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[Twitch] Tools - May 1, 2014. Blueprints stream - May 8, 2014

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    I know you guys are hard at work making Blueprint nodes. Every patch i could guess a few new nodes and small features most if not all patches.

    #1: What has you excited in the future of blueprints, is there a new feature/system (within BP) down the pipeline that has you really excited?

    #2: I know BP supports basic networking, what other addition/changes could we see related to BP's and networking in the next couple releases(4.2/4.3/4.4)?
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      Some of these aren't questions but rather suggestions/requests however I felt they would hopefully still fit the format of the stream as I'd like to know if the requests were a possibility or not.

      What is the best blueprint-friendly GUI solution for a long-term project (6+ months)?
      I'd hope that UMG would be developed into a fully fledged blueprint solution for a professional standard and efficient GUI option, however I can't wait that long to start my project.
      (I know there's a planned tutorial series for Blueprint Canvas next month but I also can't wait that long to start developing GUI)
      Could anything be done to make the transition from a blueprint GUI to a UMG easier, or would you need to rebuild your interface from scratch at that point?

      Would it be possible for a 'held' branch option for button input in Blueprint to be added?
      It's quite tedious and I imagine an unnecessary waste of resources to have to consistently have a workaround any time you want a button to react to being held.
      (Currently my solution is to have an additional 'axis' input with the same name and check when it's value goes above 0).

      Would it be possible to have some method of global variables for Blueprints, or at least shared variables similar to sharing events via 'Blueprint Interface' objects to make sharing variables easier.


        Question first, the observation/suggestions/requests.

        How can I link a material value to a blueprint? I want to do something like this: Press E to turn glass from transparent to tinted (jet pilots and welders have this, so do expensive windows).

        Some thoughts on the roadmap (which will be discussed in the livestream today afaik).

        LPV makes archviz a dream. While you could model a building using regular game-oriented guidelines, doing nice shadow UV maps for each and every single unique item is a nightmare, and sometimes you are lucky to have a week to develop an archviz scene, so time constraints are really high.

        As it is now, LPV helps A LOT. You can skip all the second UV channel completely. Sure, there are light leaks, but those can be pretty much eliminated by tweaking with a post processing volumes.

        What could improve though, is a way to control how LPV sees distant objects. And what I mean with that is that in archviz you typically want to see how a building looks from afar, and with LPV as it is now, there is a significant quality issue when seeing far away objects.
        So if there was a way to control LOD LPV quality, it would be amazing. I was thinking maybe using localized detail using a volume, as not everything in the scene gives bad shadows/GI when seen from afar.

        As to blueprints, just an observation on the sample swinging door blueprint. Most doors don't swing both ways. IMHO the sample swinging door should have a switch to just swing on one direction. I know this can be done tweaking the blueprints to the door, but still, it would be nice to have this implemented from the start.


          Twich chat is on fire, GIVE UT4 say everyone. im viketorb there
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          Deep knowlegde of C++ and blueprints. Open to freelance work.
          Games released, Deathwave(Steam), VRMultigames(Steam), DWVR(Steam,Oculus,PSVR):


            We need a crosshair. Got to start somewhere.


              Question to Twitchstream, How will you handle quality control?


                Question for the live stream crew:

                I had a quick chat with John pollard about adding to the server tools to be able to run 1 single map over many online servers with the idea being having 10,000's of player all on one map where tasks server side are split as a cluster (each server say controls 32 players, but each server also could take specific control of Blueprints switch has authority node with server id numbering (e.g in the setting you could set for the authority node a specific server id number e.g 6, then what ever blueprint tasks are branched from that node will only be run and have authority for the online server with the corresponding server id 6. With this in theory we should be able to split all needed workload over as many servers as are needed with all players experiencing the same map). If you can ask John if he's decided the best way forward yet after we chatted, this concept is a very large chunk of what i want on the server side for the project im working on. Relevant to unreal tournament, would you guys love to be able to have a 10km x 10km unreal tournament map with even thousands of players all interacting realtime. Many new game types would be possible.

                Cheers KB


                  Question for live stream:

                  I work as a building construction engineer with Revit (and autocad).
                  What I like from Revit is that you can make "custom elevation views", meaning that having several top views from different heights and clipping lengths for each level.
                  This would help filtering and separating objects between levels from top view just by switching between them, so is this possible to implement in UE4?

                  Second question is if it is possible to flip side views between left and right?

                  Thank you


                    Thanks to the moderators on that stream, never imagined such carnage..

                    Looking forward to next week's AI stream, and hopefully chat will be more pacified..


                      Thanks for the great stream and for answering my question!

                      Let's hope things die down a little bit until next week and the stream chat becomes usable again.
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                        Thanks to all who came out for the stream. Especially the regulars - you were noticed and appreciated!

                        Wow, that chat thread... We'll be much more hands-on with moderating the superfluous comments next week. We weren't quite prepared for 15,000 concurrent viewers.

                        The UT portion (part 1 of 2) just went live here:, and the UE4 discussion (part 2 of 2) is on its way to YouTube now.

                        I'll start a new thread for next Thursday's broadcast, and if we didn't get to your question today, please ask it again and we'll do our best to help.

                        Again, thank you for showing up and for being a part of this!


                          Looking forward to the New Unreal Tournament just wish i could play it, i have a horrible PC


                            Thanks, just wow !!! holy sh***


                              Will there be a stream tomorrow?

                              I think a quite few people are looking for some additional info on the UT project, regarding your plans and the organizational side of things.

                              How do you plan to split work between yourselves and the community? Do you want to create the core game yourselves and allow the community to submit some content here and there, or will you be more like a gatekeeper, filtering content and making sure that we follow a master plan?
                              Join us on IRC! We are on #unrealengine @


                                Originally posted by Bajee View Post
                                Will there be a stream tomorrow?