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MAY #UE4JAM, May 14 - May 17, Theme: RAINING CATS AND DOGS

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    Awww man, Will I have enough time to summit? It's still packaging!


      Hello everyone,

      My first game jam. Wish I could have spent more time on it!

      I took a quite literal interpretation of the theme. It's raining cats and dogs, and you need to safely escort your sphere of fragility to the cave of safety.

      There is an issue with the menu, if you press esc to bring up the menu, the mouse loses focus when you press esc again to close it. Didn't have time to fix it!
      WASD - Move
      Mouse - Look
      Space - Jump
      Left Click - Push
      Getting hit by a falling cat or dog hurts, be careful!


      Team Name: Numbat Ninja
      List of Team Members: Scott Owens
      Name of submission: NumbatNinja_RainingCatsandDogs

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        I won't have enough time to submit mine


          Game: "Oh S#$!, it's poopytime!"

          Team Name: The Regulars

          Team Members:
          Jan Kaluza
          Jon Riley
          Adrian Martuneac
          Venci Nachev

          Click image for larger version

Name:	Ulu22q0.jpg
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ID:	1076589

          Click image for larger version

Name:	OacT9Ki.jpg
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ID:	1076592

          In our game, you play a roll of toilet paper on the quest to get home without getting wet.

          Move with WSAD, the rest is explained in game!

          Disclaimer: We kinda didn't get around to designing many actual puzzle levels... so you're gonna have to make do with the tutorials! ;-)


          Download link: (fixed version)
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            Team Alien Chrysalis
            -Austin Snider
            -Brandon Snider
            -Dean Bouvier

            Our Submission: Meow vs Woof

            Notes: This is our first game jam project. It's missing a lot of the things we wanted, but we finished!
            PS: We apparently forgot
            Description: Take flight in the fight against the mutts or the felines! You are a paratrooper in the cat alliance or the dog army. Pilot your character to the landing zone where you are most needed. Your side must control all the points to win.


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              Title: Castle Siege
              Team Name : Me#

              Sadly mine is still uploading and due to bad internet it wont be ready on time

              Edit: So after fighting more than I would have liked against my internet I managed to upload it. Anyways, I tried the packaged build which for some reason uploaded with some out of date textures and blueprints, which made the menu unusable and took some bugs along with it.
              In short, the game is unbeatable and hard to understand but it should work in very optimistic circumstances, so here it is.


              You need two controllers to player (Sorry very much. Didnt have time to implement the all keyboard controls). Left analog to move the screen. Just press the button next to the tower/troops to execute the on screen action.
              The game is about predicting your enemy's movements (or guess) which enemy squad to attack while he is not defending them + defend yours at the same time.
              Both players simultanously pick which troops to defend and attack! (No peaking at the other controller)

              1)When the game starts, Player 1 chooses where to place his archers, while player 2 where to attack. Then, player 1 picks two structures to fortify
              2)Both players select which units to defend
              3)Both players select which units to attack and then back to step 2.

              Left screen defends the castle on the left, right screen gives orders to the archers on the right.

              During the "raise shields" stage, you should press start to not raise all the shields (choose 1 or 2) or you will break the game (it will break anyways)

              Have fun!


              P.S. Never start late again or work alone
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                Name: Capitalist Cat's
                Team: ThePlaugeDoktors
                Devs: Kompakt (Programming/level design)
                Critical_HitSam (Artist)
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                  We are also having some problems with our website... hopefully we still qualify?


                    Streaming all game submissions on

                    Don't worry if you're still uploading, Epic and everyone is cool with it.


                      Originally posted by Allar View Post
                      Streaming all game submissions on

                      Don't worry if you're still uploading, Epic and everyone is cool with it.
                      That's a relief.


                        -Skyler Evans
                        -Kyle Challen
                        -Michael Burns

                        Draught Simulator: Storm Clouds Gathering: Rains on Everyone Edition

                        We made a small 2D game.
                        Spawn clouds on the left-hand side. Click and drag them into each other to make bigger storms. Use tornadoes to destroy water bottling operations.

                        Oops, I had used a variable before assigning it so it was crashing immediately outside of PIE. Updated the new package.
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                          Originally posted by dissonanceint View Post
                          Sadly mine is still uploading and due to bad internet it wont be ready on time
                          upload it anyway, I know your game will be really cool.


                            Originally posted by View Post
                            Project Name: ThunderBlade

                            Team: Cucomberos
                            Team Member:
                            Roberto Costas
                            Maximilian Lund
                            Thomas Margaard Sørensen
                            Sigurd Malta
                            Camilla Smidt


                            2 Player Game.
                            (Game needs two controllers with x-input to be played, we didnt have time to code keyboard inputs for two players )
                            Greenlight it.


                              Download: HERE

                              • WASD to move.
                              • Left Mouse to fire.
                              • Right Mouse to zoom camera.
                              • Space to jump.
                              • Left Shift to sprint.

                              Art credit:

                              Jana Bergevin for "Billy" Character
                              3dregenerator for "Cartoon Dog" and "Cartoon Cat" .
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                                Originally posted by DesertEagle_PWN View Post
                                Greenlight it.
                                This... but let me grab the original version for free here first