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August #UE4JAM, August 13-16th, THEME: THROWN IN AT THE DEEP END

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    Team Name:

    List of Team Members:
    Tobias Nöthlich (-> Tobinatore)

    Name of Submission:
    The Deep End



    You are sent on a mission to eliminate a gang of bandits (well, goblins) and their evil leader. Your king sent his spies in order to find out where they have their secret camp and eventually found out that it is located in the mountains of The Deep End. Now it is your ^Quest to slay the bandits and to defend your kingdom.

    Map (of the kingdom, a map of the caves would make it too easy :P):

    I was in a hurry, so it's not that good.

    If I told you the controls, you wouldn't really be thrown in at the deep end, so just two hints:
    1. There is an Upgrade Menu.
    2. You can equip the sword.

    I made this game in just 2 days, so please be gentle with me
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      Team name Minute before deadline
      Name of project: The Lost world
      Team members Karimov Roman , Alekseeva Ksenia
      Link to download

      -Use w a s d to move
      -Use mouse to interract
      -Create things and earn the best score!
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        Team Name: NoSleepNeeded
        Team Members: Aaron Leaton, Niky Leaton, Bruno Brito
        Submission: BOOTY BRAWL

        Game Requires Steam, and it is multiplayer only

        Avast Matey! In this high arg-ction brawl-tastic game you play as a pirate whose captain just got eaten by the dreadful Kraken! Without the captains leadership no one knows what to do, so you step up to claim the Captains Hat. Only to find that your crewmates want the job (and the big booty that comes with it!)
        Fight your way to the helm of the S.S. All-Ar-Nothing!

        KEYBOARD -
        WASD: Movement
        Shift: Sprint
        Space: Jump/Double Jump
        Right-Mouse: Normal Attack (*HOLD Right-Mouse: Heavy Attack)
        Left-Mouse: Block
        "E": Grab/Throw

        CONTROLLER -

        Left-JoyStick: Movement
        Left-Trigger: Sprint
        "A": Jump/Double Jump
        "X": Normal Attack (*HOLD "X": Heavy Attack)
        Right-Shoulder: Block
        Right-Trigger: Grab/Throw

        ***MLG PRO TIPS***

        -Doing a HEAVY ATTACK on the ground will do the PARLEY attack, doing large amounts of damage
        -Doing a HEAVY ATTACK while in the air will do the BUMS AWAY attack, knocking nearby players away.
        -Use BLOCK to prevent the BUM BOUNCE or PARLEY from knocking you back
        -If you wake up after being thrown out, use DOUBLE JUMP to get back into the ship

        Game song provided by

        Game Download Link

        there is a bug where you cant punch, if it doesnt get fixed after dying/getting stunned just rejoin game.
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          ESCAPE THE WELL!

          - Sound effects made by us!!
          - All's well that ends well... or is it? !

          [ DOWNLOAD ]

          Controls: Controller only.

          Team Name: SVNIsBroken
          Team Member: bzxo, Dontflopit(slayeruk), Vaei
          Submission Name: Escape The Well
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            Team Name: Team GiantMonster
            Team Members: Nsomnia, Avolanty, taigi100, Hitpawz
            Name of submission: Fishermans Dream

            Download link Windows64: v0,9 uploaded, v1.0 packaged finally! UL'ing
            Download Link Win64 finally packaged and uploaded at 3mBps

            Audio courtesy of KnightsOfNeon at URL1 and his URL2 he does great music and FX work for a number of teams check him out!

            Description: "A Fisherman's dream" is an adventure game based on Jonah's myth. The game shows
            the struggles of a fisherman to survive when put in a life or death situation.

            E - Interact
            Q - Fire Orb
            RMB - Grapple Yourself (With Grapple Powerup enabled)
            R - Grapple Item Towards You (With Grapple Powerup enabled)
            F - Flashlight (With Flashlight Powerup enabled)
            WASD - Move (+150% speed with Speed Powerup enabled)
            Space - Jump
            F9 - Video Settings (AR/Res/Fullscreen,borderless, windowed) + FOV in Game

            Warning: Bug - At the main menu if you adjust video settings the mouse cursor dissapears, can you enable it in console? F9 in game to bring up graphics/FOV menu that works.


            Workboard at end:

            1.5GB of content... sorry guys...
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              Submission - Dead In The Water

              Team Name: Sigi Games & Suri Studios
              Team Members: sigi0073 & eagle-ss
              Submission Name: SigiGamesSuriStudios_DeadInTheWater

              Download Link:

              In this game, you try to knock your opponent off of a platform into the deep water. As the game goes on, blocks from the platform will randomly fall. You can punch by pressing the right trigger, and kick by pressing the left. Press "A" to jump. Collect powerups around the platform. You can move around using the joystick - but there's a twist. You get "Thrown in at the Deep End" every game - as the joystick controls are randomized every game. Good luck, and if you start to go too insane, you can toggle off joystick randomization.

              This is a two player local multiplayer game that requires two joystick controllers (for gameplay) and a mouse (for menus).


              Good luck - try not to end up Dead In The Water!


                The traditional "show before the show" is starting... mainly just downloading things and setting up things and testing things.

                Tune in at the submission deadline to see all the game jam games be played!



                  Team Name: Pocket Sized Animations
                  Project Name: Deep Down Below
                  Team Members: Micah A. Parker (IrishKilter)


                  After the plates of the Earth shifted, and the water level raised entire cities were swallowed whole and what was left of civilization has been struggling to survive amongst a water world. The best paying job in this new world is that of a Deep Sea Diver. These Divers are contracted to dive into the abandoned cities to find artifacts, treasure, and memories from our past life. However, Deep Sea Diving is no joke, the suits are heavy, they're bulky, slow, and limited in vision. Only a few hundred feet/or few meters down beneath the ocean surface light dwindles to almost nothing, the further down you go the more dangerous it gets!

                  Explore the ruins of the city as you look for treasure! Collect coins, survive the harsh conditions of the deep sea, and watch out for what lurks Deep Down Below!

                  Game is simple, you have a "city" to explore, find gold coins, pick them up. There are friendly fish that swim around harmlessly, but there are also Deep Fish, these will attack you if they see you. Throw your "Light Grenade" to get them off of you, they will follow the light to their death!


                  WASD - Movement.
                  E - Pickup Coins
                  G - Throw Grenade

                  Grenades are infinite, and also act as markers/light. Throw them to see various areas, or fend off from fish, throw them at your feet if you want to remember where you've been.

                  Elevators are a little finicky, they start automatically through a timer. Just step into them, and wait a moment, otherwise it'll take off without you and you'll be stuck. Grenades also sometimes slow down the game as they don't destroy ever, and there seems to be an issue with the physics as they often go through the floor.

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                  Pocket Sized Animations


                    Originally posted by Bohrium View Post
                    Team Name:
                    • Laughing Tower

                    List of Team Members:
                    • Bohrium

                    Name of Submission:
                    • Unfathomable Abyss

                    Download links:
                    Getting a forbidden access error, yo. D:


                      Game Jam!

                      Team Name Team Splash Bully
                      List of Team Members Aaron Miley, Patrick Murphey, Victoria Smith, Ben Weber
                      Name of submission Super Summer Ninja Pool Party Supreme

                      You are a Pool Ninja! Push as many people into the pool as you can within the time limit. Use beach balls to stun. Watch out for Life Guards!

                      Download Here

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                        Team Name: Snowzone Studios
                        Team Member: Isaac
                        Name of submission: The Life of a life guard


                        Left mouse Button: Throw life saver
                        WASD: The controls of every First person Game ever
                        E: Resupply on life savers (need to be near the pile of them)

                        Objective: Save Everyone in the pool because the cant swim!

                        How to install.
                        Step 1: Download the game
                        Step 2: find the "" right click on the file and open with windows explorer
                        step 3: Then open the WindowsNoEditor folder. Find "PoolGame.exe"
                        step 4: double click on PoolGame.exe and extract all.
                        step 5:A folder will pop up, just double click on PoolGame.exe and that should run the game.
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                          Team Name
                          Team of forum users

                          Team Members (Forums Name)
                          SkeetonYu, Jamendxman3 and SammVarnish

                          Name of Submission
                          Dreadlocks At Sea

                          DOWNLOAD HERE

                          This team was created out of random forum users that wanted to participate in this months Game Jam. This game isn't easy, for us anyways. We haven't even beaten it ourselves but got very close. If you are up for the challenge and get thrown into the deep end. This is for you.

                          The fish Army has taken over the world and only a few remaining humans are left.

                          While returning from your mission, delivering food. You were confronted by the fish Army leader. Here's your chance to save the Earth.

                          Are you a HERO? Or are you just fish BAIT?

                          Good Luck. Also comment your best time with pictures or it didn't happen. We'd like to know how fast people can beat him.

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                            Deep Basketball

                            Game name: Deep Basketball
                            Team Name: Marcin Matuszczyk
                            List of Team Members: Marcin Matuszczyk
                            Name: MarcinMatuszczyk_Deep_Basketball

                            A/W/S/D - walk
                            Left mouse button - throw stone (hold to increase power)
                            E - pick up stone

                            Beat movie characters in underwater basketball tournament!


                            Download: (zip 565 mb)

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                            Third Person Shooter Kit - February 2017 Community Pick! -

                            Side Scroller Shooter Kit -


                              Team Name: OhGodWhy
                              List of Team Members: AtsK
                              Name of submission OhGodWhy_DockGrunts


                              GAMEPAD REQUIRED!

                              Desciption and controls PLEASE READ (sorry for the use of caps lock in this post):

                              I uploaded this just to upload something The project is very much unfinished and in addition to missing absolutely all art and sound, also missing gameplay cues and a tutorial (heavily needed for the 6-dof gameplay) sound effects etc, etc so you are warned.

                              You are a dock worker at medium orbit space station used for refueling various spacecraft that jump to and from the station. Your job, if you choose to accept it, is to refuel the crafts. But if you mess up bad things will (or in actuality should happen)
                              To do this you have to locate depleted fuel cells mounted on the craft (depleted cells are marked with yellow lights) and replace them with fresh ones ( with blue lights which can be obtained from a multitude of fuel cell dispensers located around the ship on the hexagonal "rings"). To do the replacing you have to dock with the cells. To do this you have to match their linear and angular velocity and line up the docking ports (red arrows facing each other).

                              Docking itself is accomplished by:
                              1)pressing the A button to dock the cells to the player craft
                              2)or by pressing B button to redock the fuel cells to the refuelable craft

                              Also note that high speed collisions will decouple the vessels.

                              -Left stick handles vertical and sideways thrust.
                              -Right stick changes pitch and yaw or if pressed with right bumper (or pressing down the right stick) then changes pitch and roll
                              -right- and left trigger add forward and backward thrust respectively
                              -left bumper toggles rotational and translational dampening if you decide to use it. i recommend to leave it as is.

                              -D-pad buttons can be used to rotate the camera.
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                                Team Name: Alien Chrysalis
                                Name of project: Derelict
                                Team Members: Austin Snider, Brandon Snider, Kenneth Hutton, Dean Bouvier
                                Link to download:

                                Objective: Survive being thrown in the deep dark space after your space mining station gets destroyed!
                                Player Controls are provided by an in game menu.

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