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September #UE4JAM, Sept 10-13th, THEME: LIVE DEATHLESS

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  • can anyone help me


    • Originally posted by Erindi View Post
      can anyone help me
      It works now! Fun stuff! I just realized you're the person who asked about sound earlier in the thread - Great use of BFXR! ;-)

      Also - love the visual style. Not a fan of first person platforming in general though.


      • GORKA GAMES_Magic Kingdom

        Team Name: GORKA GAMES
        •List of Team Members: Gorka Aranzabal (8 years old) & David A. (his father)
        •Name of submission:

        GORKA GAMES_Magic Kingdom

        3D Platform and puzzle game. We like Lego puzzle style games, so we tried to do some Matinee to get a "Cinema" style (As long as we can...
        Very happy to participate on our first Game Jam.

        Download Link: (Still uploading, large file and issues for packing...


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        • Team Name: Crafted Studios
          Members: Just me!
          Submission: Gate To Valhalla

          To live deathless in Valhalla you must complete a difficult trial in purgatory amongst all the other lost spirits! But beware, do not touch any other spirits or you will have to start all over again!

          You have to collect the markers to fill the bar on the pillar.

          WASD: move around
          L SHIFT: Roll whilst using wasd
          ESC: Menu


          Allar himself has completed the very mode named after him!

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          • Team Name: Sleepingdragon (solo entry)
            Name of submission: showdown

            download link


            • Hi Guys,
              Sadly, my entry "The Riddle of Steel" for this months game jam will not compile. This is due to long filenames with the new infinity blade assets and another marketplace asset pack and not enough time to fix the problem. If you are interested, I did manage to post a video up on my site but that's all I have for this time.



              Additional Note: It's not just filenames but the Directory names as well as some of them are HUGE. FYI.
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              • thanks Alexotronic


                • wasn't able to close the game in time ;/ ... let's see what's this october megajam 8D I'm curious to see how people used the infinity assets.


                  • Submission: Team Zparx's Wolves - Immortal Stairway

                    You can meet these guys (Artwork by Zparx) in our game.

                    Can you reach the top of the "stairs" and gain immortality, or will you never master it and stuck in the worlds between the living and the dead forever?

                    Name of Submission: Immortal Stairway

                    Team: Zparx's Wolves

                    Team Members:
                    + Zparx (Creating the bad guys - Modelling, Texturing)
                    + Marcel Blanck (Blueprints, Game Mechanics, Leveldesign Lvl 1) -
                    + IvanTheChemist (Leveldesign Lvl 2 - wasn't finished in time, it maybe will be uploaded for fun later) -

                    Immortal Stairway Win64 (Dropbox - 330MB)

                    WASD: Direction
                    Mouse: Look
                    Space: Jump
                    Shift: DASH (only possible when loaded, lost when hit)

                    Advice: Take care when jumping while dashing, this could lead to a cold death in the ocean...)

                    (Some quys quit before it was finished, but I will do no name-calling. Game ships without audio, but should still be fun.)

                    The eyes.... I will never forget the eyes...
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                    • this ends on the 14th ?
                      is that in eastern time or central time or ?

                      jus looking at the rules it says we still have about 4 hours from now to go !
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                      • I'm getting the same issues with the long filenames in the new infinity blade assets .... impossible to compile at the moment....


                        • Submission: Daniel - Hospital Night Shift

                          Solo Submission - Daniel
                          Hospital Night Shift

                          Left Stick - Move
                          Right Stick - Aim
                          Left Shoulder - Toggle Zoom
                          Right Shoulder - Run
                          Left Trigger - Throw pills
                          Right Trigger - Shoot Laser

                          In this game you play as the only doctor at the Hospital. You must keep your patients alive by giving them pills. Watch out for the Grim Reaper because he will attack your patients! You can shoo him away with your laser but he'll be back. Last as long as you can with three lives and get the highest score.



                          • Submission: Sons of Pessina_Deadless Treasure

                            Name of submission : Deadless Treasure

                            Protect your majestic but soooo mortal turtle that carry your treasure. Use your body to protect it for the eternity ! Or until opponents reach it...

                            Team : Sons of Pessina

                            Controls :
                            - Right/Left arrow to turn and protect your precious treasure with your immortal body
                            - Escape for the pause menu

                            Team members :
                            - Louis Cortes (graphic artist)
                            - Matthis Pralat (graphic artist)
                            - Nicolas Pessina (graphic artist)
                            - Bill Beheuliere (sound designer)
                            - Arnaud Begue (programmer)

                            Download link :
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                            • Deathless Live Family Edition

                              Face off vs death himself in this brand new Japanese Game Show where your family is counting on you!

                              Team name: Chat room warriors


                              Kodi" Nanovoxel" Mynatt
                              Level Design

                              James "Jvthewanderer" Vaughn Jr.
                              Character Design
                              Character Animation

                              Terrence "tyoungjr" Young

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                              Advanced 3d Footprints | Videos | Open Source Mine Sweeper


                              • Was looking forward to posting but unfortunately it's now 3am and I'm getting build errors so I guess I just wasted 48 hours of my life.