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    Hey all!

    This is our first Game Jam submission. We are super excited about it. We are a student organization at WVU and thought this would be a great event for our Game Dev club!

    Controls: Tab is pause, space is jump, move with WASD or arrow keys


    Team Name: Tunnel Snakes

    Team Members: Kati, Taylor, Jason

    Name of submission: TunnelSnakes_Homage

    Make our own assets?: Nope.

    Edit: Bad link.
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      Link: (Windows 64-bit, need to use 7zip)

      Team Name : Maxi And The Gang
      Project Name : Oh My Viking!
      List of team members: Maxi (3d rigging and animation), Lookann (UI design, 3d modelling, rigging), IdeaNoodle, Oberonpooh (programming), and Rio (sound designer).
      Name of your submission: MaxiAndTheGang_OhMyViking!
      Did you make all your own assets? no

      * We create the 3d models for the "Titan" arena and the viking players. 2D = Logo and buttons for UI. All of the sounds and musics. Terrain, particles and other 3d models are using ready-made assets.

      Oh My Viking!

      Local multiplayer brawler game using hook and axe. Jam version is for two player only (from the expected four player).

      Oh My Viking is a story about two heroes fighting for the right to reach Valhalla. One viking need to defeat the other and reach the shoulder of an old giant to win the battle. The idea actually came up "fun", in a sense that for a four player game, there will be more chaos when one player killed one other and the remaining player must stop him before he reach the top. BUT THEN WE'RE STILL TOO AMBITIOUS FOR A FIRST UNREAL GAME. Our submission actually contains only two players, so many bugs, and so little art direction :/

      Anyway we're having so much fun! So many good experience working and things to learn. First time programming in unreal, first using node base programming (blueprint), and first 3d modelling -> rigging. Hope you enjoy the game as much as when we're making it and hopefully we can do so much better next time
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        Edit: New Download Link:!EYgAhY4J (new version with some minor bugs fixed and improved gameplay).
        Edit: Download Link (no password):!EYgAhY4J!9PxDk69DM...BaBx_EYUidIKkk (the file is the same one, it just need this URL for being available without a password. My mistake!)

        Submission Name: FiveFingers_DreamsOfGravity
        Team: The Five Fingers
        Jorge González Sánchez
        Onise Lomsianidze
        Nina Romay Mingo
        José Ignacio Rodríguez Fernández
        Rubén Sánchez García

        Did you make all of your own assets? No We modeled the characters and plenty of the most relevant assets for the story. Landscape and environmental assets have been taken from different free projects from the UE4 Library.

        The Five Fingers: We are a team of five students from Madrid. We're currently studying our one year degree in videogame design, being in the 7th month of our formation.

        Dreams of Gravity: This game lets you travel through a Newton's dream, in his way to achieving knowledge to discover the gravity's laws. He must help three of the 'giants' he refers to in his famous quote to get the three fragments of the formula, while fighting the Inquisition trying to make him fail.

        How to play:
        W/S/A/D: Move.
        SPACEBAR: Jump.
        Left Mouse Click: Action (Raise the prism)
        Q/E (When Left Mouse is clicked): Spin the prism and change its color.
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          The Testing Room

          Team Name: The Kokokazs Collective

          Project Name: The Testing Room

          List of team members:
          László Bíró
          Ádám Várkonyi

          Name of submission: TheKokokazsCollective_TheTestingRoom

          Did you make all your own assets? No
          Music by Eric Matyas

          Download link:

          This is our first ever game jam and Unreal Engine game.
          During development we learnt a lot about the engine and had to cut a lot of content, such as more levels, game mechanics or even the UI.
          Nevertheless, we enjoyed every moment of development and hope you enjoy our game.

          The Setting:
          You play the role of a super intelligent AI, today is your final test.
          By standing on the shoulders of acclaimed human scientists and applying their theories you need to overcome 5 levels, which were inspired by Newton and Schrödinger.
          Have FUN!!

          W A S D to move around
          Space to jump
          1 to toggle some objects' gravity
          2 to toggle some objects' states Only relevant after LVL 3
          You need to get to the platform that, if activated, takes you upwards to the next level

          On lvl 5 you don't go all the way up, if you reach the big platform you complete the game! Sorry we couldn't fit in a victory screen.

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            32Bit Link:
            64Bit Link:

            Team name: ChampagneRobot
            List of team members: Aldo (ChampagneRobot)
            Name of your submission ChampagneRobot_OnTheShouldersOfGiants
            Did you make all your own assets? NO
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              Link to a download of your game:
              (Alternative link, if the first download doesn't work for you):
              Team name: Fireline Games
              List of team members:
              Kacper Kowalczuk
              Marek Derkowski
              Krzysztof Heldt
              Daniel Kończyk
              Michał Antkiewicz

              Name of your submission (Please format it with your team's name attached ex. TeamName_GameName): FirelineGames_TheIsleOfGiants
              Did you make all your own assets? (yes / no): We have made everything ourselves except for sounds and animations.

              Images from the game:

              Fight as a brave knight on a quest to get the giants power.

              The game supports local multiplayer using keyboard and gamepad.

              The game crashes some times (though it shouldn't crash in local multiplayer). It is due to the problem with ribbon particles that were supposed to be resolved in UE 4.9.
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              Gameplay programmer @ Techland by day
              Programmer @ Fireline Games at night



                Team name: TheFighters
                Team Members:
                - Dane Nicholas Nurse
                - Francisco José Moreno García
                - Andrew Mc Intosh
                Submission Name: TheFighters_MechJam
                All original assets: Yes but UE4 Mannequin was used/modified also.

                Two player only, Controllers required.
                Controls: left, right, A - jump, B (mech stomp)

                Plug for Andrew Mc Intosh for the awesome music! Check him out!

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                  Team Name: Schnudden
                  Team Member: Konstantin Mittelbach
                  Game Name: Schnudden_FindThosePages
                  Did you make all your own assets? yes

                  My first Game - have fun or something
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                    Giants Of A Generation

                    Team name: Please Don't Crash (Damir Halilovic, Andrej Jagar, Afan Olovcic, Amir Catic, Sanela Olovcic)
                    Submission Name: PleaseDontCrash_GiantsOfAGeneration
                    Download link:
                    Asset Status: We made everything ourselves sans particle effects, sounds and music, the first which was purchased from the marketplace, the latter two being obtained via free music libraries (open game art).


                    Click on the elements to combine them and empower your creation. LMB and RMB to attack. Don't forget to check your ancestor's book for hints on what you did wrong!


                      Giants of Albion
                      You play as Jack and Giant, exploring the ruins of albion, searching for the strings of fate.

                      W/D + Mouse as Giant, press Left CTRL to switch to Jack. Jack uses left click for sword swipes, and Left CTRL to get back on Giant (if you're within range). You can run around (well.. walk around) explore, kill a few trolls. Not much else going on, unfortunately. Expect some bugs with troll death, and dying as Jack requires a map reload. I was working on a savepoint system, but for some reason this version wouldn't package, so I rolled back to a previous autosave.

                      Same story, different jam: The game got away from me. Started spending waaaay too much time on things that no one will ever notice, (Try exploring the forest as Jack!) and expanding the game in unnecessary ways. Oh well, there will always be another jam.


                      Team Name: Team Havoc

                      Team Members: Havoc

                      Name of submission: TeamHavoc_Giants

                      Make our own assets?: No.
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                        James and the Giant Robot!

                        Link to our game:

                        If your computer doesn't like the fullscreen ini, delete it from generalgameprefs, or download this version:

                        Project: James and the Giant Robot
                        Members: Abdullah Al-Khadher, Mikayla Westbrooke, and Austin Ward
                        Yes, all of our art is original, except for the Pea's and Carrot's font.
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                        Check out our most recent work!


                          Grass Max

                          Submission version: (Multiplayer connecting is broken, but if you will run server from commandline as listen then there is chance that 1vs1 game will work - after few attemps with fatal error, othervise you can play only alone. Also in giant map is probably one missing material on grass - sadly this error was caused only in final packaged build, in editor was everything ok.)

                          Fix1:, Mirror (fixed multiplayer, but car wheels not rotating)
                          Fix2:, Mirror (fixed wheel animation)

                          Team name: AAAGAMES

                          List of team members: Miroslav Sanc, Daniel Rozanski, Petr Halenkovsky, Jakub Hromadka

                          Name of your submission: AAAGAMES_GrassMax

                          Did you make all your own assets?: No, font and music is not ours.

                          How to play:
                          Drive and gather grass. Best with more (4) players.

                          WASD - drive
                          Space - hand brake
                          R - recover when you are stuck
                          F1 - best graphic quality
                          F2 - medium graphic quality
                          F3 - low graphic quality

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                            me and my shadows


                            Team SparklePony

                            Martijn Dijksen
                            Emma Lintvelt
                            Ramon Huiskamp
                            Javid Ladhani
                            Ruben van der Velde

                            All Original Assets: (N) Mostly original. Some default unreal things used
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                              team name: Teknika
                              game: the giant's gold
                              members: Hanke Jerome, Caussin Jason, Navez Jason, Valvassory Sylvain, Taussin Florian
                              all original assets: yes except the material on golem

                              word of explanation:

                              When we started this project we had no clue about pretty much anything (from ue4 to textures in substance we tried along the way) and we didn't even achieve to make a playable game but had a lot of fun trying to (so i guess it was worth the try ) . We completely fell in love with ue4 and decided to participate to other game jams (hopefully we will do better next time).


                                Lucky's Big Problem, by team Boilerplate Studios

                                David Anderson
                                Kurt Weaver
                                Brian Watson
                                Nicolas Bolduc

                                Did we make all our own assets? - Yes we did.

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                                David Anderson
                                BOILERPLATE STUDIOS