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September #UE4JAM, Sept 10-13th, THEME: LIVE DEATHLESS

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    [*]Submit a download link to this thread before midnight on the night of September 13/ morning of September 14th including the following:
    • Team Name
    • List of Team Members
    • Name of submission (Please format it with your team's name attached ex. TeamName_GameName)
      After you post your submission, PM me with the email addresses of your team members (up to 5), the name of your team and the name of your project. That makes it easier to get in contact with everyone, so make sure to send that info over!

    Team Name: Safe From Robots
    Team Members: Tom Macneil
    Name of submission: SafeFromRobots_Ivanov

    It's uploading right now (slow broadband) but says it'll be finished in 5 minutes.
    Had some trouble with packaging so the nav buttons have vanished and the game is unfortunately unplayable.
    You can click on the planets and make transport tubes appear - you're supposed to be able to click on those to make the character move around (off screen at the beginning, can't use the buttons to bring it on screen!).


      Team name: Swipe or die

      Game name: YOLI [you only live infinite]

      Team members:
      Aljona Bulgar,
      Sebastian Plesch,
      Niklas Belser,
      Jonas Kunert,
      Franz Köhler

      Grab Bots______Strg


      You are an AI.
      Print yourself a new body and use your old ones to overcome obstacles.
      Goal - infinite existance doesnt require goals!/Nirvana

      Assets made from scratch - besides the birds (landscape demo) and the skybox

      Download Link:

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        Hey, it's Brandon From Brandon's No Sleep Grinder’s we are 5 mins late but here is our new version with better lighting if you prefer this one while we are happy to be judged by our on time game entry.



          Hey <3,

          Team: Ninful
          Team members: Ninjin, Artful

          Ninful_A beautiful day

          Allar, you are some handsome guy <3, please be nice to my game :3.

          *Changelog: took a brush and painted the top of the mountain + added a path + fixed a bug at the end of the game, new link at:

          --- took out the link, because this version had no Credits at all <3 ---

          **Changelog: added a start menu and give some proper credit to Bensound for the music

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            Death Loves Doggy

            Submission Name: Death Loves Doggy
            Team Name: Five Musky Stooges

            Download Link:
            Alternate Link: DeathLovesDoggy.rar

            Alternate Link2:
            (Note this is a custom store page. You will need to add the product to your cart before you can download. It is, obviously, still free to grab.)

            Promethean Studio 1: Frank Jones --
            Avolanty: Adam Hargett --
            Wilson: Chuck Wilson --
            Hitpawz: Jamie Gibson --
            Knights of Neon: Steven Bruce --

            WASD - Move Death + Peons
            Space - Peon Jump
            E - Drop Bone While Death / Interact While Peon
            Q - Possess / Unpossess Peons
            R - Hold to Restart Level
            Esc - Bring up Menu

            Death Loves Doggy. Death stops at nothing to get Doggy home.

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              Summary: Murray has just died. Due to filing error, he was sent to hell instead of heaven. He now must track backward down the highway to get help. He must avoid transports of bad ghosts coming in though. He can't die again... but he could spend forever trying get to where he belongs!

              *Sorry for any bugs. I just saw this thread today and didnt have time to bug test.. or any test lol. Nor did I have time to implement half the stuff I built out. myeh.

              Solo Submission.


              Movement - WASD
              Jump / Double Jump / Hover - Spacebar
              Pause Time - MouseWheel Down
              Slomo - MouseWheel Up
              Leap Left - Q
              Leap Right - E
              Leap Back - X
              Invisible - Right click (hold)

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              Snap-In Systems: <<< CLICK
              | Inventory (Battle Royale) |Smart Select Box | Ready Game Modes | Handy Macros | Gun Weapon System |Simple Mesh Outliner |


                The playthrough game stream is now live!



                  My partner's GPU fan died this weekend so I was pretty constrained on resources, but this was a really fun mental exercise! Definitely learned a lot RE: Deadlines and what can and cannot be done, although I think we could've gotten close to accomplishing our goal(i.e. four levels as opposed to just the HUB) with a third person to work on level building. Thanks for the educational opportunity, Epic!

                  Team Name: ShaneNDoug
                  Game Name: What Could've Been
                  Team Members: Shane McDermott, Doug Auerbach, Louis Kaplan(thanks for the ideas!)

                  Apologies for the late submission; I had it in my head that the deadline was midnight Central Standard Time.

                  Project Link:

                  I forgot to mention in-game: You cast spells with Right click or Right Trigger.

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                    participating in Game Jam September 2015,

                    introducing our game,

                    "THE KOLD MOUNTAIN"
                    Download Link :


                    Like a labyrinth, Kold Mountain is a game of finding the correct path to the top of the mountain. Only if you found a dead end, you could die, and if you die, you respawn into the first place. The death is never permanent, and is a means to continue your journey to the top of the mountain.


                    ¬ Player retain the injuries from their death when they respawn, etc: broken limb animation, freezing hands,
                    ¬ Most threats will results in death
                    ¬ Snowstorm and strongwind slows you down, and kill you a freezing death in a certain amount of time
                    ¬ Too long in darkness could cause hallucination. Sounds and possibly, visual effects.



                    Team Name : OKKULTSIX
                    Team Members :
                    Rachmatilovski Valdio / Lead Programmer
                    Bendot Rahadi / Animator
                    Aron Marcello / Illustrator ( check my art at ig : @aronmarcello )
                    Dani Junianto / Programmer
                    Name of Submission : Okkultsix_TheKoldMountain

                    CONTROLS (Keyboard/Gamepad):

                    WASD/Left Stick : to move around
                    Mouse/Right Stick : for look around

                    Download Link :

                    Comments and feedback would be appreciated. Thanks folks!
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                      Loving all the submissions!

                      Team Boilerplate Studios, back for our second jam!
                      Game Title - The Spirit of Pengrim
                      Team Members:

                      Kurt Weaver - Blueprints and environment
                      David Anderson - Characters and environment
                      Brian Watson - Splash screen and launcher icon art

                      The Spirit of Pengrim

                      Take Pengrim on a journey to revive her late mother. Explore the ancient ruins to collect medallions to offer the gods, and watch out for dangerous monsters along the way. If you should fall, find a shrine lit with blue fire and absorb its restorative energy to revive your body with the E key or top gamepad action button. Bring the medallions you find to the altar of the gods at the top of the mountain to accomplish your goal. To play with a keyboard, use A and D to move, Space to jump, Left Shift or LMB to attack, and E to activate a shrine.

                      Edit: The altar of the gods is activated like the shrines, with the E key or top action button on a gamepad.

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                      David Anderson
                      BOILERPLATE STUDIOS


                        Team of two guys that were first time on the game jam with 0 Unreal Engine experience :P Rage meter makes you invincible for a brief time. That's our attempt, have fun

                        Team Name : Boedarch Team
                        Game Name : Just Don't Die
                        Members : Artur Ostrowski, Johnathan Hoebeke

                        Link :

                        Control :

                        WSAD - Movement
                        LMB - Fire
                        Esc - Quit game
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                          Team Name: Dank Meme Team (I was outvoted on the name)
                          Game Name: Kill to Pay the Bills
                          Team Members: Byron Choy, Cal Mendoza, Neetu George


                          I learned a lot with this first game jam, and I hope to put out something a lot better for the next one!
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                            LoL ! This is as far as i got. This ghoulflight game is still happening later on though


                              Wow, what a turn out! Really enjoyed this Game Jam (my first). Need sleep.


                                Download: HERE


                                WASD : Move
                                1 : Select tower
                                Tab : Cycle tower types
                                Left Mouse Click : Place Tower


                                Tower defense - Place towers in strategic locations to defend against the oncoming creeps.


                                ( Design ) Mark Adams : Bone117
                                ( Engine Work ) Kyle Langley : Vawx