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    Team Name: psychoROBOT
    List of Team members: Danny Matthews
    Name of your submission: psychoROBOT_TheFoxAndTheGiant
    Did you make all your own assets: No. I used mostly my own assets and some assets from the Infiltrator Demo.


      Team Name: Programmers in Hats
      Game Name: Programmers in Hats_Apple Quest
      Members: sigi0073 and eagle-ss
      All assets were original except for the picture of Sir Isaac Newton, which is from here.

      You play as an apple who is attempting to help Newton discover gravity. Use the WASD keys or an Xbox joystick to navigate the levels. Beware of the green apples, they hurt. We stood on the shoulders of giants creating this game, find all the elements of popular games - gotta catch them all! Good luck!

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        Chicken of the Storm - Seedlings

        Name: Seedlings

        As a seedling you have the power to sacrifice yourself for further generations by becoming one of three plants, each with a different ability. Master the puzzle-jump and run part and enjoy the satisfying ending.

        Team: Chicken of the Storm

        Phantuman (Coding, Composing, Leveldesign)
        Pixxeltier (Character-Modeling, Animations, 3D-Environment)
        Bratpf_anne (3D-Environment)
        MildDoodle (Concepts, 2D, UI)
        d0tz (Leveldesign)

        Download: Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3
        Artbook: Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3

        We made everything on our own except:

        Chris Zabriskie Link (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0)
        • The Temperature of the Air on the Bow of the Kaleetan
        • There are many different kinds of Love
        • Oxygen Garden

        Tabletopaudio Forest: Night  Link (Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial NoDerivatives 4.0 International License)
        Vent - wind Link (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported)
        Sea Cave Link (CC0 1.0 Universal)

        Font CAT Childs: Copyright (c) 2014, CAT-Fonts, Peter Wiegel [url=""]Link[url] (SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1)

        Rig, Run, Jump & Walk taken from the Standard Unreal Character



          Game Link:

          Team: Epic Bacon


          Submission name: Project Titan

          All original assets?: All the meshes are custom modeled and many textures, except some paintings

          Music courtesy of
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            Team Name: Blood Brothers
            Project Name: NED of The Dead
            List of team members:
            1. Saad Anees (, 03453198218),T.Shirt Size: Medium
            2. Ibad Anis (, 03162129689), T.Shirt Size: Medium
            3. Adil Najeeb (, 03242755259), T.Shirt Size: Medium
            Name of your submission: BloodBrothers_NEDofTheDead (Please format it with your team's name attached ex. TeamName_GameName)
            All original assets (no) <- We used some from other sources like Epic games, RPG Starter Kit, Material pack


            NED of The Dead is a role-playing game (RPG) in which a virus is spread in NED university that turns almost everyone to zombie but the people who were not exposed to the virus have to survive together. They need to get out of the university but they are trapped inside and waiting for the arrival of rescue team.

            It is in the Action-Adventure genre. It is similar to most adventure games because the game has an engaging story and an immersive world. It is similar to action games because in the game there will be cinematic action set-pieces that the player will be involved in. It is different to most action-adventure games because there is a lot of freedom given to the player; it’s very non-linear in the way the player can go about progressing through the story. The game has open world elements; the player can explore the university and collect items.
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              A Long Whale Trip

              Win32 : Link1 Link2
              Win64 : Link

              Team name : Mhousse1247
              List of team members (1) : Elhoussine Mehnik
              Name of your submission : Mhousse1247_ALongWhaleTrip
              Did you make all your own assets? (No) ( Learn Tab & )

              PS: Not enough time , only 20% done
              Website [ LINK ]
              Twitter [ LINK ]
              Support ! [ LINK ]


                Team Trekdrop - BattleMetal

                We're a group of 5 students in a game development education. We started with Unreal just 5 weeks ago and we decided this would be a good (not to mention fun!) way to learn Unreal. Our game is heavily inspired by Metal Slug, but with an Isaac Newton Mech.

                Download link:
                Team Name: Team Trekdrop
                List of Team Members: Jimmy Koene, Bogdan Dumitriu, Sjors de Laat, Machteld Beukers & Björn Gillissen
                Name of Submission: Team Trekdrop_BattleMetal
                Did We Make all of the assets? No, we used the Unreal explosion particle as well as sounds effects from and music from TeknoAxe
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                  Wailing Ninja Studios - Democracy? DE-MECH-RACY!

                  In the distant future mankind makes first contact with an intelligent species. To our horror, they are COMMUNISTS. Supreme Earth Leader Ronald Dump immediately dispatches Earth's Democracy-ambassadors to teach the aliens about our culture. You are the First-Ambassador in charge of spreading Democracy, bullet by bullet.

                  The game requires a gamepad to play properly.
                  Use the right thumbstick to fire.
                  Use the left thumbstick to control your shield. The shield will absorb the energy of incoming projectiles, but will slowly drain your energy while active.

                  Team Name: Wailing Ninja Studios
                  List of team members: Isvulfe, Kjelle
                  Name of submission: WailingNinjaStudios_DE-MECH-RACY
                  Did you make all your own assets?: No. Some of the sound effects are sourced from

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                    Synthetic Dreams: City of Giants

                    Team name / Team member: Alexotronic
                    Name of your submission: City of Giants
                    Original assets? nah. Used 2 stems from Magic Sword and mixed my own track. Used Buildings from Infiltrator.


                    Today, I’m going to do something unprecedented. I’m going to announce a commercial project via game jam.

                    I’ve been working this project for some time now. One of the goals of this project was to create a universe. Today, I invite you into this place.


                    What is Synthetic Dreams? The question is answered within.

                    Inside of this universe I have created a City of Giants, I ask not to be judged on the “INTRO” or “ABOUT” portions (which were created before, and separate from this jam) but only on The Giant (This distinction is clear in-game)

                    Synthetic Dreams is made for VR. However, if you don’t own a Head-Mounted-Display you can still experience it.

                    Game Jams have been an important component to my creative process. I generally use them as a time to explore a visual style or engine feature. I’ve spent a good amount of time this week creating a recap thread for this years jams, you should definitely take a look.

                    As for City of Giants… I think it’s clear we all are standing on the shoulders of some giant. Some man who devoted his life to perfecting the art of shooting photons at a screen. Or some company that has been iterating on a product for decades.

                    Looking into the future, I’d like to Jam within the Synthetic Dreams universe. Possibly patching the live game to include the Jams.


                    Prepare for integration.
                    December 22, 2015


                      GUARDIANS by Blazing Badger

                      Download Link:
                      Team: Blazing Badger
                      Team Members: André, Marc, Sebastian, Sascha, Lene
                      Submission Name: BlazingBadger_Guardians
                      Assets: Yes, except some sound effects.





                        Colonizer for Windows x64
                        Colonizer for OS X

                        TEAM NAME
                        Agile Perception

                        TEAM MEMBERS
                        Nathan Stocks - Team Lead
                        Joe Gremlich - UE4 Programmer, Visual Effects
                        Zac Stocks - Game Design, Music Selection
                        Jay Fontano - 2D Artist

                        NAME OF SUBMISSION

                        DID YOU MAKE ALL OF YOUR OWN ASSETS?

                        STORY - THEME
                        Your alien planet was dying. The intellectual giants of your race sacrificed themselves to develop the ability to send colony ships to the stars. Your very existence is due to the fact that you are standing on the shoulders of giants. Find a new homeworld to preserve your race. Don't let their sacrifice be in vain.

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                          Team Name: Sleepingdragon (solo entry)
                          Name of submission:Ricochet

                          Did you make all your own assets? No
                          I made some 3D models and animations.

                          Download Link
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                            Papa Sierra - Petrafeud


                            Link to download:
                            Team: PapaSierra
                            List of team members:
                            Rory Tavares
                            Jarod Tavares
                            Coady Norris
                            Stuart Maddocks
                            Tim Randles
                            Name of the Submission: PapaSierra_Petrafeud
                            All original assets: Yes except for HUD fonts and menu font. Epic Mannequin rig was used for animating.

                            WASD - Movement
                            Left Shift - Run
                            Left Mouse - Push
                            Right Mouse - Punch
                            F1 - Stats
                            ESC - Pause Game

                            To implement the theme, we decided to do a physics-based game. We also took inspiration from the classic skeleton fight scene in Jason and the Argonauts (1963). Ray Harryhausen was a special effects giant.

                            Plus our game has actual giants. Enjoy!

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                              TEAM MARAV PRESENTS: GIANT DEVOURER


                              DropBox Link (80Mb)
                              OneDrive Link (80Mb)

                              You are the mere minion of an Giant Devourer, powerful creature of an alien planet. Troopers are coming to exterminate her, but they stand no chance against this mighty race of monsters. Gather the souls of those puny humans as offerings for your Queen, and she'll make you step into the next stage of evolution.
                              Controls on Keyboard (WASD/ZQSD + Space Bar to attack) or Gamepad (Left Joystick + Bottom Face Button)
                              Come back to the shining circle next to the queen to exchange souls for health, or wait to have the bar full to evolve.

                              Team MARAV

                              Alexis Argyriou
                              Matthew Wood
                              Ryan Sequeira
                              Vlada Hladkova
                              Jędrek Drabarek

                              Yes, all assets are home made and hand drawn!

                              Software used: Unreal Engine 4, Visual Studio Community 2013, Autodesk Maya, Photoshop and Substance Designer.

                              Team's Background:
                              We made this game over the course of 6 days, including pre-production.
                              We are from 5 different countries but we all met in Poland, while working at CD Projekt & CI Games. Several of us worked in big studios before - this is the first small-scale project we worked on !
                              We didn't took any days off for this game jam, so we worked after-hours in an apartment that 3 of us are sharing.

                              It was a lot of fun, we'll do it again anytime!
                              We actually had special moves for all three characters, an animation for spawning out of an egg, an ultimate version of the last character firing a laser... We will try to push this game a bit further and make a director-cut version with everything we made that was cut out because of time.
                              Stay tuned
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                                Team CreepTek Submission

                                Race of Giants

                                Name of your submission: CreepTek_RaceOfGiants

                                Team name: CreepTek

                                List of team members:

                                Jonas Richartz (Nobody),
                                Tobias Wegner (Anderson),
                                Christian Albrecht (SchnitzelDude)

                                Did you make all your own assets? (yes / no): NO.

                                Infinity Blade: Grass Lands
                                Infinity Blade: Adversaries
                                Epics Water Planes
                                FT Magic Pack 02

                                Animations from Mixamo

                                Music from:
                                (Awesome page to get some music!)

                                Size 839.69 MB

                                Unfortunately the uploaded version has a bug. Your server needs a password to be visible!


                                Movement: W A S D
                                Jump: Space
                                Aim: RMB
                                Throw/Place: LMB
                                Delete Item: Q


                                You need to have Steam installed and opened, to create or join a server.

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