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    Entry: Hadar Silverman
    Game Name: Moment of Truth
    Original Assets: No, from various marketplace packs. The Tree of Roots I created in speed tree, and the machine Veritus I created, but the textures were sourced in both cases.
    Category: Philosophy.

    Description: Narrative/Campaign to stop a giant machine from destroying the village temple. WASD controls.

    Download Link:
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      Link (82.5 MB)
      Team: Myself (LeoCurtss)
      Name of submission: The Giant's Tower
      Did you make all of your own assets? No

      I had a lot more I wanted to add to this game, but starting late (Monday) and only having time after work (~20 hours total) kept me from implementing them. There was going to be more before/after gameplay to play with the theme, both figuratively and literally. But alas I'll join sooner next time.

      I did not create my own assets with the exception of the giant hand and animation (MakeHuman custom model). However, the game mechanics and control were created completely from scratch for this jam.

      Note: Although this wasn't occurring in the UE4 editor, the packaged game may crash when you restart the level (press R). Please don't let this keep you from attempting to complete the goal!



        Team WeGotThisCovered - Rise of the Giants

        Team Name: WeGotThisCovered
        Team Members:
        • Moritz "Moss" Wundke (Programming)
        • Cecilia "Arikith" Amengual (Art)
        • José "JL" Luis Gómez (Programming)
        • Andrew "BFlat" Bobotá (OST and Sound eEffects)
        • Arturo "Casi Musico" Montesinos (Sound and Level Design)

        Submission: WeGotThisCovered_RiseOfTheGiants
        Did you make all your own assets?: No. All assets are original made for the project excepting the following:
        • UE4 Build in animations: Idle, run, jump and death animations (5 animations)
        • Starter content smoke and explosion particle FX for cannon (2 FXs)
        • Heavyly modified Sky Sphere BP from starter content
        • Sue Ellen Francisco Font (

        Download Game:
        Upload Timestamp: Thursday, 15 October 2015, 13:03:47 EDT (local time in Raleigh)

        Description: The story behind the game is very simple: you are the defender of some very small folk that is being attacked by a giant and a random evil guy who controls it. To defeat the pack you have to build a tower of cute creatures and try to reach the giants shoulders to prove that you are able to take advantage of the progress already mad by others. To achieve the highest score try to adjust your minions as less as possible, thy do not like to get poked.

        • WASD: Use a selected minion (marked with a red arrow) in the X/Y plane
        • Mouse wheel or Q/R: Select between minions in the tower, different difficulties let you select less or more minions. Less minions selectable minions results in a stabler tower and is easier to handle. Try Unreal difficulty if you like ^^.


        Have fun playing! And let the tower fall!

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          Description: Jonny the Giant Jumper! Collect as many golden eggs atop of the giant as you can, but beware the giant may try to slap you!

          This is our first Unreal Game Jam and our first time building a game in UE4. It was loads of fun and we learned a lot from this experiance. Good luck to everyone and I hope everyone had as much fun as we did participating in this months game jam!

          Download Link:

          (Hopefully the link works)

          Team name: Razzit Games
          Team members: Cody Caro, Dante Cosens, Johnny Woods
          Name of submission: Razzit_JonnyTheGiantJumper
          Did you make all your own assets: Yes except for our sound.
          Team members: Cody Caro, Dante Cosens, Johnny Woods

          Sound Credits go to: Sound Effects

          Title Music

          Background Game Music
          Urban Gauntlet Kevin MacLeod (
          Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

          Adventure Meme Kevin MacLeod (
          Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

          Lord Of The Land Kevin MacLeod (
          Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


            Epic Game Jam Submission - us

            Link to a download of your game - Download Link

            :: 1.0.2 Updated - Added Saturation level and video options @ 9:45am PST 10/15/2015
            :: 1.0.3 Updated - Fixed some non game play breaking bugs @ 11:50am PST 10/15/2015
            :: 1.0.4 Updated - Fixed some non game play breaking audio issues @ 3:26pm PST 10/15/2015
            :: 1.0.5 Updated - Fixed game breaking packaging bug =( @ 4:30pm PST 10/15/2015 (Thanks Allar!) - Download 1.0.5 *****See Below

            Team name - 2 Coders 1 Project
            List of team members - Mathew W. (me!)
            Name of your submission - us
            Did you make all your own assets? - Yes even remade the square meshes so I could abuse Texture UV layout ^_^

            WASD/Mouse/Space to do stuff or Gamepad to do stuff.

            ****** 1.03 which was submitted prior to the deadline has a GAME BREAKING BUG on green3. Red and Blue can be completed fine. I know this was not fixed before the jam so that is fine to base on that version. if you want the full game to actually play thru to the end download the latest version 1.0.5 ******
            ****** You can skip past the issue in 1.0.3 if you do the following =(
            -- When you get to the end of Green Level 2 (The number is at the start of and end of each area) the door will open and nothing will load on the other side. If you go to the end of the hall but do not fall off you can type in console "streamLevelIn /Game/MyContent/Maps/Green3" and the level will load infront of you. Don't play the level just jump down to respawn. This will spawn you in the end of the green section and then you can complete it this way. Sorry about that =(

            Here are 2 links to some progress videos for a snipped of gameplay.

            YouTube Preview 1
            YouTube Preview 2

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              Hawk Vision Games - Dwarf Newton

              Team Name: Hawk Vision Games
              Team Members: Hawk
              Name of submission: HawkVisionGames_DwarfNewton
              Did you make all your assets? No, except minor edits to art assets suplied from UE4 Marketplace. All scripting is my own.

              Exploring your surroundings helps you learn about your environment. But when you combine your map with another, you gain their when a dwarf stands on the shoulders of a giant.

              Explore the cave, to learn the layout of your environment by using torches to light up surrounding tiles and stones to check if a move is safe. Avoid the pits as they will cost you your life, and your map. But don't worry, if you die you can recover your previous map from your last dwarf if you can remember the safe path to where he last was before he fell.

              Explore over 90% of the cave to complete the game. Feel free to try again, as maps are randomized.

              "W/A/S/D" - Moves around camera
              "Tab" - Shifts camera to current players location
              "Left Mouse Button" - Moves around player (can only move to adjacent tiles)
              "E" - Picks up items
              "Shift + Left Mouse Button" - Tosses a stone in adjacent tiles
              "Escape" - Close Game

              (Side note: There is a chance a map can't be completed, but "should be" pretty rare.)
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                Link to a download of your game:
                Google Drive:

                Team name: Loose Screw
                List of team members: Scott Michaud
                Name of your submission: LooseScrew_JamGame (The actual name of the game is "Jam Game")
                Did you make all your own assets? (yes / no): No. Infinity Blade, Magic Sword Music, Starter Content, and one Filter Forge filter for a road asphalt base texture (I own a Professional license of Filter Forge). Otherwise, yes.

                "Jam Game" is a puzzle platformer.

                You play as an omnificent being that moves a jar of jam from each level's start point, to each level's end point. The goal is to control the jar's momentum, which builds as it hops. When you release the analog stick, on the other hand, the jar will stop on a dime the next time it lands. To succeed, you will need to know whether to apply force (forward, backward, or laterally) to achieve the required speed, or if you have too much velocity and stopping is the only option. Also, pay attention to the level layout. Some platforms might leave you stranded. You probably will not get the whole way through without restarting at least one level.
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                  Link to a download of your game: (1,8GB)
                  Team name: intoxicate3
                  List of team members: intoxicat3
                  Name of your submission (Please format it with your team's name attached ex. TeamName_GameName): intoxicat3_UnspokenChambers
                  Did you make all your own assets? (yes / no): no

                  Assets from Giants:
                  Epic Games
                  Manufactura K4
                  Dexsoft Games
                  Mister Necturus
                  Arabian Art Studios
                  Flying Teapot

                  More details here:

                  I will be doing tutorials about the work done in this project. Let me know if there is something particular I should focus.\

                  EDIT: Added new build with fixed enemy spawner on start. (the build is from Yesterday and before the deadline, just making this text bigger now)
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                  How to create first person shooter game from scratch. Lots of tutorials: - celebrating 50th Tutorial!

                  My Marketplace Assets


                    Digital Children - Subject 99

                    Subject 99 by Digital Children

                    We spent 3 days at the beginning of the week trying to figure out what to do, based on the theme. All our ideas were to ambitous for a small team of two people (1 unreal engine user and 1 sounds guy). So we decided to make a simple game inspired by "giants" among games. We ended up developing a project inspired by Portal's test chambers.

                    link :
                    team name : Digital Children
                    List of Team Members : Ken (Keno), Gaz
                    Name of Submission : DigitalChildren_Subject99 (Subject 99)
                    Did We Make all the assets? : No
                    ( we used modified versions of the arms of the FirstPerson Template, the gun from the FirstPerson Template and the static mesh of the character in the ThirdPerson Template.
                    All the rest is made from scratch: panels, materials, sounds,ecc...)
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                      Game was made by 1 person (me!), the sole member of Team Daelus.
                      Submission is called Daelus_Pilgrimage I guess.

                      All assets were made by me, with the following exceptions:
                      Audio was sourced from the Soniss sound pack
                      God rays were taken from the Particle Effect Cave demo
                      Water material was taken from the Water Planes Example

                      P.s. Sorry about the voice acting. Turns out I'm not a great actor. Lessons learned for the future.


                        Link to game: or:
                        Team name: Ocelotl
                        List of team members: Xiaohu & Zarahi
                        Name of your submission: Ocelotl_Nav-G
                        Did you make all your own assets?: no, used Starter Content.

                        One ship is never enough, help Nav-G and get rid of the virus inside a biological being.
                        Can you succeed and kill 1000 of them?



                          Team name: Mighty shadow
                          List of team members:
                          - Blue man
                          - Dodokoce
                          Name of your submission: Mightyshadow_GiantsOfDestruction
                          Did you make all your own assets:
                          audio (music,sounds):no -music: (At one with the sky) ,sounds : UniversalSoundFX(Marketplace)
                          textures:All models are textured by my team but we used textures from

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                          Assets: Military Ammunition (Released)
                          Plugins: BlueManBPFunctionLibrary C++ plugin (Free), Blue Man Vehicle AI Plugin (Released), Air Resistance C++ Plugin (WIP), Blue Man Vehicle Physics Plugin (Marketplace)
                          Projects: Giants Of Destruction


                            Download Link

                            Team : Shrödingers Pantsu
                            List of team members : Just me
                            Name of your submission : Space Truck Simulator 2134
                            Did you make all your own assets? Yes (audio is borrowed from starter content)

                            Based on the book called "On the Shoulders of Giants", theme is astronomy and physics

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                              Captain Zlulliver
                              Name of submisson: LaKsuilleTeam_CaptainZlulliver
                              List of members:
                              Ilya Napolov(it's me, napolinkinpark3r) - UE4 developer
                              Ksenia Melnikova, my girlfriend (she's not registered at - drawing fairy
                              Did you make all your assets: mostly yes, but we used several textures and Guitar Pro tabs for music from Google [original music theme Corona written and recorded by The Minutemen and used in MTV's Jackass show]

                              All required info about story and controls is in READMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!.txt file
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                                Link (Windows x64):
                                Team name: Ogliari
                                List of team members: sr_ogliari
                                Name of your submission: Ogliari_BombsApples&Giants
                                Did you make all your own assets? no, the sound effects were not made by me (license below)

                                Other than that, all the models and animations were done by me using Blender and also MakeHuman to generate the giant.

                                WASD to move
                                Space to jump
                                LMB to drop bombs
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