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July #UE4JAM, July 23-26th, Theme: ROCKET AND ROLL

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    Download link:

    TeamName: JuanAlone
    Team Members: Juan Murillo
    Name of Submission: JuanAlone_RocketAndRoll


      Team Name: Alderbit
      List of Team Members: Alderbit
      Name of Submission: Alderbit_RollYourBoat

      Download link:

      Description: Battle your way through an endless fleet of fighter jets and submarines! Will you survive? (spoiler alert: no you will not!)

      Tips: Blast enemy rockets out of the air with your own!


        First Time Game Jammer

        Title - Rocket and Roll Target Range
        Team - Bruce "Demolition Man" Oberleitner
        Link -

        A Simple target range. I had bigger plans but with only 4 days this is what I could get finished. There's a Video sample of the game at the link along with the game.


        Jump - SpaceBar, Gamepad Face Buttom Bottom
        ScoreDamage - Delete (i.e. Debugging item, scores damage on player)
        WeaponFire - Left Mouse Button
        WeaponAiming - Right Mouse Button
        WeaponReloading - R (i.e. not really used but there for the future)
        CameraView - Middle Mouse Button (i.e. changes camera viewpoint from chase view to top view)
        PlayerTaunt - T (i.e. send a random audio taunt)
        ScoreAKill - K (i.e. debugging item to test kill routine)
        RecordADemo - Num * Key (i.e. starts recording a demofile to disk)
        QuitGame - Escape key
        GameCredits - C
        Toggle Debugging Displays - Num - Key

        Forward - W, Up, gamepad left thumbstick y-axis
        Reverse - S, Down
        Right - D, Gamepad left thumbstick x-axis
        Left - A
        TurnRate - Gamepad Right Thumbstick y-axis, Right, Left (scale -1.0)
        Turn - Mouse X
        LookUpRate - Gamepad Right Thumbstick y-axis
        LookUp - Mouse Y

        Files are currently uploading. Sorry but my upload speed is terrible.
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          Hi, this is my first game made for a game jam, hope you guys like

          Team Name: Tendi Team
          Team Members: Edison S. Prata Jr(TendiOne), Davi S. Prata

          Submission: TendiTeam_RocketAndRoll


          Description: A turn based local multiplayer rocket deathmatch with destructible meshes.

          WASD/Left Stick - Move
          Mouse/Right Stick - Look
          Mouse Right/Left Trigger - Aim
          Mouse Left/Right Trigger - Fire
          Enter/Start - Pause the game/start the game
          Escape/Back - Back to the main menu(while on the pause screen)
          Escape/Back - Exit the game(while on the title screen)


            Long time lurker, First Time Jammer
            Team Name: DeepSpaceBanana
            List of Team Members: tkoram20
            Name of Submission:DeepSpaceBanana_BattleBalls5000

            Download links:

            Description: BattleBalls5000 is a 2 player local mulptiplayer competitive game, where the objective is to use your battleball to knock your opponents' battleballball off the arena...that didn't sound wrong at all. Each player gets 5 respawns, last man...I mean ball standing wins! ( Now that i think about it, 4 player would probably be more fun)

            (Use Gamepad for game and mouse for Main Menu)
            Left Analog stick - Movement
            B - Fire Rockets
            A - Jump/Bounce/Respawn
            X - AOE Impulse
            Y - Dash ( Broken)
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            Environment and Technical Artist

            Portfolio website

            "Spaaaaaaaaaaceee...." - TK



              Team Name
              DreamFix Studios

              List of Team Members
              Jay-Jay (Sam McAdam)
              Jbarty (Jeremy Bartlett)
              Jafer (David Sweeney)

              Submission Name

              Download Link

              Keyboard Controls
              WASD - Movement
              Mouse Movement - Rotate Camera
              Space - Jump
              Right Mouse Button - Transform

              Controller Controls
              Left Thumbstick - Movement
              Right Thumbstick - Rotate Camera
              A - Jump
              Right Trigger - Transform


              Half Ball, Half Rocket... Bocket! The goal is to complete the level in the fastest possible time, collecting all the checkpoints along the way.
              You as a Bocket must complete the course travelling through these checkpoints that require you to be in your ball form or your rocket form.
              There are a few (unmarked) zones where you are forced to stay in a certain form.

              Can you beat our times!? Let us know

              Dev Best Times
              Level 1 - 08.46s
              Level 2 - 05.98s
              Level 3 - 18.50s
              Level 4 - 15.55s
              Level 5 - 48.21s
              Level 6 - 30.09s

              Post Notes

              This time we didn't pick something too large for ourselves so we were aloud to get some sleep. Even though we wanted to make more levels,
              make things better and add customization to the ball (Which was done just couldn't be saved), we are happy with the final result and enjoy our
              own game, competing with our friends to beat their time.
              Everything but the clouds and few other particles were made by us during the Game Jam, this adds some time but makes the whole learning experience
              better and a more unique finished product. Splines are now my favorite part of UE4 they are amazing.

              Thanks, Jbarty
              Hope you all enjoy the game as much as we enjoyed creating it.

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                Team Name: SigiGames
                List of Team Members: sigi0073
                Name of Submission: SigiGames_SpinToWin

                Download link:

                Description: Spin to Win is an endless flying game where you avoid obstacles. Spin to accumulate points and don't crash!

                Use the left and right mouse buttons to rotate.
                Use the cursor to move your mouse around the screen.
                Buttons 1 through 4 on the main menu are used to adjust the quality settings. In easy mode you don't have to spin but you don't get points.
                Left and right arrow keys or A and D keys can substitute for left and right mouse button, but a mouse is highly recommended.

                *Edit* My first ever packaged game!
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                  First game made in UE! Was a lot of fun, super frustrating, but a lot of fun :P

                  Team Name: Sike Games
                  Team Members: Sophie Evans, Michael Nevins(kvick)

                  Submission Name: SikeGames_RocketRollingAliens

                  Download Link:

                  Description: Fight 1v1 against a friend and murder them with your giant rocket bomb! Roll your rocket into the back of your opponent to win!

                  So this game can control a bit funky.
                  Player 1 controls with W, A, S, D or the D-Pad on a gamepad
                  Player 2 controls with the arrow keys or the face buttons on the gamepad..

                  So you can play the same controller if you want to feel awkward!

                  Hey Alexander Paschall, I tried to PM you but your private message box is filled up! You could just message me on this account I check it daily, thanks!
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                    Submitting a comment here because we're probably gonna be uploading our project in under the wire, possibly a couple minutes late. Team of 5 and been working since the theme was announced, tons of content, so we hope not to get disqualified for getting in a bit too late. Packaging right now. >_<

                    [edit] Wow, we're getting a "failed to open descriptor file" on every build we do of the game, trying to trouble-shoot why this is happening. Everything is done in blueprints, so we're not really sure how to solve this since code isn't involved.
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                      Team Name: LlordDominik and Friends
                      - Jesse Lloyd-Dominik - Game Design
                      - Mattan Dangus - Music
                      Submission: LlordDominikandFriends_RocketBall

                      Rocket Ball is late for lunch. Get there on time. Blow stuff up, roll around obstacles. Eat (Blow up) your lunch if you make it

                      WASD: Roll
                      Space: Jump in place
                      Left Mouse: Rockets
                      Right Mouse: Charge Speed Boost (Hold to charge)

                      Link: Rocket Ball

                      I unfortunately didn't have much time to work on the game. I was luckily able to through together some music with a good friend.

                      EDIT: I accidentally had the file set to private. It can be downloaded now.
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                        Tank Kitty

                        Team Name: Skullkitty
                        Team Members: Azarus(Programming), Bokuden(Level Design), Yannas (2D/3D Art, Visual FX), Shaun(3D Modelling), Lewis(Audio)
                        Submission Title: Tank Kitty

                        Game Play Video:

                        Download Link! Click Here!

                        W - Forward
                        S - Backward
                        A/D - Turn Left / Right

                        Space - Place Dynamite (Melee Attack)
                        Left Mouse Button - Main Tank Cannon (Normal Attack)
                        Right Mouse Button - Missiles (Secondary Attack)

                        Aim with the mouse. And shoot.

                        Game Rules:
                        Game Mode: Team Death Match
                        Game Mode: Team Death Match

                        Total tank mayhem! Survive as long as you can in this multiplayer battle royale.

                        Target your missiles with the Right mouse button. Left mouse button to shoot the cannon. Shooting a player in the back is a one-hit kill. Drop some dynomite to leave a surprise for your enemies.

                        How to play?
                        This game is multi-player. I recommend at least 4 players.
                        One player has to click Host Server. All the Other players has to click Join Server. Type in the IP Address of the host then press Join. (UE4 Usually listens on the 7777 port. If that's not working then try to increment it.)
                        The game might require the host to open these ports.

                        IP to play On:
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                          Hi, this is actually my first game, if I can say so Maybe my 4wins windows forms game AI had more logic, but yep.
                          I messed around with the UT99 editor 15 years ago. Little bit of mapping, mutator coding and voice-packing. So I was pretty happy when i realized that UE4 is a full editor and not just a c++ library ^^

                          Team Name: Marooney
                          Team Members: Thomas Leitner
                          Name of Submission: Marooney_TheRollingRockets

                          Download Link:



                            Team Name
                            List of Team Members
                            Ats Kurvet
                            Name of submission
                            Additional info
                            It is is a weird multiplayer motorcycle battle/figure dancing game, with little to no rules except not to stop and Steam is required for online play supported by the serverbrowser. Controls are visible ingame, controller usage heavily recommended.
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                              Team Name : The Bruno Special
                              Team Members : Aaron Leaton, Niky Leaton, Bruno Brito
                              Submission : Dino Rokket

                              This is a multiplayer game run on steam, so you need steam open in order to join/host!

                              Forgot to mention Pickups
                              Rocket = fires a rocket infront of you, will home if you are aiming at another player
                              Mine = It blows up when people touch it ;P
                              Shield = Stops all items from affecting you
                              Swap = Switches your Position and placement (including lap count) with a random player
                              Meteor = Fires meteors at 1st players location
                              Speed Boost = makes you faster than a pterodactyl on speed!

                              WASD = Movement
                              Mouse = Aim
                              Left Mouse Button = Activate item

                              Objective : Get first! Show those other Dinos who's the real Primordial Boss!

                              Download by clicking RIGHT HERE

                              Patched Version Here!
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                              Follow my company Fat Bomb Studios on II Twitter Facebook Twitch II


                                Team Name: Skipy_Games
                                Team Members: Domen Oman (skipyC), Toni Čadež

                                Submission Name: Rocket Arena


                                WASD: move
                                (While in air) A/D/L_Shift/L_Ctrl: Roll (Left/Right/Up/Down)
                                Space: Handbrake
                                Mouse Left: Shoot minigun
                                Mouse Rigth: Shoot rockets
                                Tab: Change camera (Recommended to change at the beginning​)
                                R: Restar vehicle
                                I: Restar map (...If an enemy goes missing)

                                Info: A vehicular combat area shooter.

                                This is our first game .

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