spots and increase size

       - 2016-02-15 - Initial Release
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                  Team name: TinkurIt
                  List of team members: Tommy Smith
                  Name of your submission: TinkurIt_Deflection

                  Built in Linux. Cooked here for Win64
                  Looking forward to the masses of great games, and Allar playing them all!
                  There is a win state

                  music is free use from either twitchfm or NCS

                  So after watching Allar play my game it was brought to my attention that some of the blueprint functionality didn't build into the project. After some testing, the project works fine in the editor but doesn't cook correctly. I will continue to try and find out what is happening just so i can avoid this in the future.

                  The problem is when you focus on the "One Shot" glass, the game it is supposed to pop up a message asking the player if they want to drink the shot then if the player presses the letter o it launches a matinee sequence then open ups the "WinState" level allowing the player to cross the bridge and win. Unfortunately when the player puts their cross hairs on the shot glass it is not recognized in the build as it is when running it in the editor; nor does the game do anything when pressing o after viewing the shot glass. So, the trigger of viewing the shot glass isn't being built into the executable as it works in the editor.

                  *EDIT* [Solved]

                  Okay, it was something simple, as it usually is. In case someone stumbles on this, or I forget what I did to fix it was change the text == function to test what the linetrace hit, I used Matches Wildcard function. The problem was in the editor I was simply looking for ShotGlass000 text match to trigger the event; when the compiler created a build it created an instance of the ShotGlass000 with an instance # (ShotGlass000_12 or the like) by using the wildcard function I looked for ShotGlass000*, and now the build works.

                  I also moved the created Event Tick from the character blueprint to the level blueprint before using the Matches Wildcard funtion, while this may have also been a cause of the problem, I can't say for sure because I need to move on to other things.

                  Here are the links to the fixed game; these are NOT for the jam, these are only here to make me feel better.
                  LinuxNoEditor (because i haven't seen an LNE yet)
                  DeflectionFix (Win 64)

                  Here is a video of it being played to completion through the editor.

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                    Made by LeoCurtss

                    Jason's Dream

                    Instructions on the menu screen. Have fun!



                      in about 43 hours, i made a minimalistic survival shmup. Try to survive all 3 levels without getting hit, and you could be the next, One Hit Wonder!

                      Team: ScottSpadea
                      team Members: Scott Spadea


                      use gamepad or WASD to move
                      Space to shoot
                      dodge the bullets, kill all the enemies, and finish 3 levels to win... if you get hit once you go back to level 1.
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                        Team name: Shatty Games
                        List of team members: Shatty
                        Name of your submission: ice ice baby

                        Description: Slide the baby down the icy slopes and into bed.

                        Notes: Most assets by others. Course (cubes!) and awesome 8-bit soundtrack by me. Thanks to all the friendly folks at and speedtree for providing free assets so I can jam on a limited time. And a special thanks to Vanilla for shaping my youth. Yo VIP, Let's Kick it!



                          Team name: RhinoGames
                          List of team members: RhinoJohn(John), Soulmapp(Mark)

                          Music That Saved The World

                          "Music That Saved The World" is ..
                          You play as a security gaurd who accidently corrupted a missle launch computer when charging your iphone, You must now manually deactivate each silo by answereing questions. All of which are classic "One hit Wonder" Songs. Everytime you stop a launch you save people, thats how you score. and there is a leader board so you need to register. just email and password.

                          Game restrictions

                          Internet connection required, for Storing highscores/Leaderboard

                          Known Issues

                          None at this moment in time


                          W,A,S,D - Basic Movement
                          Space - Jump
                          E, - Interact
                          LMB - Select

                          MEGA :


                          3rd Party Assets used from

                          Blueprints Office
                          Mixamo Animation Pack
                          Various SFX -
                          Music by stephen Lu


                          RhinoGameHK | Twitter | Instagram


                            Chaotic Neutral - Statue of Zeus

                            Protect the Ancient Wonder, The Statue of Zeus at Olympia from the forces of Caligula, preventing them from One hit(ting the) wonder in this traditional tower defense game.


                            Through a combination of 6 separate towers, create a maze of death to protect the Statue of Zeus as long as you can.
                            However, there is no changing history, and thus, the game continues to get harder and harder until you ultimately fail. Go for a high score!

                            WASD/Mouse scroll - Map scroll
                            1,2,3,4,5,6 - Build Towers (1 to cancel building)
                            Select Tower - Click on tower
                            Upgrade Tower - (While Tower is selected) 3
                            Demolish Tower - (While Tower is selected) 6
                            Back out from Tower - Spacebar
                            Pause - Escape

                            Known Issues

                            When attempting to restart the game from the pause menu, the game will reload with the 'end game' UI assets loaded. the only fix is to quit out and restart the game.
                            Not a Development Build (Sorry Allar :c)

                            --Download Link:--

                            Chaotic Neutral
                            Andrew Seward
                            Justin Slay
                            John Sinderman
                            Samantha Eastwood
                            Erik Neel

                            Submission Name: ChaoticNeutral_StatueOfZeus

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                              Top Ten One Hit Wonder Game

                              3D Virtualand Team


                              Top Ten One Hit Wonder Game

                              A simple game about Top Ten One Hit Wonder Music of all times.

                              Link: Top Ten One Hit Wonder Game

                              Menu: M

                              All videos and music belong to their own owners.

                              Have fun.
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                                The Flying Potato

                                LMB - Fire your one shot
                                RMB - Switch between Assassin mode and Ghost mode - You can only shoot in Assassin mode but enemies won't detect you while you're in Ghost mode
                                R - Reset the level
                                Q - Return to menu
                                Esc - Quit completely

                                Your goal?
                                Take out every enemy in the room with your single ricocheting bullet.
                                (There are only 6 levels and the first 3 are pretty darn gosh diddly easy)
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