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July #UE4JAM, July 23-26th, Theme: ROCKET AND ROLL

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    Hi guys,

    We're so glad to be able to participate to this jam, that's a wonderful idea.
    I hope it's not too late to submit... (upload is really slow)

    Team name : Sliced up Dudes.
    Team members : Myself, Thibaut Petiot, Emiliano Meurant, Swann Klein and Meryl Mariatte.
    Name of Submission : Samurai Rocket

    Description :
    Free for all up to 4 players (local only). You can jump, do a wall jump when you're close

    enough of a wall, run and fire anywhere. Every time you shot in a direction, you will roll in

    the invers direction.

    Controls :
    asd / left stick : run.
    space bar / Face Button Bottom : jump.
    E / Face Button Left / Face Button Right : shot.

    The direction you shot is determinated by your last move direction (so use wasd / left stick

    to orient your rocket).

    Menu navigation use D-pad and not stick.
    After each player (at least 2) has chosen his color, J1 must press Special Right Button to

    start the game.

    Download link :

    We hope you'll enjoy this game.

    Bye !
    C++ Developer on Sliced
    A 3D Brawler Game About Slicing Things Up and Destroying friendships
    Check out our Facebook, Twitter and Site


      Starting up Twitch stream, prepping stuff now, but will start playing soon!


        First time game jammers here! Started a tad late, but lots of fun

        NOTE: Multiplayer, best played 3v3. Solo is possible though, but lacks challenge.

        TEAM TIVARU:
        Bart (Bart_95) - Programming / Design
        Tim (Tim_Tivaru) - Design / Blueprint / Audio
        Laura - 3D models / Design

        DOWNLOAD 0.31(CHANGELOG @ bottom of post):

        Pink vs Blue team multiplayer (up to 3v3)! Rocket pinball style. Roll and bounce through the level, use rocket boosts to become a guided missi... eh flying pinball? Change the arena in your team's colour, and score the points before the opposing team does. The team with the most points when the time is up wins.

        ABOUT US:
        We are a programming student (Bart) and a Design student (Me) at NHTV's IGAD. We unfortunately only ended up joining this after the game jam was already in full swing, I do want to give a shout out to Laura, a rookie who made about 18 3D models in her life, of which 12 were for this game jam. The best way to learn, under pressure! Uh.. Right?

        Keyboard Controls:
        WASD - Move
        Space - Jump
        L. Shift - Rocket Boost
        E - Explode

        Controller (only tested with Xbox 360 controller):
        Left Stick - Move
        A - Jump
        RT - Rocket Boost
        B - Explode

        Edit 28th of July: made the post a bit neater, added about us, fixed typo's. Added YouTube video and added updated build version.
        - Interface consistency was bugging me, teams are now correctly called Team Pink and Team Blue.
        - Removed the pinball plunger at the spawn. Now there is no more occasional spawn physic bug.
        - Changed the name of the packaged project - 0.3 still contained the first title, it is now correctly displaying KABOUNCE!

        Good luck to everyone on Thursday and thanks for reading.

        Kind regards,
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          Team Name
          That's My Raspbeerry

          List of Team Members
          Skyler Evans, Bryan Kaelin, Ian Whitt, Michael Burns

          Name of submission

          Download Link

          Description & Controls
          Escape from a wall of deadly explosions as you avoid continuous obstacles. Use your rocket pack with spacebar to fly above spikes. Roll into a ball with shift to traverse flame throwers and to get through tight spots. Run as far as you can without getting riggidy riggidy wrecked!

          late edit--I could not get this to package! It was madness. It's late, sure, but you can probably tell by how incomplete it is that we didn't add anything new after the deadline. I'm just really glad I was able to get this up so you can see the awesome artwork the rest of the team contributed!
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            Team Name: Stubbs
            Team Members: Minsk
            Name of Submission: Stubbs_FinalLeap

            controls of wheelchair:

            gamepad only..

            Left Wheel: Left Stick,
            Right Wheel: Right Stick
            Quit: Circle/B

            Try to roll down the hill and hit the blue wall as strong as you can to rocket the red cube out of the chair onto the sea.

            Sorry, not really finished

            suggested soundtrack:

            vivaldi concerto 2 - presto
            bonnie tyler - holding out for a hero

            or spotify:
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              Game Name: Rocket Shepherd
              Team Name: Studio Giblet
              Team Members: Baron Capers (Artist), Isaiah Everin (Designer), Aaron Hamilton (Artist), Tyler Morgan (Designer), Alex Shilts (Designer)

              About the Game
              You are the Rocket Shepherd! Explore strange alien worlds! Herd the rolling animals to the goal using rocket volleys from space! Protect them from violent predators that try to eat them!

              The game only supports mouse and keyboard due to the nature of the gameplay. Players can choose any level from the main menu, but the game plays in sequential order from the first level as well.

              About the Team/Project
              Studio Giblet is comprised of five students from The Guildhall at SMU (three level designers and two artists) looking to get some more game development experience over their summer break. It was coded entirely in blueprints by the designers, with all the assets other than Unreal 4 starter content being made by the team during the timeline of the game jam. The team had some trouble initially getting inspired by the theme, but they are proud of what they were able to accomplish in the end!

              On-Time but Slightly Broken Build: Link (uploaded on time, but not the best build)

              Mostly Working build: Link (created before 12AM, but uploaded late due to really bad internet troubles, and accidentally created/uploaded the first build twice )

              Bonus OCD Bug-Cleaned Build: Link (best for the full gameplay experience )

              Remaining known bugs: HUD indicator for animals doesn't update correctly to reflect score; sometimes rockets don't explode.

              Development Notes
              - We had to post a development build of the game, for unknown reasons a shipping build constantly crashed to a "failed to open descriptor file" error. As you can see above, we also had some serious internet troubles, so while we have a build that was time-stamped uploaded before the 12PM EST deadline, we didn't finish AND upload a fully working build til 3 hours late.
              - This was developed on Alienware laptops, so we're not sure of its performance on other computers. :P
              - The game is full of attention to detail, particularly on some mostly cosmetic game systems, but it was all done in the spirit of having fun during development above all else. Some of the interesting issues we addressed were: creating gravity for globe levels, orienting decorative meshes to a globe to make it possible to make 3 levels within the time frame, making rolling enemies that seek out and kill the friendly critters, and dynamically creating decals on the surface of the globes.
              - Due to how much time we devoted to everything else, we did not end up having time to add sound effects.
              - Biggest lesson learned? Have to scope and plan a project even when it's just a weekend game jam if you want to get everything done the way you hope to!
              - The team name is relevant to a system in the game that kept the team inspired throughout the project.

              Edit 1, 11:20PM CST: Adding fully functional build link.
              Edit 2, 12:30AM CST: Formatting and more descriptive text.
              Edit 3, 2:20AM CST: Cleaned up bugs to create intended functionality on two major systems (that got messed up before the deadline due to source control), and uploaded that build. Don't expect it to be judged for the "contest" aspect, but really wanted to have it for people interested in playing.
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                Serial Krillers

                The world's most underrated crustaceans are lining up to try their luck at a bottle rocket/rolling marble obstacle course!


                - Dual gameplay (flying and rolling!)
                - Spiffy graphics
                - Sound effects AND music (made by yours truly)!!
                - New krill and gear every race!

                [ DOWNLOAD ]

                Controls: WASD to move, Enter to restart, Escape to exit.

                Team Name: Serial Krillers
                Team Member: bzxo
                Submission Name: SerialKrillers_SerialKriller
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                  FreshTec's submission: Space Fall

                  Hello fellow game jammers! Here is our submission. We decided to come into this late so we only used 24 of the available hours! Oh dear!

                  Team Name:

                  Name of Submission:
                  Space Fall

                  Graeme Little ( / @graeme_crackers)
                  AtecStudios VictoryForPhil (@victoryforphil)

                  Space Fall is a game about a futuristic astronaut trying to escape certain death on an a space station spinning out of control. The character has to race the clock as their oxygen runs out and reach an escape pod in time. They can use rockets to give themselves momentum and break past obstacles. (Had we given ourselves more time we would have had more in terms of starting and ending zones, and some cool other features. We actually might finish these up and release a more complete game in a week or so.)

                  If your browser says it's not commonly download it just right click and press keep.

                  Pic or it didn't happen:

                  More info:
                  The sound track is an original by myself, but I did not write it during the game jam time period. It has not being used in any public release thus far. You can grab it here:
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                  You can find me on twitter: @graeme_crackers


                    This is my first time, please be gentle :3 When the theme was announced I thought it would be cool to have a game where you shoot rockets to clear way for rocks to roll. That was the plan, and with that was born the game "Rocket then Roll". You literary have to shoot rockets before rolling :3 Extremely fun project to create, learned so much about Unreal and even some "under the hood".

                    Team Name: AranHase
                    List of Team Members: Allan Yoshio Hasegawa (AranHase)
                    Name of submission: AranHase_RocketThenRoll




                    Video (Uploading):

                    Important notes:
                    • The game is extremely resource hog. Beware, it may fry your GPU or use all your Virtual Memory.
                    • The main character does not have a weapon. I don't know how to use 3D modelers yet. Sorry :3
                    • Killzone is just below the "Drop Zone", so the character will just vanish (Thanks to Allar for debugging it)
                    • I rewrote almost the entirety of the "ProceduralMeshComponent" to speed up things. Let me know if you want to take a look
                    • This is my first time coding on Windows. I hope i haven't compiled the code using weird/uncommon CPU instruction sets. Please, let me know if it doesn't work for you.
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                      Our first Game!!!
                      Team: SaedGD
                      Eslem Alzate
                      Daniil Merkulov

                      Game Dire Valkyries

                      Movement: ASDF
                      Shoot: RMB, LMB
                      DJumpouble Space

                      Mecha deathmatch arena with multiplayer support



                        "Alexander Paschall has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space."

                        Let me know when I can send you a message so I can send you our emails!
                        You can find me on twitter: @graeme_crackers


                          Team: Myself and me
                          Member: William Bustamante "Woeavatar"
                          Game: Survive the Song

                          Drive your rocket as fast as you can in a proceduraly generated rocky maze, going slow will reduce the volume of the rocky music, and low music means DEATH.
                          The maze will continue until the song ends.


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                            I am blown away this time. There's not been a single bad entry! Well done everyone!

                            I feel sorry for the judges; They've got a massive undertaking ahead of them - Well done everyone!

                            Thanks to Epic for putting this together as always, Thanks for everyone for making awesome games and thanks Allar for being Allar :P
                            "Information shouldn't be behind a paywall, It should be free for all!"


                              These games all look super polished. Well done everyone and best of luck to you
                              July's GameJam Entry:


                                Can anyone take a glance at my crash log? I've been mucking with it for nearly 3 hours, and unfortunately, I have to admit defeat this game jam.