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    Button in the Oven

    Team GamePlayUniverse:
    Markus aka. Marki217q
    Merlin aka. Merarlion
    David aka. Vetshee

    W,A,S,D / Left Stick for walking
    Spacebar / E / A-Button to activate buttons and knock out enemies
    Esc / Pause to pause the game
    Xbox Controller

    You broke into a restricted area. Now your mission is to activate as many buttons as possible, before being detected by the guards.

    This is a Highscore-Game!
    Points are being collected by pressing the highlighted Button. A little arrow shows the direction. Tell us your Score!
    If you think the game is too hard or not hard enough on it’s default settings, just change them!

    Windows x64: Google Drive
    Windows x32: Google Drive

    Just so you know, we used a Pun generator for the Name
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      Team name: Prototeam
      List of team members:
      Name of your submission Proto (Prototeam_Proto)

      We are proud to present Proto! It's our first ever game, submitted for our first ever Game jam too! Sadly, the only thing we did not manage to implement was sound, but we are pretty happy with the final result.

      It's a platform game with a very basic plot attached. Please, if at first you do not succeed, retry and retry! Some bits were pretty hard for me as well, and I built the map! To put it bluntly, it should be a quick, fun experience.

      Here's the basic plot (which can be read in game as well):

      The situation is dire. The underground dark-matter energy core has overloaded, causing heavy seismic activity across the planet Karvax. The earthquakes have also caused volcanic eruptions, which now threaten the core's integrity, and thus, the planet's integrity. And this is where you come in. You are a Synthetic Automated Technician, or SAT. Your job is to reach the core and activate the manual override... But be advised, with the core malfunctioning, it's best if you don't go around and press random buttons...
      Have fun fixing the core! And remember, be wary about pushing the buttons...
      Commands are in game.

      KNOWN BUGS: Sometimes the platform in the first level (before you see the Core). Meaning you have to restart the game if you die in the first level. Once you get on the second level (when you see the Core from a distance) You will not need to restart the game anymore! Sorry for the inconvenience, have fun and... keep retrying if you fail! The end is worth it.

      Download Link:!gdZBmJDT!3h-1eYmrk...aKvVuoktM1aFNs




        Game: FreakinZombies
        Team: Jeel Patel (me)
        DOWNLOAD :

        VIDEO :

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          The game is HERE

          I Have made a small update for my game, and it is HERE

          Team name: JK5000
          List of team members: JK5000
          Name of your submission: JK5000_Push the right button or die.


          Are you ready to risk your life for the opportunity to win $ 1 million?

          This is a quiz-show game. The rules are simple, win or die.


          LMB: to click on the buttons.
          Move mouse: to look around.
          ASDW: to walk around. (IMPORTEN: you can only walk when the crosshair is blue)

          WARNING do not let children play this game.
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            Team Name: Elaris
            Project Name: Eggs Hunter

            The act of push a button... might lead to different reactions... it can bring good things... it can bring bad things... is it even worth to try?
            Help an egg collector to find a special golden egg, get over challenges and take some decisions, to push the button or not... that is your choice!

            Eggs Hunter Trailer


            Music: Goodgame Big Farm Music, we did not create the music.
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              Team name: BubbleTank
              Game Title: DontPressThe(Wrong)Button

              Link: Click Here
              Team Members: 2

              Controls: WASD move around, left click to push buttons, right click camera.

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                Link To Download Game:
                Team Name: Ingenius Games For Gamers
                Game Name: War Runner
                Team Members: Dave, Aaron, and Garrett
                Name of Submission: IngeniusGamesForGamers_WarRunner

                Description: Find your balance between Peace and War. Gather dark tokens to push the big red button and go to war. However beware once you trigger the next World War, it won't be just tokens to collect and dodge. Gather pulsing tokens to return or maintain a peaceful status. How many Wars can you survive?

                This is our first Game Jam as a group! Thanks Epic Games for giving us this chance to create an fun little game for you guys and other Gamers to check out!

                Have Fun!

                A = Turn Left
                D = Turn Right
                P = Pause
                ESC Key = Alternative Pause
                Spacebar = Jump
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                  Pst Jam updated build here:

                  Team name: Tremolo
                  Team members: Hum
                  Project Name: Tremolo_TickTickBoom

                  So here's my first ever game jam entry. It turned out better than I thought it would so hope yall enjoy. High fives to all the other entries!

                  How to play: A blue button is highlighted at the start of the round. This button disarms the bomb terminal, there are 10 terminals.
                  The blue fades back to red as the buttons are shuffled. When the button shuffle ends click the button formally known as blue to disarm the bomb. Click any other button and BOOM!
                  And just incase it's not clear, when a button travels off the board it imeadiately re-emerges at the opposite side.

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                    download link:
                    team name: Owned Owls
                    Team members: Owninator and owl
                    name of the game:button battle.
                    notes: local multiplayer and only tested with 2 x360 controllers
                    controlls: P for menu left stick move. XYAB.....
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                    No I didnt make the greatest game in the world, just a tribute


                      Game Title: Button Panic!
                      Team name: NoIdeaTeam
                      Team members:
                      Miguel (Pelaik)
                      Enrique (Dirionu)
                      Isidro José

                      Links to screenshots:

                      Link to game:
                      Win 32
                      Win 64

                      This is our first "finished" game on unreal, I hope you enjoy it.
                      You have to touch certain button colors but avoid touching others.
                      Buttons spawn on a non touchable zone, when they move thought a shower zone they get white and you have to remember what color they had to touch them.



                        I Am Button

                        Team Name: Kotany
                        Team Members: Druha, Bolotniy_lis
                        Name of Submission: Kotany_IAmButton

                        Have you ever played games in which you need to catch a button running on your screen?
                        Now it's your chance to be that button! You will have to evade attacking cursors and complete objectives. Enjoy!


                          Hello Gamejammers and Staff,

                          Watching Grass Grow Studios proudly presents their very first release:

                          NO BUTTON AT HOME

                          The game is about you, yes, right! YOU! You're at home and well, you want to go sleep. But you can't do so for your girlfriend would keep you awake nagging away for another 6 hours if she returned without you having done the stuff she wants you to have done. Phew, women are the devil right? Just do what she wants you to do and you'll get a good-nights rest.
                          Hint towards the game: Use your environment, don't push buttons, E to interact.

                          This game is the very first "real" thing produced by two handsome guys called Chris & Daniel, entering as Watching Grass Grow Studios. While Chris has collected a fair share of experience within the area of modelling, coding and using the unreal engine, Daniel just started using blender and UE4. But through the help of Chris and an intense 3 days of hard modelling, he got used to it pretty fast.
                          99% of things in this game are modelled, cut and textured by hand. Very diligent, now callous hands. Our hands! It was partially fun, partially horror, partially jolly good times and partially the pure stress. We really got a hang of how to approach a project just with participating in the game jamwhen before we did not really have a clue. So thank you, Epic Games, for hosting this competition and we hope to participate in further competitions even stronger! Thank you also for building such a perfect piece of engine enabling a broad variety of individuals to realize their dream of becoming a game-designer. Thank you also for cutting out on that short-term profit you may have gained from selling UE4 via subscription and going for the long-term approach of profiting through user profits. We also want to thank our parents and god.

                          Download the Game:


                          With the best of regards,

                          Daniel & Chris, Watching Grass Grow

                          //EDIT: Sadly a mistake was made in the creation of the game. I (Chris) thought the "print string" node would also give out the text in the compiled game. So nowyou do not really get any feedback on the things you do, but we hope you still enjoy the gane you just have to think a little more and remember what you have already done
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                            Game: Snooze You Lose
                            Team: Daniel Stokes (Badger)

                            In this game you control an alarm clock. You must prevent the snooze button from being pressed so that you will wake up on time. Flick your mouse to leap around dodging the half asleep arm! If the clock gets past 7:00 you will be late. If you last 5 "minutes" you will be on time.


                              Team Name: Sleepingdragon (solo entry)
                              Name of submission: Hero of the Peole

                              Download link

                              It was updated to the latest version.
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                                Don't Push The Red Button

                                Don't Push The Red Button

                                Sorry for the weak entry. I really didn't know what to do this time around.

                                So! It's a Simon Says-sorta game.

                                Read the monitor, click a button. That's really all there is.

                                I wouldn't spend more then a minute or 2 on this one.
                                It's not much but I felt like submitting. So I did.
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