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September #UE4JAM, Sept 10-13th, THEME: LIVE DEATHLESS

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    This game looks cool.
    The trees mess up the perspective but would look great if fixed

    I fix Allar
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      Team Name: APDRA
      Team Members: Alek Wagner, Peter Mize, Demetrius Rhodes, Rebecca Glen, Andrew Wetmore
      Submission: APDRA_In Extremis


      Fun way to learn Unreal!
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        Originally posted by TRevett View Post
        September Game Jam

        Team MenaPlayers
        Tjay Revett- Project Manager/ Environment
        Brandon Wassenburg- Art
        Brian Beauchamp- Art
        Dwayne Toney- Programmer
        Matt Schroeder- Programmer
        Name of our submission is Fowl Play
        Download link:
        Theres a problem with your packaging, your game's content isn't there. :0 Game won't load.


          Originally posted by Allar View Post
          Don't have permission to download packaged version.

          Thanks for pointing that out. I forgot to change the sharing settings. I changed it, should work now. Can you please check and confirm? Also, the project files are still being uploaded (Apparently, google drive does not like a lot of files at once).

          New link :


            Here's a short video of what i got done so far for my GhoulFlight game !


              I have permissionto download, but pack it in a ZIP file.


                Originally posted by R1chieXD View Post

                Richard Nazarian
                Ulvis Bariss
                Kassym Kushkimbayev
                Michelle Tang


                So, like, these parents are paying me to look after their kids. I thought it would be all #fetch, but it's not.
                Their so crazy and they run around all the time. If they die or something I'll lose my pay.
                At this rate I can hardly check my Facebook and Instagram. If I miss anything there I'll be like, literally dead!

                Notes for playing
                Menu can be buggy, try alt tabbing and clicking on the screen again to go past main menu.

                WASD to move around
                E to interact / drag (start fighting a kid that wields a sharp object, start doing a Heimlich maneuver on kids choking on small toys, drag kids behind you)
                Q to check phone (Actions fill up your thirst for social media, check phone to be able to do more actions again)
                tap SPACE to save/fight child (when fighting or saving a kid from death, tap SPACE to fill the meter to complete the action)
                One of the team members here to provide some extra info if it's still possible.

                If the start menu doesn't work, open an explorer window (not maximized) and Alt-Tab to it so the mouse cursor appears, then, using that cursor click inside UE4 window and the game should start.

                Also, some game mechanic explanation is needed I assume - you need to watch the kids and save them if they are doing something dangerous (carrying a knife or choking etc). To do it you need to use stamina that you get from checking your phone. As of now, the game is very unbalanced and you need to have the stamina bar almost full to adequately save a kid. You can also make them play with something safe, iPad or a plushy toy, to do that drag them towards the item if it's present in the level.

                To win save at least one kid for 5 minutes, almost impossible ATM, but the game idea is there x)

                Have fun!


                  Wow! Look at all the submissions! This is crazy!

                  Make sure that you submit your entry to me the email addresses of your team members, the name of your team and the name of your project
                  Twitch /unrealalexander| Twitter @UnrealAlexander
                  How to report a bug? | Installation & Setup issues?
                  Call me to a thread by posting this: [MENTION]Alexander Paschall[/MENTION]


                    yeah .. lots of good stuff this game jam, grats to all you game jammers on the entries!

                    also Allar is still streaming! he's going on 10 hours now, lol !


                      I guess my link was not working corretly or the content for some reason was not showing through. I tested it myself before submiting but EG had some issues so here is a new link to the zip file



                        I'm going through all the entries now! Come check out the results on Thursday 17th's livestream at
                        Twitch /unrealalexander| Twitter @UnrealAlexander
                        How to report a bug? | Installation & Setup issues?
                        Call me to a thread by posting this: [MENTION]Alexander Paschall[/MENTION]


                          Alexander, could you post the order in which you played the games? So I won't have to check the whole stream to find ours after work

                          That'd be great!


                            Packaging went over midnight last night but we wanted to share what we did for GameJam.

                            Team Name: JokeYeti
                            Team Members: Michael Foti, John Yeager
                            Submission Name: The End's Witness
                            Download Link:

                            We're both pretty new to UE4 and this is our first project.

                            Note: Dialogue may be cut unless window is maximized

                            Controls: W A S D to move Left Mouse Click (specific part) Mouse to look around Esc for menu

                            Looking forward to future Game Jams!
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                              Originally posted by MarcelBlanck View Post
                              Alexander, could you post the order in which you played the games? So I won't have to check the whole stream to find ours after work

                              That'd be great!
                              He doesnt post a stream, only a couple minutes of the winners on thursday. does the full beat-the-game playthrough.

                              Thanks everyone for the great games and the interesting use of Infinity assets and thanks to Alex P and Chance for playing and of course, Allar for his tips every time.
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                                Re Download link

                                Had a broken link for our game so I am posting this if anyone wants to check it out. We were a game design student team doing our first game jam. Can not wait for the next one.

                                DownLoad Link: