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    Glitched Link:
    Fixed Game:
    Team name: Gravity
    List of team members: Wallermade (Developer/Modular Assets), MDMD (Developer), SEBSOUNdS (Sound Artist), Jvthewanderer(Artist)
    Name of your submission: Gravity_Standingontheshouldersofgiants
    Did you make all your own assets? yes ALL of them.

    You play as a disgarded robot;

    Your mission now is to escape the scrap plant and reap your revenge on your human overlords!

    This game was build upon the shoulders of the giant that is unreal engine!

    - Left & Right (A/D)
    - Jump (Space)
    - Sneak (Shift)
    - Switch magnet polarity (Q)
    - Pause (Esc)

    - Audio Easter eggs
    -- KillerBot K (Multiple Sounds)
    -- RevengeBot R (Multiple Sounds)
    -- Robok K
    -- RoboRegret T (Multiple Sounds)
    -- Robo Push the button Y


    I am submitting this now as I have work in the morning there is a good possibility we will change the zip file before the deadline tomorrow with more levels
    Have Fun...Good Luck
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      Team Lambert - Flying Goliath


      Team Lambert
      Jonathan Lambert
      Lori Lambert

      Name of Submission: Lambert_FlyingGoliath

      Did you make all of your own assets? No The music and sound fx were downloaded under CC license.

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      Jonathan Lambert
      Lead VR Developer


        TzenkuGames - Killing Titan Saving Giants

        Team name: TzenkuGames
        Team members: Ryner AJ
        Submission: TzenkuGames_KTSG_x64
        Assets: No. Mixed of UE4's / Epic's licensed contents, items from marketplace & CC0 audio.

        - A blueprint-only based project, which most of it are developed during the jam period.
        - Had so much fun with this project, as I never actually developed a game for PC specs, was limited to mobile specs, pretty much from the beginning.

        The little blog:
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        Marketplace Link: |


          SeeJay - ReRun

          Link to Game
          Team Name: SeeJay
          Team Members: SeeJay
          Name of Submission: SeeJay_ReRun
          All Original Assets: No, Used some Starter Content
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            Download link(64):
            Team name: Flo
            List of team members: Neverwere(just me)
            Name of your submission: Flo_DefendTheGiant
            Did you make all your own assets?: No. I used template and starter content. The rest is mine.

            Goal: Try to defend your giant as long as you can until you lose. Just like real life^^.

            WASD: Move
            Q: Drop Mine
            E: Buy stuff
            F: Focus
            Mouse: Look around
            1/2/3: Change weapon.
            L Mouse: Shoot
            R Mouse: Alt Fire (only on first weapon)
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              Shut up mom this is a real job!! - Turn the Other Cheek

              ***We had a lot of fun working on this project. Maybe a little TOO much fun, as it has mild language and (optional) suggestive themes.

              Download (Win 64):

              Play as David and Goliath as they team up to fight off the hordes of evil machines that threaten all life on earth! The heaven's themselves will lend you a hand on this crusade. Collect followers and abilities as you ride on Goliath's shoulders to defeat all six waves of mechanized menaces.

              Team name: Shut up mom this is a real job!!
              Game name: Turn the Other Cheek
              Submission: ShutUpMomThisIsARealJob_TurnTheOtherCheek
              All Original Assets? No (Sounds, Music, Toga model, and ZMech model)
              Team Members:
              -Brandon Wilson: graduate student in CS at the University of Houston-Victoria
              -David McFadden: undergraduate student in CS at the University of Houston-Victoria
              -Matthew Bounds: graduate student in CS at the University of Houston-Victoria

              Controls: (keyboard/controller)
              -Menu: escape/start
              -Restart: r/select
              -Ability: space/A
              -Slow Down: shift/triggers
              -Move: arrow keys or WASD/right stick

              System Requierments:
              -A strong sense of humour
              -A computer I guess (around a gtx 570 or better)
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                Download link(64):
                Team name: fengkan
                List of team members: fengkan
                Name of your submission: fengkan_Vetris
                Did you make all your own assets?: No. From marketplace

                idea from
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                  Team name: Rathimir
                  Team members: shaunathon6
                  Name of submission: Rathimir_Ollvore
                  Did you make all your own assets: Yes


                    Op Ninja Games - Klepto Giants


                    Link: In case of emergency, here is a Windows build as well:
                    Team Name: Op Ninja Games
                    List of Team members: Tamas Szucs (tszucs)
                    Name of your submission: OpNinjaGames_KleptoGiants
                    Did you make all your own assets: No.

                    Description: Giants are stealing your treasures! Slay as many as you can to keep them away! If your defenses are destroyed, you are defeated and lose gold! It's a tapper game. You may have the best experience on mobile, with mouse it's less fun. Tested on Android 5 and 6.


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                      The goal of the game is to scan science books into a giant robot to determine how it will destroy the city. The game includes 5 different endings based on which discipline you max out. You need to scan the books in the right order and build upon previously acquired knowledge.

                      Download links (Windows x64):

                      Team name: Handkor
                      List of team members
                      -Alexandre Couture
                      Name of your submission: Handkor_Omnitron
                      Did you make all your own assets? yes

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                        Kill all the Zombies and aliens!
                        The giants shoulders that I was inspired by were the original doom and heretic.
                        I had made some bats in blender but my computer is on its last legs atm. I also had other things that I wanted to finish with this game but I had a blast in the 70+ hours I invested into it this week. I really am just excited and cant wait to see my game featured on the mega jampak video!!!
                        also I am having difficultys with uploading images to this their is a link to dropbox for the game and pictures and video but I haven't the foggyist how to get them to display like everyone elses. Ive only just begun using unreal engine this fall and am loving it, its my first venture, first game, first megajam.
                        Team name: Brox Box
                        Team member: Aaron Bosse
                        NO, but I did create all my characters using fuse and mixamo.
                        Game Link


                        Picture link:



                          Slingshotters by Atlantic Games
                          Download (Windows x64):
                          A mirror may be coming depending on bandwidth limitations to my server.

                          A fast-paced racing game set in the future pits hovercars against hovercars. However, you've got a trick up your sleeve. Stop your foes dead in their tracks and give yourself an advantage; their position is now your position, and more!

                          Ultimately a bit of an abstract interpretation of the theme, the idea is that in racing games, you're not always in first. So we built in a mechanic to trade places. The idea of the phrase of the theme is ultimately using another's progress as a basis of your own progress, so I think effectively swapping places in a racing game was a good fit. And it was a new fun, challenging genre of game to make.

                          Please note: I had a *lot* of trouble getting the project to package, such as missing materials and strange Blueprint errors. I'm pulling the "it works on my machine" card, and the photos posted below are from the packaged build posted above.

                          Atlantic Games Team Members:
                          Nick (myself) on programming
                          Max (Keket) on visual art assets
                          Will (Ultigonio) on music

                          Project Name:

                          All Original Assets:
                          Yes, unless you count fonts and default primitive meshes.

                          Game by Atlantic Games!
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                            Team Name: Moon Forged
                            Project Name: Omega Point
                            Team Members:
                            Lee Berger
                            Sierra Ridgway
                            Erika Timar
                            Tyler Walters

                            Name of submission: MoonForged_OmegaPoint

                            No, we did not make all of our own assets. Uses the song "Journey's End" by Magic Sword, and the font Neostar by Pixel Sagas.

                            Omega Point is a space based twin stick shooter game. We didn't quite get the game finished, but I'm pleased with how it turned out. Even if we didn't get the boss fight at the end done!


                            Left stick or WASD moves
                            Right stick or arrow key fires
                            Escape opens in-game menu




                              Team Name: Hitpawz
                              Project Name: Hitpawz_LendingHand

                              All assets made by me except for the grass, which is from the Photorealistic Mountain Pack 2 by Gkan Games.
                              I also did not create the font or the skybox.

                              Music: Journey's End by Magic Sword

                              Description: Guide yourself through the levels with the help of the giants.

                              A&D Move Girl / Move Giant when controlled
                              Space Jump
                              Q Cycle control between girl and giant(s)
                              E Cycle through controlled Giants
                              Left Mouse control Giant's Left Hand
                              Right Mouse control Giant's Right hand

                              Dynamic 2 Bone IK
                              GPU Particles
                              Light Propagation Volume
                              Adaptive Tessellation

                              Apps Used:
                              3DS Max (models, rigs and animation using CAT)
                              Substance Painter (every texture)
                              Speed Tree (BG Trees)
                              Photoshop (sprite packing)
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                                404: Team Name Not Found
                                Alex, Ben, Dan, Ellie, and Lee
                                No, we sourced sound and smoke particles.

                                You play a walking Fortress. A community of souls have summoned the Fortress in an attempt to escape their fate. You must guide them to their survival.

                                We developed a significant amount of lore for this game, but our ability to create was not powerful enough to keep up with the scope. It lacks the content we desired, such as creation choices and more complexities in managing the Fortress. What we were left with was a slow game of race-to-the-end.

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