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    Gabriele "Endorall" Granocchia
    Did you make all your own assets? (yes / no) : yes

    A pacman like game!



      Link ->
      Team name :exxello
      List of team members:

      Just me Marcel Schäfer

      Name of your submission:

      Did you make all your own assets? :
      I did not do the font it is under MIT licence
      And the monkey head is not from me -->see blender

      Everything else is done by me

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        Hey guys, finally my submissionk:
        Team name: Delta Games
        List of team members: me (iUltimateLP)
        Name of submission: Delta Games_TheSystem
        Own assets? No. Full list:

        I used contents of these sources:

        Epic Games Assets (
        Magic Sword (
          Journey's End

        Please read the text file in order to know what you're playing
        Hobby game developer from Germany Follow me on Twitter!
        Stuff I made:
        Steam Workshop Tutorial/Wiki
        Making a full working translation for your game and change it at runtime



          Download: Download
          Download(fixed but after deadline) Download 1.0.1
          Team name: Coffee Is My Soulmate
          Team Justin Dooley
          Name of your submission CoffeeIsMySoulmate_BotsOG
          Did you make all your own assets? No

          @MichaelAllar When you play can you tweet or PM me to let me know

          As a bot within an artificial neural network, you are tasked with finding a uplink within a randomly generated labryrinth and uploading your data to the central AI Core. Doing so will improve all future bots in their ability to complete the same task. Defeating enemies within the simulation may allow you to collect data packets that can be used to improve your weapons systems. The final goal of this particular artificial neural network is to defeat the "Final Boss" of an opposing neural network.

          Good Luck

          Bug Notice
          Mouse stays visible after moving to a level. Right click to not waste ammo

          Movement: W/A/S/D
          Fire: Left Click
          Fire Modes: Right Mouse/Left Alt
          Pause: Esc / P

          Weapon Upgrades
          Upgrading a weapon improves it a small amount. Each upgrade will increase in cost based on the number of times it has been upgraded so far. Upgrading Damage from 1 for 2 would cost 2 credits. Upgrading from 5-6 would cost 6 credits. Some upgrades cost more than others.

          Stat Change in Stat Cost Increase Per Upgrade
          Damage +1 1 Credit
          Fire Mode Adds 3 shot Burst then Full Auto 25 Credits for burst and 50 for Full Auto
          Projectiles +1 projectile per bullet 2 Credits
          Reload Speed -0.10 Seconds 1 Credit
          Clip Size +1 Bullet Per Clip 1 Credit
          VSpread -5 1 Credit
          HSpread -5 1 Credit
          You don't need to kill anything your first few runs.
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            Hey all, so we spent roughly 36 hours on this with minimal sleep and study because we've been having school every day and tests. Initially there was 3 of us but by the end there was only 2 of us.

            Note: I'm actually not that good at it but had a few of my friends play it. The score to beat is 340 as of the guy that beat all of us. But maybe we're all just bad

            Game Overview
            In this game, you are a chicken being chased for slaughter.
            Your stamina runs out if you do not eat food, making it easier for the farmer to catch you.
            You need to eat the seeds that randomly spawn in the level and survive as long as possible.

            Dark Binary - 2 Members

            Members Email Role
            Allan Nyamawi Jeremy Basically all the unreal/3d stuff
            Moses Mwaura Music

            Download Link

            As for assets:
            We did not make all the assets from scratch, but for those that were downloaded from (blendswap and, all were under the CC-0 licence.
            Feel free to message me for more information/clarification on the assets and their licencing.
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              Game name: Arcanium

              Team name: Broad Strokes

              - Yoeri Vleer (VFX)
              - Ian Maclure (Environments)
              - Jan Kaluza (Programming, Producer)
              - Lee Devonald (Character Art)
              - Jason Black (Animation)

              Includes assets not created by us. (Music & sounds mostly, with some background assets sourced from the UE4 marketplace and Infinity Blade collection, and some textures from

              Download link: (updated 3:16 PM EST)

              In this multiplayer brawl game, you take on the role of a METAL WIZARD and have to defeat all the other wizards. Collect ARCANIUM PICKUPS to increase the power and variety of your ELEMENTAL SPELLS.
              If you manage to collect 10 elements of the same color, you enter GONZO MODE and become incredibly powerful for a short amount of time!

              Controls set up to work with keyboard and gamepad. If controls don't work, try madly clicking in the window a few times until they do!

              Control mapping visible in the main menu.
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              Broad Strokes | Jan Kaluza | Marketplace Release: 'Over 9000 Swords' Modular Melee Weapon System
              Currently not available for freelance work
              Dev Blog & Tutorials | Twitter



                Download link:
                Solo entry
                SouthWeast_LostSummit (didn't manage to rename the project)
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                  Link to a download of your game: Download here
                  Battle Dads is a local multiplayer brawler game where a Dad and piggybacked child team up to fight another duo for sandpit supremacy.

                  Press and hold RT to charge a devastating punch, which lunges your father forward. If you connect with max power, the opposing player will be sent out to space. However if you miss, you run the risk of falling out of the sand pit. Are you really going to embarrass your son like that?

                  Tap A to launch a quick punch for minimal force. It can also be used to knock the opposing player out of their charge state.

                  Tap the right stick in a direction for a quick dodge. This is useful if you want to play bullfighter, and lure an opponent into over committing close to the edge.

                  Oh and left stick moves your character. That's probably helpful information.

                  Known issues:

                  -Input is still active during countdown.
                  -A couple of materials aren't being rendered in the build.
                  -VO sounds don't stop when they are retriggered.
                  - Rare occurrence where a player will lose all 3 rounds when hit by a fully charged power attack

                  Team name: New Blood
                  List of team members:

                  Aaron Alexander
                  Aaron Gutierrez
                  Daniel Wood
                  Christian Hagedorny
                  Shaun Hammond

                  Name of your submission: NewBlood_BattleDads
                  Did you make all your own assets?

                  No, we did not.
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                    SpaceKitties Giant'sShouldersEvilSorcerer

                    Link to download:
                    Team Name: Space Kitties

                    Team members:
                    - Alexander Vasilyev(me)(Code, GameDesign, Characters Modeling, Sounds)
                    - Artem Borisov (Characters Modeling, Props)
                    - Anton Yakshibaev (Music)
                    - Valerii Malov (Textures)

                    Name of submission: SpaceKitties_Giant'sShouldersEvilSorcerer
                    Did you make all your own assets? (yes / no): Characters and props are ours, environment is from starter content.

                    Build has some problems with Saves, so pls start new game then close, restart and continue.
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                      FreshLemonade: Thillgar's Last Hope

                      Hello fellow Jammers! Here is my submission! (Team of one) I have been VERY busy this week working on it and have logged over 36 hours of streaming on twitch since Monday afternoon. (shameless plug) I am pretty happy with how it turned out, but would have loved a few more days to flush out the gameplay even more! (like adding the Giants as bosses during later levels which was the original plan..)

                      All the art is hand drawn in pen. (excluding royalty free controls icons)
                      All voices and voice SFX are me.
                      All programming was done in blueprints.
                      SFX is a mix of my own foley and sound effects libraries.

                      Thillgar's Last Hope is about a dwarf who is the last hope of his dwarven nation set in a fantasy world. In this world, the dwarves haven't been able to use magic for almost a millennium… until you! Called upon by your king to defend your homeland from the invading goblins you will have to learn how to use your new found magical skills to defeat your enemies. Each night you can learn more about magic from your tutor, Thillgar who has studied magic, despite being unable to use it himself.

                      I would recommend, if you have one, to play this game with a controller! It's much better! Although keyboard controls are also enabled. Let me know what you think. If you get stuck and want to be linked to all the spell combos, (You have to discover them in game through trial and error) send me a PM and tell me what your favourite spell is, and I'll send you a link to a spreadsheet of all available spells with their effects and costs. Enjoy!

                      Download here from my dropbox:
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                      You can find me on twitter: @graeme_crackers


                        Link :
                        Team name : JanWlosok
                        List of team members : Jan Wlosok
                        Name of your submission : JanWlosok_OneWeek
                        Did you make all your own assets : Yes

                        My original idea was something completely different, but also too ambitious. So after 4 days of work I had to start from scratch. And i thought "Why not create something weird...". I'm not going to describe the game, because the game itself will explain everything.


                          SUM OF PARTS - UE4 Epic Megajam Submission
                          Note* -Will update this post when build is finished!

                          Game Link :
                          Team Name : PhaseState
                          Team Members : PhaseState (just me!)
                          Name of Submission : PhaseState_SumOfParts
                          All original assets? : No. Everything except textures and ambient wind sound l created myself including walk/ jump animations and the particle men.

                          SUM OF PARTS:

                          Description - in Sum of Parts you play as a giant mech creature made out of smaller men. Fight other giant mech man creatures and save the city from destruction!

                          Use your healing ability in game to stand on the shoulders of your compatriots and defeat the enemy!


                          It was a lot of fun to make and it was fun to participate in this jam.

                          Thanks for organizing this Epic!
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                            Team name: OKKULTSIX

                            List of team members

                            Rachmatilovski Valdio

                            Aron Marcello

                            Rahadi Kuswidadianto

                            Name of your submission: OKKULTSIX_Baga

                            Did you make all your own assets? No. Characters, SFX and Music are our own assets, the environments are made from infinity blade assets.

                            W A S D - Movement
                            Left Click - Main Attack
                            Right Click - Secondary Attack
                            Esc - Quit Game

                            Link :
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                              Our Game Jam Submission

                              Flying Home

                              Who are you?
                              Hey, we’re the Gameplay Universe team.
                              A team of three people from Germany,
                              Merlin &
                              We don't have a strict separation for the tasks, so everyone did something in every part of the game development.

                              How do I interpret your game concerning the theme?
                              You play as a bird on its way home to its nest. Your nest is built on a tree, who protects you and your eggs from most harm. A true giant of nature.

                              What are the Controls?
                              Left Click – boosts the bird, but needs energy
                              Mouse Position – rotate the bird towards the mouse, if possible

                              What is the aim of the game?
                              This is basically a highscore-game. The higher the score at the end screen the better.
                              The highscore depends on how far you travel, before the time runs out. Don’t forget to use the powerups to travel further.

                              Here are our team’s highest scores:
                              David: 357
                              Merlin: 371
                              Markus: 302

                              Did you create all the assets (including music) yourself?
                              Yes, except the buttons and the fonts.

                              Is this your first entry?
                              No, this is the fourth time we participate in an epic game jam :-)
                              (First was on Dec 2014 then on Aug & Sep this year. Thank you epic for these cool events!)

                              Where can I download the game?
                              Right here:
                              Windows 64 bit (Dropbox / Google Drive)

                              How does the Game look like?


                                And it looks like the game wont package so we wont get our entry in, welp was fun guys.

                                Project TechJet

                                All Original Content (no)
                                Infiltrator (Epic)
                                Platformer Demo (Epic)
                                Platformer Kit (Hugo)
                                Effects Demo (Epic)
                                Elemental (Epic)
                                Modular Buildings (Marketplace)
                                Prototype Characters (Marketplace)
                                Animation Starter Pack (Marketplace)
                                Movement Anim Pack Pro (Marketplace)
                                Scifi Weapons Dark (Marketplace)

                                Animation Blueprints
                                Weapon Blueprints
                                AI Blueprints

                                Stanley Cubrix and the Clockworks
                                MonsOlympus - Blueprints
                                EyeOfScar (JZAcH) - Environment
                                Rest In Pixels - Modelling
                                (and 2 people who pulled out without contributing)

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