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Epic MegaJam Submission Thread!

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    link :
    team name : Hot Spaghetti
    List of Team Members : James, Anthony
    Name of Submission : HotSpaghetti_Gluons
    Did We Make all the assets? : Yes but we used mixamo to rig and animate our character

    Edit: 2 brothers from melb aust. this is our first game so also first jam
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      Locking the thread for submissions!

      If you have a late submission, please shoot me a PM and we can see if anything can be done. Bring a doctor's note!

      We'll be downloading these sometime this evening to account for upload speeds.

      Best of luck and EXCELLENT work, everyone!!!

      Edit: It appears that posts cant be edited if closed, so we're reopening the thread.
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        Game Name: (giants not included{yet})
        Team Name: Flying Bison Studios
        Team Members: Shane McDermott, Sean Hartfiel
        Download Link:
        Original Assets- No
        Everything is from various UE4 asset packs with the exception of portal-able cube textures.

        Thanks to my o̶u̶t̶r̶a̶g̶e̶o̶u̶s̶ giant ambition, the objective/game doesn't really come close to our planned interpretation of the theme.
        Instead, enjoy an entirely different game!
        Try to get the yellow, blue, green, and violet cubes within their corresponding zones in the shortest time possible- your score will constantly drain, so the sooner you finish, the higher your score! If you run out of points, it's game over.
        Here is the control layout:
        Left Click for Primary Fire,
        Middle Click for Zoom,
        Right Click for Secondary Fire,
        Left Shift for Sprint,
        Left Ctrl for Crouch,
        Spacebar for Jump.
        Weapon toggle with 1-2-3
        Camera Change with H (I'd advise First Person when shooting, Third when using the pickaxe since I had issues with setting everything up properly).
        You'll need to exit with the console command ~exit
        (I thought I'd included escape, but apparently not.)
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          We stand on giants of science that can create so very much, but not all created that look back at us is friendly.

          Link to a download of your game Download
          Team name AKurvet,
          List of team members Ats Kurvet,
          Name of your submission AKurvet_Teleported,
          Did you make all your own assets?
          No, 3D art is all mine, but I used a lot of sounds from for sound mixing.

          VR headset recommended.

          Left Mouse/Controller Left Trigger to interact,
          Right Mouse/Controller Right trigger to use teleporter
          (once to shoot teleportation projectile and second time to spawn on it),
          W, A, S, D/ Controller Left Stick to lean,
          Enter or Controllr Back Button to recenter view in HMD mode.

          Open all valves on the maze like spaceship to be teleported out of it.


            Team: APDRA
            Members: Andrew Wetmore, Alek WagnerPeter Mize
            Submisssion: APDRA_Dwarves Among Us

            Controls: Space to leap, Mouse Right Click to Duck, Mouse Left lick to Jump

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              Poultry Pals
              Team Members
              Briand Beauchamp
              Brandon Wassenburg
              Dwayne Toney
              Matt Schroder
              Tjay Revett

              Poultry Pals_Farmaggedon

              Assets were all made by the team. All models, textures, and characters. All custom blueprints.


                packaging my project resulting in errors.. so submitting project files
                Sorry for the inconvenience

                download Link :
                TeamName : DigitalZap
                Team Members : Deepak,pallav
                Name Of Submission : DiditalZap_LoveforLifey
                Do you make all your assets : No (uesd assets from unreal projects)


                  Team name: unreal-i(n)sti(n)cts
                  Lets call it: Blood sugar
                  2 Team members: David(The dude that just "learned" UE4) and Juan (3d artist/modo)

                  Hi there, sadly we didn't terminate it, I just follow up a tutorial last week and my friend (3d artist) and I worked on this (he did a good job actually have more models than the ones I show :S) but I used an example as base, but we didn't know a lot of things, I also got stuck with some BP examples haha, so this is for you to let you know we did do "something" (more like got stuck on my end)... we will develop further in we did have lot of plans sadly we could only use like a day or 2 I hope to improve to use my friends assets more fast. I was hesitant to post it but I let it be (at less for some time :P).... all the shames goes on me .

                  (and yeah I deleted a dylib from the .app because uploading was poor at the moment, and congratulations teams! I did have fun and learned what I didn't know last week).
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                    Is it too late to submit? We just put our link in our post... Team: Victus Vincimus Submission: Escape the asylum Link to thread of submission:!
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