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September #UE4JAM, Sept 10-13th, THEME: LIVE DEATHLESS

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  • Starting the pre-show game jam stream playthrough now! Real playthrough starts at 9:00pm (half an hour from this post)


    • Who said "You can't live forever" lied...
      Of course, I'll live here forever.. I'll...
      Forever I'll Live
      I never played Infinity Blade, Never owned any device from Apple. Never CONSIDERED owning any device from Apple. So not sure about the lore behind the phrase.

      I interpret this theme as the "transcendence of death"
      Of course we die
      but - I'll live foreverlong
      Inside of this place I've built for myself
      Don't bury me, let the ravens eat.
      I package this message in a bottle - 64 bit
      I drop it in the ocean @ 20Mbps
      My flesh and mind will fade, this glass container will not.

      Description: A short (2 minute) experience of Death, Remembrance, Dissolution and Immortality. Made for VR (but fully functional on any display)

      Title: Live Long
      Name: Alexotronic


      Head up for streamers (Allar) - This does contain the chorus to a fairly popular song, so feel free to skip playing it on the stream.


      • Team Name: Team Brain Drain
        List of Team Members:
        Alvin Pollard
        Chris Shields
        Game Name: Avoid All Humans
        Name of submission:

        In our game, humans are rising up to take back their world. For too long have zombies occupied their once beloved streets. Now, is the time for action! Unfortunately, you are the one they are taking action against. You play as a lone zombie, left behind after his brethren evacuated ahead of schedule. Utilize stealth, cunning and patience as you navigate the myriad of broken down abandoned cities and human hordes.

        TL;DR: Avoid All Humans is a tactical, survival, stealth game from the perspective of a zombie.

        The control / key mappings are presented in widgets after you start the game.


        The Easily frightened human, which acts as a scout, calling in back up and thus increasing the difficulty level of the game. Easily killed from any direction.

        The Brawler type, which will chase you and beat you down if you don't out maneuver them. Not so easily killed, stealth is your greatest ally.

        Hide in trash piles by crouching when in the middle of them.

        Follow the hand prints, they will serve as your guide if you get lost.

        Enjoy and good luck to everyone!

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        • Team Name : ImBetterThanDwunky
          Team Members: Seraphim Shepard
          Game Name : Cora Loft: The Search For The Fountain of Youth
          Download Link : CLICK HERE

          A and D: Forward and Backward
          Space: Jump
          Right Mouse: Grappling Hook
          Left Mouse: Roll

          You are dying and just recently heard about the Fountain of Youth from a sage in the mountains of the Idaho. You travel deep into the Snowcone desert in search of the fountain. Now you must pass all the tests and survive the gauntlet of danger to take a sip of the delicious water (which kinda tastes like surge!).

          music by: Zagi2
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          • Game Name
            Lollipop Princess Necromancer

            Team LPN
            Joryson Rivera
            Luke Sheridan
            Marco Segovia
            Patrick Driggett
            Tyler Garcia

            Left-click – Fire Life Leech Ranged attack
            Right-click – Summon Undead
            Space Bar – Jump
            Esc – Quit


            The .exe in the first folder is not working properly, from that folder browse to /LPN4/Binaries/Win64/LPN4.exe and run that.
            This is an issue that seems to be affecting quite a few people. I may post something later if I can get it fixed.

            DOWNLOAD LINK (WIN64)


            • Submission Name: Team Rodney_Rodney: Escape From Tartarus

              Team Name: TeamRodney
              Team Members:Marek Dudek, Mat Waller, Line Bering, Daniel de la Rosa

              Movement: WASD
              drop apples: Space (lure)
              Use Ectoplasm: Shift (speed boost)
              Pause: Escape

              as a lemming, you keep jumping off of a cliff only to find your self in the underworld. no worries you know how to find your way out.

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              • Team Name: MotorCore Games
                Team members:
                Satya Pratap Das [Game Designer]
                Dipayan Paul [Game Programmer]
                Abhisek Ganguli [Artist]
                Hrishikesh Varaskar [Artist]
                Saket Arya [Artist]

                Game's Name: BEYOND EXISTENCE

                Link for .exe file:
                Here is the zipped executable file link:

                Link for project files:

                Notes: 1) Please download the zipped executable file. The one on the top is not zipped and will require you to download each of the folders separately.
                2) The project files are not zipped. We will be uploading the zipped version of the project files as soon as we can.
                Last edited by DNADrone; 09-14-2015, 12:32 PM. Reason: The uploaded files were not zipped so we zipped the executable and reuploaded it.


                • Team: ScorpionFlux
                  Members: oxygencube, RodrigoMF, yamashi, SesameSeeds, jay43k
                  Game Name:Climb Fall Repeat
                  Submission: ScorpionFlux_ClimbFallRepeat

                  EDIT: RodrigoMF and I spend a week or so polishing the game.
                  You can get it here.

                  Last edited by oxygencube; 09-26-2015, 08:35 PM. Reason: Added screen shots.
                  Environment / Level Artist:
                  Recent Release: September Game Jam: Climb Fall Repeat


                  • Team Name: DarkShot Studios
                    Team Members:

                    Keith Marchell
                    Ryan Moninghoff
                    Stephen Mitchell
                    Amarise Knapick

                    Project Name: Purposely Accidental

                    Submission name: DarkShot_PurAcc

                    Download the Game Here


                    • ARG ! Nice awesome games being shown here ! And with only 14 min i cant upload my game 'cos it aint done yet lol. Me being a noob to this engine and all I had was only today to try for this and that was only for a couple hours ! The last couple days I was trying to make a game package but it always failed until today ! Thank you Blue man for showing me what the problem was ! It was the stupid substance plugin that was stopping my game from being packaged all these days!

                      These last coople hours I could not figure out how to start my level with my character in it ! lol and I can't figure it out still ! At least im learning and its only my first week using UE4 ! Thanks again Blue man ! Your my hero !


                      • Sleepless Meatbags - Did He Die

                        Game Name: Did He Die

                        Team Name: Sleepless Meatbags
                        Team Members:
                        Michael Brune - Programmer
                        Aaron Craig (Craiger) - Programmer
                        John Doolan (JohnnyJimJams) - Programmer
                        Jacqueline King (Jakayaki) - 3D Artist
                        Paulius Rumsa (Slapunas) - 3D Artist

                        3rd party material -
                        Epic games - Highlight material - Soul Transfer Particle
                        Left Hook Sound: Recorded by Mike Koenig,, License Attribution 3.0
                        Tazer: Javier Zumer,, Attribute License 3.0
                        Strange Alien Sound: Recorded by MsI,, Attribution 3.0
                        Music: The Losers: Young, Tough, Terrible – Ghost Wife,, Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 International License
                        Music: The Losers: Betrayal, Lies & Disaster – Betrayal, Lies and Disaster -, Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 International License

                        Download Link -

                        Left click to skip the starting cinematic sequence or leave it alone to watch it!
                        Alt F4 to quit!
                        Portfolio // Game Jams // @jakayaki

                        Marketplace Assets // Stylized Wizard // Stylized Warrior // Fantasy Citizens


                        • Project name: Trap Room
                          Team name: Danderino

                          Randy Schouten: Programmer, Artist, Sound designer, Designer, Voiceactor
                          Rebecca Falktorp: Artist, Sound FX, Narrative Designer, Voiceactor

                          WASD/Right stick = Move
                          Left mb/trigger = Interact
                          Right mb/trigger = Zoom in

                          Phone tone found at:

                          Link for download:


                          • Teamname:

                            Richard Nazarian
                            Ulvis Bariss
                            Kassym Kushkimbayev
                            Michelle Tang


                            So, like, these parents are paying me to look after their kids. I thought it would be all #fetch, but it's not.
                            Their so crazy and they run around all the time. If they die or something I'll lose my pay.
                            At this rate I can hardly check my Facebook and Instagram. If I miss anything there I'll be like, literally dead!

                            Notes for playing
                            Menu can be buggy, try alt tabbing and clicking on the screen again to go past main menu.

                            WASD to move around
                            E to interact / drag (start fighting a kid that wields a sharp object, start doing a Heimlich maneuver on kids choking on small toys, drag kids behind you)
                            Q to check phone (Actions fill up your thirst for social media, check phone to be able to do more actions again)
                            tap SPACE to save/fight child (when fighting or saving a kid from death, tap SPACE to fill the meter to complete the action)
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                            Twitter Website


                            • Submission Farshooter

                              Name of submission : Death Is a Party (DIAP)

                              Objective: Be the last one standing and avoid be afflicted.

                              It is LAN multiplayer for up to 4 people. There is no ready state so everyone has to join instantly. It is pretty rough around the edges, but the game play is there.

                              Team : Farshooter

                              Controls : Standard FPS controls. Can only fire when afflicted.

                              Team members :
                              - Farshooter

                              Download link :

                              I had to use Github. Google Drive wouldn't take it.

                              The best way to play it is to go into the editor and Package it for your machine. Then run the packaged file. Also only choose the LAN option in the main menu. It will only work over LAN so get 4 buddies on voice comms and give it a try.


                              • Team name: Alderbit
                                List of team members: Matt Downey
                                Name of submission: Alderbit_DeathlessValley

                                Download: (134mb)