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February #UE4JAM Submission Thread

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    Team Name: Sleepingdragon (solo entry)
    Name of submission: One Shoot Wander

    R:Main Menu
    Mouse left button:shoot
    Mouse:Move camera

    3 times a shoot(Goal).

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      Favorite Tortoise - Operation Fruit Salad

      Download Link:

      Team name: Favorite Tortoise
      List of team members: Paker67
      Name of your submission (Please format it with your team's name attached ex. TeamName_GameName):


      W = Forward
      S = Backward
      A = Strafe Left
      D = Strafe Right
      E = Interact
      Escape = Pause

      Mission Brief:

      You are dropped into what appears to be an abandoned house with the mission of setting off a hidden bomb. To do so you must solve all the puzzles and then hit the one button.
      Each puzzle can only be reset once.


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      Youtube:<br />


        First Game Jam I took part in... boy I'm glad tomorrow is just normal Work.

        Download: Reincarnate
        Team name: rouce
        List of team members: rouce
        Name of your submission: rouce.Reincarnate

        Used the AnimationStarterContent and Stuff from the ContentExamples

        Known Issues:
        When loading a level, click once to be able to move the Camera.
        Sometimes the placement of Dynamite does not work. (Terrain stuff...)
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          One Shot Wonder! by PAZ Dispenser

          One Shot Wonder!


          Get One Shot Wonder! here!


          One Shot Wonder! is an arcade style carnival game. Each round you get one shot to shoot as many of the 99 (luft)balloons as you can. If you meet the Goal you get to keep playing! Each level has a different goal and randomly placed obstacles that block your optimal shots.

          PAZ Dispenser
          We are three final year students from Humber College in Toronto. We have been using Unreal for slightly over one year, and love to learn more!
          Pavan Jakhu - @PavanJakhu Gameplay Programmer
          Andy Caskanette - @AndyCaskanette Game Designer, UI Design/Implementation, Level Design/Implementation
          Zachary Campbell - @Mister_Miao Gameplay Programmer

          Known Issues:
          Out of Memory error. Hard to reproduce.
          Framerate issues.
          Shotgun reticles do not accurately represent bullet spread. Aim slightly lower than the red circles indicate.


          Most assets from Undead Village pack on Asset store.
          Shotgun from Turbosquid by Mimmikproductions
          Balloons from Turbosquid by Mike060187
          Spike Trap from OpenGameArt by Danimal
          Rope Texture from by Various0539
          99 Luftballons by NENA ; sample taken from youtube
          Meanwhile in Bavaria by Kevin MacLeod
          Carnivalee_Freakshow by Chris Hansen
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            Escape the Wonder

            Team name: grahnen
            Team members: grahnen
            Name of submission: grahnen_EscapeTheWonder

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              Long Shot

              Team Name: Satellite
              Members: Tunana, Productshard

              Guide your bullet to the dummy at the end of the level. Pew Pew!

              Controls: WASD to move, Right click to slow time


                Team 20 - OneHitOneKill

                Team name: Team 20
                Name of submission: OneHitOneKill

                List of team members:

                Download Link:
                -8 Bit Post Process Material



                  One Hit Wonder (Creative, right?!)

                  Team Name: AnonymousIndie
                  Team members: Me (models, textures, level design, scripting), TheCraftyPickle (textures)
                  Name: AnonymousIndie_OneHitWonder

                  One Hit Wonder is a short FPS game, where you must climb up Tower Tower, fighting your way through your enemies (known as the Epikk). They are diverse robots, big, small, and human-sized that will stop at nothing to defeat you - but you've got your trusty gun. That shouldn't be a problem! Oh, but, there is one small catch... You have limited ammo... And the Epikk are pretty powerful... And can kill you with a single touch... And won't die until they've received 4 hits head-on... And with every floor comes more, harder enemies... And there's someone awaiting you at the top...

                  Some known bugs/other issues
                  The last boss is fairly broken and is fairly OP/easy to kill depending on how you play it out. Nothing happens after finishing the boss battle and you are just left in the room. There is no pause menu.

                  Shoot - Left Click
                  Move - WASD
                  Jump - Space

                  You can download One Hit Wonder here.

                  3rd party assets
                  Starter content, royalty-free sounds and textures
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                  Just a guy who enjoys what he does.


                    Team name : MechanicalBanana
                    List of team members: Ricardo Gonçalves, Igor Lima
                    Name of your submission: All the way to Wonder
                    Download link :

                    Game Objective: Try to hit all the keys in time!

                    What Are The Controls ?

                    A-Move left
                    D-Move right

                    Any Known Issues ?

                    No known issues at the moment.

                    All created by us including SoundFX(music).

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                      You can find the game HERE
                      Team name: JK5000
                      List of team members: JK5000
                      Name of your submission: JK5000_TheBulletBoy

                      You are a young boy that flyes gun bullets. You job is to help the world oldest circes gunmand. The game has four acts/levels.

                      - You control the bullet/gun with the mouse (Instruction is included in the game)
                      - Press "R" to restart
                      - Press Escape to quit



                        Team name : Muffin
                        List of team members: DiatomicMuffin
                        Name of your submission: One Hit Arrow

                        Description: You are an assassin armed with a bow and only 1 arrow. your mission is to clear out the area of all the guards. If any guard is alerted they will run to the alarm and if any set it off you fail.

                        WASD: move
                        Hold LMB: Charge Arrow
                        Release LMB: Fire Arrow
                        RMB: Melee

                        ***disclaimer*** The only way to package that game was convert it to engine version "4.11". No known issues.
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                          Tiredhorse - Dr. Lovebomb

                          Team Name - Tiredhorse
                          Game - Dr. Lovebomb

                          Created by
                          Dawid 'vebski' Niemiec
                          Oscar 'Chosker' Sanz
                          Ott Madis 'Oakwarrior' Ozolit

                          Game Instructions
                          W, A, S, D - Movement
                          Mouse - Camera Rotation

                          MULTIPLE ENDINGS;
                          MORAL CHOICES;
                          RICH STORY;

                          UPDATED Downloads [92MB | Windows 64bit | RAR ]

                          OLD Downloads [92MB | Windows 64bit | RAR ]

                          Good luck! ^_^
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                            Link to a download of your game : Link

                            Team name: Jvthewanderer

                            List of team members:
                            James "Jvthewanderer" Vaughn Jr.

                            Name of your submission:
                            Go! UEG4096!

                            Mouse Point and Click:

                            Left Mouse Button: Hold - Charge your Power
                            Release - Shoot Allar.
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                            Unreal-Chan v1.2 is ready!

                            Twitch:/jvthewanderer Twitter:@JvtheWanderer



                              Team Name: Head Farmers
                              Project Name: Final Hit

                              Local Multiplayer, race to the finish... only one gets to hit the button! Requires two xbox controllers to play.

                              DROPBOX DOWNLOAD LINK

                              Team Members
                              Programmer: Bryan Layman
                              Level Designer and Animator: Jakobsen Beck
                              3D Modeling and Poster Art: Yuliya Petrova
                              Sound Assets and Menu Art: George Garcia

                              Outside Sources
                              Special Thanks to CC-BY-NC assets:
                              Fever (Instrumental) by snowflake
                              Rock-Wood SFX by Nathan Lee of 3 Leaf Productions
                              Spring sound effect by Bright Shining Star
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                                Bounceball League

                                Link to download
                                Team name: Rathimir
                                List of team members: shaunathon6
                                Name of submission: Rathimir_BounceballLeague
                                Music from Mark Sparling

                                Objective: Use your shield to hit the ball at the target and score points.

                                Controls: WASD to move, hold left click for reflector shield