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June #UE4JAM, June 25 - 28, "Earth Shattering Kaboom"

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    I find most of these themes to be too specific. The good ones are the ones that allow for more creative thought like 'Set it Free' or 'Don't put all your eggs in one basket'. Having more that are gameplay related rather than themed like 'Back to Square one' work well as it makes you think more about the way the game is played rather than the visuals.


      Dr.Ray Gunblowupski’s sinister plan to destroy the earth

      Team Name : That's no spacestation, THAT'S A MOON!
      Team Members : Niky Leaton, Aaron Leaton
      Name of Submission: Dr.Ray Gunblowupski’s sinister plan to destroy the earth

      Dev High Scores
      Niky = 57,946
      Aaron = 796,342

      Other High scores
      Allar = 326k

      Also special note, score is added each time you place down a piece that properly connects to another piece.

      Download HERE!

      Electricity sound by DJ Chronos, found here
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        Team Name: Displace Media
        Members: Ketan Dewan (Ketan), Doug Van Zee (thevfxguy13)

        Google Drive

        **there is flickering of the destructible mesh debris, it’s a known issue (UE-13577​)

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        Shockwave Effect in Cascade
        Simple Random Mesh Movement
        Zooming Scope View


          That's My Raspberry! (Bryan Kaelin, Kyle Challen, Skyler Evans) presents Death Moon!

          Download now! More screencaps coming soon.

          How to play: Well, Download it for starters...

          Defend your Death Moon to the Death! Whatever hapless planet you're about to destroy is sending everything its got at the Death Moon. But truly they stand no chance! Use Tesla Coils to zap incoming missiles and Laser Turrets to destroy enemy flying saucers. Hold off their forces long enough to charge your Planet Shattering Laser Cannon. Your defensive structures require power and your Planet Shattering Laser Cannon needs the same power to charge, so, make sure you remove any defensive structures that aren't being useful at that moment!

          A, D, Left Click+Drag to rotate around the Death Moon
          Q, E, or click the button to ready up a turret or tesla. After readying a weapon, click on a node of the Death Moon to equip it.
          Mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

          Try to win, it's really cool! And hopefully not impossible. (I'm really proud of that second part)
          When missiles get close enough, a reticle appears on your Death Moon so that you know where to place Tesla Coils. Saucers become stationary and begin firing when within range, preempt them with a Turret to minimize damage. The Death Moon charges an incredibly small amount of health every second, so, clearing out all enemies can help you stay in the game longer.

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            Team: LlordDominikAndFriends
            Team Members:

            Music: Shanley Wang
            Game Design and Materials: Jesse Lloyd-Dominik

            Submission Name: LlordDominikAndFriends_ErfShattringExplosion

            Download: Link

            How to Play:
            However feels right. Fight the boss at the end, you just have to live long enough and you'll see the earth shattering explosion.

            Best/Tested with xbox360 controller

            Left Stick - WASD: Move
            Right Stick - Mouse: Look
            Right Shoulder - Spacebar: Jump (Direction based on Left Stick, can jump a total of 3 times before landing)
            Triggers - LMB/RMB: Use Active ability
            A/B/X - 1/2/3: Set ability to Fireball/Dark Chaotic sphere thing/Ice Wall

            This was my first game jam. I bit off more than I could chew, but I got a lot out the experience. Can't wait for next month's.

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              @LlordDominik What's the issue with the packaging?
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              Vortex - Unreal Engine 4 Powered 2-4 Player Physics Driven Top Down Shooter


                Here we go again, another month another game 8). This time I tried to do something as simple as entertaining, no complex mechanic, I aim for one of the best mechanic ever: Grappling Hook, with pretty cool results 8D I may have something to work on , let me know what you think! My record is 183!!!

                Gabriele Granocchia
                Virtual World

                Download link :



                  The Game Jam Pre-Stream is now live! (Which is me just setting up the main stream), so if you want to see your games played, hop in early and request yours to be played first!



                    Team Member: Jvthewanderer
                    Team: James C Vaughn Jr. (Jvthewanderer)
                    Name of Submission: Jazzy's Rekt Town

                    W,A,S,D = Move
                    Left Mouse Button (Hold) = Attack

                    Download = Link
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                    Unreal-Chan v1.2 is ready!

                    Twitch:/jvthewanderer Twitter:@JvtheWanderer


                      Team Name: Hitpawz

                      Name of Submission: Earth Command

                      Plot: Protect the planet

                      Cursor - Aim
                      Mouse 1 - Shoot
                      B - Bomb
                      H - Heal Planet
                      S - Upgrade Speed
                      D - Deploy Drone

                      Download Link:



                        Team: Game Perspectives
                        Members: 2
                        David Hache
                        Mariane Meloche

                        FEATURING: Simple Checkpoint Actor

                        I made a small mistake, the controls are actually A to break and X to shoot. Sorry!
                        All made with Blueprints exclusively again!


                        I will upload a video later. For those that have already downloaded, please download it again. The best part of the game was not working in the packaged version because of Target Point actors, which turned out to be very time consuming to find. Luckily package time wasn't very long. This is what was making the game crash: Using Target Point actor's world location to set other actor's world locations. Once I manually entered the vector values instead of having the target points plugged in, it stopped crashing. There is still a few bugs in the game but not as game breaking as a crash. So if you are using target point actors and it crashes... ^^ Now I will sleep! Good work everyone!

                        The link is the same, the file has been changed!
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                        David Hache aka Mortusnyte - Youtube
                        Content Creator
                        -Match-3 Blueprint
                        -Simple Checkpoint System
                        -2D Character Engine - WIP

                        "Give me your best shot... If you're prepared for the void!" -Magus, 600 A.D.


                          Alien Cocoon - DreamFix Studios

                          Team Name
                          DreamFix Studios

                          Team Members
                          Sam McAdam
                          David Sweeney
                          Jeremy Bartlett
                          Brannon Dodd
                          Reece Griffin

                          Name of submission

                          Download Here

                          The object of the game is to race around underground
                          top secret base that aliens have planted with bombs.
                          Your goal is to find these bombs using your radar and
                          defuse them before they destroy the world.
                          Watch out for the radiation!
                          Good Luck


                          Use W,A,S,D to move
                          Space to jump
                          Left Shift to sprint
                          Left control to crouch

                          Hold E to defuse Bomb
                          Press R to bring up Radar

                          Post notes:
                          We had some alien AI working and right as we built and uploaded we got the gun working aswell. Overall we were pretty happy with how it ended up but wanted to have some AI patrolling the bombs
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                            No huge loss here, but I severely underestimated my projects build time! Ouch!
                            Team: Team Havoc
                            Entry Name: Kabuum


                            Description: You hear an earth shattering noise. Press Z to wield your fiendish knife; running starts work best.

                            Controls: A and D for direction. Z for attacking. E to continue through dialogue windows.

                            I ended up working throughout most of the weekend unfortunately, and only managed to convey the game in the barest of senses. It's weird, but I didn't have time to make it the right type of weird, and just packaged what I could when I got home. Congrats to all of those who submitted on time!
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                              This is a really poor entry this time around. Sorry guys, I was by myself and I was working this weekend.
                              There's no win or lose scenario but the core game this there so I thought I'd submit anyway.

                              Anyway. I hope you guys enjoy.

                              Kaboom-Kaboom Island by Binary Eclipse

                              (I'll post the details in a edit. I'm too tired to think.)


                                Originally posted by thevfxguy13 View Post
                                What's the issue?
                                I ended up deleting random non-essential stuff that was causing warnings, it ended up building after I renamed one asset with a really long name.