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    Download Game:
    Team name: DadJokeCinema
    List of team members: BGefrich
    Name of your submission: DadJokeCinema_Titanball
    Did you make all your own assets? (yes / no): No

    Asset Clarification:
    Default Smart Materials modified in Substance Painter
    One material/texture downloaded from Substance Share and modified
    Explosion particle effect included from Starter Content

    "Heroic Reception" Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

    "Call to Adventure" Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
    All other content created by me



    IN THE SHADOW OF MOUNT OLYMPUS, GODS AND TITANS BATTLE FOR THE VERY DESTINY OF THE UNIV... ok, look it's dodgeball. It's basically Titans playing dodgeball.

    WASD to move, Space to jump. Grab the planets and hold down the left mouse button to charge a throw. Release to chuck it. Hit all six Titans to win. Get hit and lose.

    Notes: The AI gets stuck sometimes. Usually getting close to them brings them back to life. Sometimes it's navigation. Throw things at them. They like it.
    The ball you are holding can block balls from hitting you if you're clever, or it just happens to get in the way.
    The AI can't jump. Use that to crush them.

    EDIT: This is my first UE4 game, and my first game jam. I'm pretty happy with the results!
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      UberTitan (x86):
      UberTitan (x64):
      Team name: DarkGodsLair
      List of team members: DarkGodsLair
      Name of your submission: DarkGodsLair_UberTitan
      Did you make all your own assets? Yes, which was bloody stressful . EDIT: I don't know if it should be stated, but the skysphere and the Roboto font are not from me. Just to be on the safe side .

      My thoughts: I took the theme pretty literal, so have a nice time with two dual cannons on top of the shoulders of the giant (I called it Titan). Naturally you can melee your enemies too .

      Objective: Destroy all mechas (you can restart the level, if you want to play more, when the goal is reached).


      W/A/S/D - Move mech. However you generally just need the W key, because the Mech
      Left Shift - Walk faster
      Left Mouse Button (click) - 1 move attack
      Left Mouse Button (Pressed) - Perform a combo
      Right Mouse Button (Pressed) - Wait the meter on the right side to fill up and then you can shoot your dual cannons
      Escape - Pause game

      Have fun!
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      Neon Pleasure:
      Sprite Synergy (WIP):

      Main channel:


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        Team Name : UnrealSevenFold
        Team Members :
        • Adam - Avalonty
        • Roby - taigi100
        • Matthew
        • Steve - Knights of Neon
        • Daniel

        Submission Name : UnrealSevenFold_AppleFox.
        Did you make all your own assets ?
        • Yes, most of them were built by us, but we did use a few provided assets regarding the particles.

        Download link :

        Game Description: "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."

        This quote by famous scientist Isaac Newton was directed towards fellow scientist Robert Hooke insulting his unfortunate physical build. Being as the theme was 'Standing on the shoulders of giants', it seemed fitting to use the original quote as a basis for our game. We took inspiration from both Newton and Hooke and decided that a catapult seemed to encompass both Newton's Laws of Motion and Hooke's Law on the extension of springs. Finally we decided that using apples as the ammunition for the catapult seemed to perfectly fit the iconic story of Newton's discovery of gravity, when an apple allegedly landed on his head as he studied underneath a tree.

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          Implied Sewage - Giant Raid

          Implied Sewage - Giant Raid

          What rests upon a giant's shoulders? A giant's head.
          Avoid the gaze of the floating golems, for the angry spirits of long-dead giants move them.
          Get to the goal before you get blasted. If you get the attention of a golem, run and hide.

          Link to game
          Team name: Implied Sewage
          List of team members: Patrick Loughman, Nathan Brandes
          Name of your submission: ImpliedSewage_GiantRaid
          Did you make all your own assets? No... we used some UE4 templates and animations.
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            Story: You are in a place where time and place is affected by gravity. Everything is relative. You must stand on the shoulders(the work he has achieved) of the giants(Einstein for us ^^ ) in order to escape this place! You must follow the Theory of Relativity

            Download from google drive HERE
            Team name: Arhaikos Studio
            List of team members: Innos, LonesomeSoldier, jstzwd, Jgibbins2, SettimaSounds

            Name of submission: ArhaikosStudio_Relativity
            Did you make all your own assets? : no

            Originally posted by Credits
            External Assets:
            -Buttons: Designed by
            -2nd map - moon map:
            - Two Infinity Blade models, and two effects.
            - KiteDemo foliage.

            Mixamo Animation Pack(Adam, Jill) -

            Our Assets:
            3D model: clocks by LonesomeSoldier
            Music composed by :
            Cristian Lincu

            Sound Design by :
            Joe Gibbins

            George Galanopoulos
            Marius Myburg
            Di WU
            Originally posted by How to play
            Space for jump

            You must try to find the right portal in the right time without dying (right time is when the 2 clocks seconds are the same!) in order to leave this world! If you fail to find the right portal and you enter a wrong one, you will be teleported inside the map again. Remember that you can only teleport through portals when time clocks sync in their seconds!
            Important notice!
            In order to see the clocks you must go on options (main menu) and press "High Quality". Epic Games, you must have a look at this! Potential bug?

            Sorry for unfinished things in the game. We just didn't have the time to make it perfect..
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            If you wanna develop a Third Person Open World RPG game, Join Us! We are looking for everyone who has passion!
            Facebook: Arhaikos Studios
            WIP Thread of Our Game: ICHOR


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              Super Shoulder

              Download link:
              Team name: SuperTeamOne
              List of team members: Bino
              Name of submission: SuperTeamOne_SuperShoulder
              Did you make all your own assets? No, None. All from example content and the marketplace.
              Award Category: Addiction Award


              SuperShoulder is about you controlling a giant mech from it's shoulder. There no deep philosophical commentary to found here. The objective is to destroy the flaming eyeballs.
              You can do this by using your lollipop blade or the chicken gun. I wasn't kidding about the lack of a deeper meaning.


              - You can freely move on top of the mech with WASD and mouselook.

              - Press shift to move the mech forward. In this mode you can only looking around freely in any direction. To turn use A and D.

              - You can control the left and right arm freely at any time. To engage the left arm press and hold Q plus move the mouse to control this arm. To control the right arm do the same but with E.

              - You can jump off your mech with space and still control it but you have no recourse to get back on (ran out of time).

              - To shoot the chicken gun press mouse button 1.

              Looking is inverted by default. Bring up the console (`) and use the InvertMouse function.


              - The lollipop blade has a generous hit box, it's great for defence when you're flanked and need to shoot ahead.
              - The chicken gun is very inaccurate while running.

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                Here's the download link to the game

                Team Name : The Monkey Room
                List of Team Members:
                • Matt McDonald
                • Chris James
                • Laura Hepburn

                Name of Submission: TheMonkeyRoom_TheColumbusExpedition
                Did we make all our own art assets: Yes, we certainly did.

                Game Description
                Take control of an alien caveman and attempt to escape your dying planet, with the help of an AI and the remnants of an advanced alien colony. Try to find a path to the end while fighting all the poorly modelled and animated alien things!

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                  Name of your submission: WindowsYesEditor_OrionSRS

                  Team name: WindowsYesEdtior

                  List of team members: Cedric Neukirchen, Frank Oyer, Ryan Shah, Luke Parkes-Haskell, Victor Burgos

                  Did you make all your own assets? (yes / no): NO

                  Marketplace Assets:
                  Everything else (Including music!) was made by the team!

                  • Starter Content - Explosion
                  • Infinity Blade - Footsteps Animation & Footsteps Sounds
                  • Vehicle Example - Textures
                  • ShooterGame - Sounds and Particles
                  • Keyboard and mouse only
                  • Multiplayer-only
                  • You have to double-click the "Join" button after entering an IP Address (And be patient!) as it connects you.
                  • Connect via IP - (There's a GUI for it though!)

                  How does this fit the theme?! - Take a look at this nice picture:

                  This is "Blind Orion Searching for the Rising Sun" created by artist Nicolas Poussin (Read more:

                  Blind Orion in this painting is a giant; And Cedalion is his little helper.

                  What does Orion have to do with the theme? Well... I wonder if Epic could help me there :P

                  Fun fact: The main menu is our parralax-attempt to recreate the painting you see above; How cool is that?!

                  Download Links:
                  Google Drive Link: CLICK ME!
                  Want a fancier download link? How about Itch.IO?:

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                  "Information shouldn't be behind a paywall, It should be free for all!"


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                    Unain - Big Rig Mayhem

                    Big Rig Mayhem made by Unain
                    What a trip! I've never done any rigging in Blender/Unreal Engine and shouldn't have learned that during this Mega Jam :P.
                    Luckily it all ended up working fine (with some bugs here and there, watch that ragdoll ). Never done any sounds myself as well, but with some creative mic usage got it done.

                    How to play:
                    A/S = Move left and right
                    W or Spacebar = Jump
                    Left Mousebutton = Attack
                    Right Mousebutton = Special 1 (Force Push)
                    Q = Special 2 (Heal)

                    Try to survive as long as possible!
                    Each attack that you do towards an enemy gives you 20% Special Power.
                    When the Special Power Bar is full use one of your Special Attacks. Just make sure you don't fall off .

                    Link (Windows 32 bit):
                    Link (Windows 64 bit):
                    Team Name: Unain
                    List of Team Members: Unain
                    Name of Submission: Unain_BigRigMayhem
                    Assets made by me: Yes, except for the music! Credit for that goes to:

                    * Clickable for bigger version *

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                      Sir Isaac Fruiton: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: An Historical Drama

                      Team Name: Impromptu Pub Giants
                      List of team members: Joe Wintergreen, Chris Murphy, Chad Mulroney, Matt Peadon
                      Name of submission: ImpromptuPubGiants_SirIsaacFruiton
                      Did you make all your own assets?: No. The Isaac Newton model is original though!


                      A one, two or four player game where you pilot the Giant Mecha-Newtons whose shoulders Sir Isaac Newton stood upon whilst making all his major discoveries. Acquire as many apples as possible, to have as many epiphanies as possible, without unbalancing Sir Isaac Newton.

                      We actually were pretty busy over this week so we ended up doing it in 2 nights.

                      At game start, you can enter a town name from which the town is generated, so if you make up a town name it'll be the same every time, etc.

                      In single or two-player, Newton stands upon the shoulders of two giants. The left analog stick controls the left giant and the right analog stick controls the right giant. For two-player, two players share a controller. Bumpers are jumpers
                      (Keyboard controls: wasd for left giant, arrows keys for right giant, left and right ctrls jump)

                      In four-player, Newton stands on the shoulders of two giants who, in turn, stand upon the shoulders of four other giants. Four players share two controllers, with each analog stick controlling one giant. Bumpers are jumpers

                      Known issues:

                      After changing levels/entering a level for the first time you might need to click before you can control Newton's giants. Whoops.
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                        Team name : Fat Bomb Studios (with 2 guest ;P)
                        Team members Aaron Leaton, Niky Leaton, Bruno Brito, Levon Church
                        Name of your submission FatBombStudios_TemporalDefense
                        Did you make all your own assets? Yes to everything except sounds, which were from, and - GDC - Game Audio Bundle. sounds from freesound and bensound are either under a creative commons 0 free Creative Commons License.

                        WASD move
                        Mouse aims
                        Left mouse button fires (you fire as fast as you click)
                        1-6 are your weapons, but you only start with pistol ammo, you can buy more ammo between waves.

                        Defend the temporal core from the invaders, if you die you lose all upgrades and purchases you had but you do not lose. However if your core is destroyed you will lose the game.

                        Download Link

                        Forgot to mention, you need steam if you want to do multiplayer!
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                          Link to download: Dropbox:
                          or Google Drive:

                          Team Name: GDAD Dream Team
                          List of Team Members:
                          -Michael Lee
                          -Christopher Ng
                          -Kenneth Ng
                          -Conrad Fay
                          -Jordan Henderson
                          Name of our submission: GDADDreamTeam_MindTheTraps
                          Did you make all your own assets? Yes! We made everything in the game.

                          Gameplay: Use your friends as a tool for you to discover the path ahead of you! While they sacrifice their lives, you gain the knowledge and pathway to the future. This game must be played with 2-4 X-Box controllers as multiplayer. Single player is possible but not recommended - if you play as one player, use keyboard WASD to move and E to lunge.

                          Can't believe we did it. We've never made such a complete game before and for the last three days we were pulling like 14 hours/day of work >.< Enjoy the game!
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                            Shoulder Slime !

                            Download link : Download Me !

                            Team Name : OxPrimeStudio
                            Team members : OximusPrime himself

                            Info :
                            Other aspects and ideas of the game have not had time to be implemented due to the short duration of the design and the fact that I made it alone, but this game deserves to be marketed with many improvements and gameplay that I did not have time to include.
                            I hope you have fun and wish you many good rides!

                            Game Description :
                            In a magnificent wonderfull world, the ancient giant walk around from decade.
                            The giants use to fights and make wars but that time is over, they are peacefully wolking the nature.
                            However, the giant still have shoulder plate from the past that they forgot on their shoulder.
                            After decades a microclimate that is installed and lives it took shape ...
                            Natural elements such as air or fire but also a microbe that evolved in slime trying to survive by its main component water.
                            Help this adorable being to survive in telling his peers who have not yet evolved to protect them from danger abound on the shoulder of innocent giant.


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                              MIRROR BATTLE
                              Team name: HEDGEHOGS
                              Did We Make all the assets? : we take 2 matterial from ue 4
                              info:Game play was based and built on Nuton`s fenomenal optics opening-dispredion of light
                              COTROLL( Right side(W and S) Left side( up and down))


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                                Giant Skies - Jovian Giants

                                Link to our game: (Windows Vista or Better)(64 bit)(93 MB)
                                Team Name: Jovian Giants
                                List of Team Members: Veronica Blackshire, James Cockburn, Destiny Dunn, Jordan Hallow, Keenan McClane
                                Name of your submission: JovianGiants_GiantSkies (Game file on current build is just JovianGiants)
                                Did you make all your own assets? Yes, we made all the assets for this jam.
                                Controls: WASD/Arrow Keys - Move, Space Bar - Jump, Enter - Continue Dialogue, Escape Key - Pause

                                This is our first game for an Unreal Gamejam! We are one of two teams that are from the West Virginia University Game Developers Club. As stated above, we created all the art and sound for our game.

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