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  • team name: Teknika
    game: the giant's gold
    members: Hanke Jerome, Caussin Jason, Navez Jason, Valvassory Sylvain, Taussin Florian
    all original assets: yes except the material on golem

    word of explanation:

    When we started this project we had no clue about pretty much anything (from ue4 to textures in substance we tried along the way) and we didn't even achieve to make a playable game but had a lot of fun trying to (so i guess it was worth the try ) . We completely fell in love with ue4 and decided to participate to other game jams (hopefully we will do better next time).


    • Lucky's Big Problem, by team Boilerplate Studios

      David Anderson
      Kurt Weaver
      Brian Watson
      Nicolas Bolduc

      Did we make all our own assets? - Yes we did.

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      David Anderson


      • -= (FIXED) DOWNLOAD HERE! =-

        The initial submission had no built lighting in the streaming levels and therefore ran at <10 fps in some cases. This has been fixed by rebuilding the lighting but the repacked-version was submitted after deadline. The original link that we submitted is here.

        Team Name:
        The Cole Train Runs On Whole Grain

        Game Name:

        --- GAME DESCRIPTION ---

        When you first start the game - your old master will be dead in front of you. As his apprentice, you must collect his dropped spellbook and relearn his magic. THe game is a Rogue-like / Dark Souls inspired game - where you learn through dying and building on the achievements of your previous life. Should you die - your spellbook will remain where you fell.

        NOTE: When walking up to the portals, give them a few seconds to stream in properly!

        --- DEV DETAILS ---

        All assets in the game aside from the large rocks and the player arms are created by the three of us during this week. There are also a bunch of FX textures that I personally have gathered over the years, so no idea where a lot of them came from... Expect bugs, we literally pushed up to deadline. (This just in - we also used the Pie Menu from Marketplace!)

        James 'TheJamsh' Baxter
        • Shaders / Tech Art
        • FX / Particles
        • Audio
        • Air, Water & Fire Boss Sequences

        Jack 'Spiolex' Thallon
        • - Portals
        • Game, Boss & Level Design
        • Earth Titan Sequence
        • Blueprint Baus

        Phoebe Herring
        • 2D & 3D Environment Art
        • DEADWIZARD.fbx
        • Sculpting Baus!
        • Concept Art

        Slight Disclaimer: Some Titans are silent cus we ran out of time - sorreh!
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        • Team name: Team NinE
          Game: SuperEpicPiggyFighter
          Members: Ninjin
          all original assets: no, particles and level are imported from the free Infinity Blade assets

          * Inspired by the 2 giants we all look up to (sorry Alex, had no time for your character model :3). We are the next generation of game dev's. Like our parents, they give us the basic knowledge, they create the fundamentals of... who am I kidding, it's a fighting game ;P
          Sadly I lost data of the original map, so I put my test map in it, to show how the game would look like.
          Controls: Gamepad only
          A: Jump
          B and Y: Switch stance
          Right/Left Trigger: Special Attacks (using either right/left trigger will consume 1 stance, you can refill your attacks by picking up items)
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          • Cult of the Hypnotoad - Blurox and Gip

            Link: (Win64)

            Updated Version: (fixed bugs, glare, physics)

            Team Name: Cult of the Hypnotoad
            List of Teammembers: Matthias Ewald (m4d3), Thomas Lenz, Nicklas Luckwald, Flavia Rodriguez Heinlein, Lukas Deuschel
            Name of your submission: Blurox and Gip
            Did you make all your own assets: Yes! Everything! (except weld spark fx)

            NOTE: Please use gamepad only (keyboard and mouse controls in updated version)
            Controls: Left Stick to balance, right stick to turn and rotate cam, left and right shoulder to punch

            We are a team of master students at the university of applied science hamburg and love developing with the Unreal Engine 4.

            This is a game about two alien friends that drank a bit too much. You are in control of the little alien named Gip and try to help your big friend Blurox to reach his ship and find his way home.

            Technical infos: The level is completely procedurally generated on level start. All assets were done by ourselves during the jam, including music and sounds. The main gamemechanic is driven by physics, you have to balance against the randomly moving Blurox. Have fun and enjoy our (sometimes glitchy) game!

            P.S. Dont ride on the shoulders of your friends while drunk!
            P.P.S. The game can also play itself, but drunk!

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            • Link:
              Team name: JK5000
              Game title: Run blind Gints run
              Team members: JK5000
              Did you make all the asset: Yes

              I am a total armatur, that loves making small wierd games. The game I made for this jam is perhaps the less wierd game I have made, and I don't now if this is good. I love making the game, and thats what is importen for me.

              Hope you will try my game.

              My game has now been through a beauty salon. If you want to try the new and more beautiful edition of my game, so you can find it here.
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                Team of One-Logan Henderson @LogansLevel
                Title-On Your Shoulders
                Made the models and art assets. Didn't create audio. (bfxr and youtube audio library)
                First game I've made since switching from Unity. All blueprints, no code.

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                • Link:

                  Team Name:Haters

                  List of team members:


                  Did you make all your own assets? yes

                  Space - Jump
                  ESC - Exit

                  -fixed Level change
                  -improved performance

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                  -8 Bit Post Process Material


                  • Link:
                    A quick fix for the lighting:

                    Team name: BroForce
                    List of team members:
                    Sandro Bachsoliani (Level Design, Effects)
                    Nick Bachsoliani (Coding, AI, animations)

                    Project Name: On the shoulder of a Giant
                    All original assets (no) - Mostly assets from Infinity Blade, some custom animations; sounds are free under the Creative Commons 0 License.

                    So this is it - our first submission to the Game Jam. Since we are completely new to game development, this also is our first game ever, if it can be considered as such
                    We hope you have some fun - we definitely had!

                    Background Story:
                    Cardboard man is trapped deep down in a dungeon. Clever as he is, he hitches a ride on the shoulders of a frost giant - his best bet to find a way out!
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                    • Link to a download of your game:
                      Team name: The Team Formerly Known As Sol Survivors Feat. Lil' Jaxy
                      List of team members: Michael Aldrich, Lucas Brown, Alena Roberts, Jackson Miller (Lil' Jaxy)
                      Name of your submission: Dev Up!
                      Did you make all your own assets? Yes, even voice over. Few exceptions are minor sound effects and music (royalty free).

                      Here's a short gameplay video!

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                      • Humphrey Bogus and the Unveiling of the Veil

                        Download Link:

                        Team Name: SMU Guildhall
                        Project Name: Humphrey Bogus and the Unveiling of the Veil
                        Team Members:
                        Jon Clark - Producer/Designer
                        Jason Leary - Designer
                        Taylor Smith - Artist
                        Matt Worrell - Producer/Designer
                        Trevor Youngblood - Programmer

                        Art Assets:
                        All art assets and sounds were made by the team except for a few Unreal 4 example materials, the credited controller icons by Xelu, and Old Blank Journal by goRillA-iNK


                        "Scheming Weasel (slower version)" Kevin MacLeod (
                        Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

                        Description: Solve the mystery of the Veil as the amateur detective, Humphrey Bogus! Find clues and make deductions using your journal, and complete the work of the genius inventors who preceded you. Rescue your predecessors from the beyond, but watch out for the ghost Schrodinger!

                        Xbox Controls: A - interact/hide, Y - Open Journal, RB/LB - Turn Journal Page, Start - Pause
                        PC Controls: Space - interact/hide, Enter - Open Journal, Esc - Pause, WASD or Arrows - Movement


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                        • Link to a download of your game:
                          Team name: Madley
                          List of team members: Efrye
                          Name of your submission: Experience
                          Did you make all your own assets? No, I used royalty free music and sounds, everything else is made by me.

                          Phew, so that was fun. Exhausting, but fun.
                          It took me awhile to come up with something to matches the theme, especially since I'm more of a narrative person. On top of that, this was my first game jam, so I had no idea how much content I can handle (or many hours I can put without falling asleep at work ). Turns out I can't handle all that much, but at least in the next jam I should have a better feeling for what I can do!

                          As per usual in game development, I had to cut a lot of stuff from my initial concept, but hopefully the main idea still comes across well. I won't bore you with a description in any case, especially since reading it would probably take more time than simply playing it anyway.

                          Looking forward to play everyone's submission!

                          Edit: Forgot to mention, gamepad controls only!
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                          • Game Link :
                            Team Name : IgneousInteractive
                            Team Members : Ormanator, Skulburn
                            Name of Submission : IgneousInteractive_Cultivar
                            All original assets? : All but audio

                            Select the white plot to start. Then build a farm on that by clicking on the tile. Click Hay Bales to increase earnings.

                            The more money you earn the more you can buy. Most flat plots cost 200 whilst water is 300 and hills 1000. You need to buy a wind farm license to build power industry tiles.

                            WASD will move the camera and clicking and dragging right mouse button will rotate the camera. Scroll to zoom.

                            The theme was interpreted as me trying something that other giants of games had done so well before like GODUS & SimCity. Thanks to Magic sword for their awesome music!

                            Ormanator: Everything apart from the mine model
                            Skulburn: Mine model
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                            • Team: Digital Hussars
                              Team Members: zlug, m.orzelek, _EF, szyszek, elod

                              Game name: (R)evolution Jumpers


                              Keyboard: A / D or left right arrow to move
                              W / Spacebar to jump
                              LMB to open portal to another dimansion
                              RMB interact
                              ESC pause menu

                              Left stick to move
                              A to jump
                              B to open portal to another dimansion
                              Y Interact
                              Start pause menu

                              Did you make all your asstets: No (Infinity Blade Grass Lands, Pirate Island, music from

                              Description: REvolition Jumpers is a game where you must sacrifice one generation so next one can proceed in the world full of puzzles and deadly traps. Complete each level by reaching and putting togheter broken crystal. Just remember... always think about the future generation!

                              NOTE: please be careful with the volume level during game start! Thats a bug where all sounds are played at once on each level begin event!.


                              Gameplay video:

                              Allar's playthrough:

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                              UE4 blog: - Tutorials, free content and more!


                              • Link to a download of your game:
                                Team name: Cool With A K
                                List of team members: Marvin Cooper (s1peed23)
                                Name of your submission: CoolWithAK_GetToTheShoulda!
                                Did you make all the assets?: No, borrowed sprites from the "Creating a 2D SideScroller" Tutorials.