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September #UE4JAM, Sept 10-13th, THEME: LIVE DEATHLESS

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    Originally posted by Erindi View Post
    does the name have to be good or you can name it even project1
    I think it can be just project1. I mean you call it whatever you want, if you want to call it sunshine then you call it sunshine Project 1 could even be a legit name if you think of it.
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      For me Game Jams are a time to try new things. One of those new things is creating a Torrent.

      What I did was download and add all of the Infinity Blade assets into one project. (This will help me in the future since Launcher insists on storing packs on my SSD)

      Here is a link to the torrent file! I'll be sure to keep my computer on to seed.


      Edit: Well, looks like redistributing content is a no-no. (oops) No more torrent
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        Game: Run for you life!

        Team name: Trickbag

        Team members: One (Brandon Wirtz)

        Run for your life is a 3d FPS platformer. Once you start the game your health is constantly draining, the only way to prevent death is to either collect Life gems
        to slow down your health decrease or reach the end of the stage before your health is completely drained. You are able to sprint but it will cause your health to drain faster than walking.

        Each time you die you will be brought back to the very beginning of the stage.

        Currently only has one stage so is more of a demo than a full game.

        W to move forward
        S to move backward
        A to move left
        D to move right
        Spacebar to jump
        Left shift to sprint
        P to pause the game

        Download Link:

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          Game : Project1
          Team name: Team1
          Team member : Erindi
          Game Link:


          the game is optimized an can run well 30-40 fps on a intel i3 with epic settings

          Screenshot :
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            Originally posted by Erindi View Post
            Game : Project1
            Team name: Team1
            Team member : Erind Groballi
            Game Link:

            the game is optimized an can run well 30-40 fps on a intel i3 with epic settings
            "The global shader cache file 'C:/..............Engine/GlobalShaderCache-PCD3D_SM5.bin is missing.

            You're running a version of the application built to load COOKED content only,.... consider cooking for this build or build and run the UNCOOKED version of the application instead"


              ok thanks i will fix it
              probably is because you have a dx11 graphic card and the game is for dx10

              im updating the dx11 version hope it work

              i fixed the problem i think
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                any time left to submit to this or is it over ?



                  Team GamePlayUniverse
                  • Markus aka. marki217q
                  • Merlin aka. Merarlion

                  • W,A,S,D / mouse for rotating the pitch
                  • Spacebar / middle mouse button to reset the pitch
                  • Q if the death somehow gets out of the box

                  Normally, there is a balance between life and death. But now there’s an imbalance, because one of the orbs of death dropped of the Libra. Now you have to get them to the end of the course to compensate the imbalance.
                  By selecting a difficulty you can set the hardness and the number of levels you have to master.
                  Easy = 1 Level + 2 Hole in Once
                  Medium = 2 Levels + 1 Hole in Once
                  Hard = 3 Levels + 1 Hole in Once
                  Extreme = 4 Levels + 0 Hole in Once

                  Each level gets generated randomly!

                  You will figure out what “Hole In Once” means.
                  Also we hope you enjoy.
                  … and don’t play to long with life and death at the Menu

                  Only Windows 64x --> Download here <--- or here

                  On saturday we were like “hey the new UE4-Jam is this weekend” so we started working on this project. But it is not as finished as we want it to be, so we are sorry for the little unfinished work and no information in the game for things like controls or so. But there was not enough time for making a more than awesome intro as in our last submission on August’s game jam!
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                    Game: Live_Deathless
                    Team Name: Connor Aitken
                    Team Members: Connor Aitken
                    Game Link:


                      i fixed the problem i think can someone try it is only 52mb


                        Thank you


                          Team Name: Skipy_Games
                          Team Members: Domen (skipyC)
                          Name of submission: Deathless soul

                          WASD: Move
                          Space: Jump
                          Left Mosue: Fire
                          E: teleport to another body

                          Game Description:
                          Your goal is to get to the end. You can 'teleport' to another body and take control of it. For each kill you get an extra bullet. When your health reaches bellow 30 you will go in slow motion and after a few seconds your health will regenerate back to 31.


                          //Fixed a bug when you teleport to another body while under 30HP and your health goes to 31HP (even if your health is 100).

                          I didn't had a lot of time this weekend, so not my best. But i still had fun doing this

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                            I finally had a free weekend to work on a submission, and I liked the theme, so here's my first UE Jam participation, alone!

                            Download it here:

                            It's called Burden. I'm happy with some of it: the idea I had in mind for the level design and its role in storytelling came accross pretty well despite the few assets and the lack of attention on lighting and artifacts. Unfortunately, the game is largely unfinished because as always, I didn't think enough about the scale of the project I had on paper. As a result there's no sound, no interactions, and the game ends abruptly after the final reveal.
                            For some reason UE also decided to tell me at the last minute the UVs of the meshes I made with BSPs were wrapped, so I've got some important models looking really bad. Plus it seems by playing through my .exe that the single texture that chose not to show up is the one of the most important asset in the whole game. Hurray. Anyway, there's nothing more I can do now.

                            In the spoiler below, a quick explanation of what I had in mind for the story and gameplay. There's no spoiler tags here so you can't say I didn't warn you:
                            SPOILER ALERT You are an unnamed man that's been given the gift of immortality. The game takes place at the dawn of the world, after every single human being except you has passed away, including one that was very special to you. You're not supposed to understand what's happening straight away: the desolation of the world is only apparent when you exit your appartment, and it's never said that you're immortal, just implied: the game gives you the possibility to jump down an elevator shaft from the 4th floor, to walk unharmed into fire, and, not implemented in the game, an entire building can fall on your head and you can jump down a huge crater at the only cost of climbing up out of it.
                            As you enter the cemetery at the end of the map, what looked like a single tombstone up on a hill is revealed to be the first of hundreds of thousands of them. You understand you're the only one left and that you've faced solitude for who knows how long. A few seconds later, an earthquake starts as the sun's size, already huge, expands rapidly, turning into a supernova, engulfing the world seconds after you whisper your final world: "Finally."./SPOILER

                            Anyway, I'm still pretty happy with it and I think it may be worth a quick playthrough if you have the time to spare: it's only like 5 minutes-long anyway. You should know it's more an experience than a game as there's no real gameplay. That sounds pretentious, but it's just that the interest of the game lies in its environmental storytelling rather than how it plays.
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                              Originally posted by ObeseWarlord View Post
                              Game: Live_Deathless
                              Team Name: Connor Aitken
                              Team Members: Connor Aitken
                              Game Link:
                              I tired (keyboard), it seems to lock up almost right away and says lighting needs rebuilt.


                                can anyone help me