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MAY #UE4JAM, May 14 - May 17, Theme: RAINING CATS AND DOGS

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    Awww man, Will I have enough time to summit? It's still packaging!

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    game: CatsVDogs
    team: PickleMan Games
    team members: jon towry
    grab the cats and dogs if you miss too many its game over! use a and d keys to move.

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    Here's a VR submission for this months game jam.
    Sit back and enjoy sitting on the porch, watching and listening to the storm.
    Take it into fullscreen for VR, and works best with headphones

    Team Name: Cranky Something
    List of Team Member: Jeremy Marx (Tkfore21)
    Name of submission Cabin In a Rain Storm (CrankySomething_CabinRainStorm)

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    Submission Name: Reign of Cats and Dogs (UPDATED, FIXED BUG)Download

    Team Name: ReigningPetsTeam

    Team Members (4):

    ------UPDATE - FRAME RATE BUG FIXED 11:46 PM US CENTRAL TIME (After Stream Start) /UPDATE------

    First game as team, first game jam for everyone.

    Cats and Dogs have been at war in Hometown, USA since the beginning of time. Anytime a new neighbor moved in, the dogs and cats of the neighborhood fight to decide which pet the neighbor will have. As the arms race ramped up from simple alleyway fights towards ever-increasing technical heights, the two smartest pets of Hometown (Coincidentally a dog and cat respectively) happened across the same breakthrough at the same time. The Change Ray, pinnacle of Dog vs Cat warfare- capable of turning your very enemy into your comrade. Cat vs Dog warfare now only involves trying to get as many troops into the backyard as possible while employing a turret to shoot the opposing forces in order to convert the troops to friendlies. Some progress has been made in backyard deployment technology, but as of yet the most advanced deployment seems to be just ripping technology from the birds. It's all down to you- Choose your side.

    No animals will be harmed in the playing of this game.

    (UPDATED, FIXED BUG)Download
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    Originally posted by SpiritJZL View Post
    GameJam Submission “insomniac”

    Project Name: insomniac

    Team Name: SpiritJZL
    Team Members: Zeliang Jiang (SpiritJZL)


    Inspired by the "Hotel Remorse", I made a small advanture game with easy puzzles. Ps:My art skill is very very bad……lots of stuff are migrated, except a cat and a dog

    <3 This will surely come in handy when all of this is done tonight!

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    Lonely Storm Update

    Lonely Storm - Update

    Our Artist Marianne had some nice last minute updates for us! New colorful Caterpillar/Slug! She also sent over some nice UI buttons! And she even got her mic out to record a sweet scream for when our creature gets propelled by the rain!

    I know that the project file is big so I've uploaded another video for those that don't want to re-download. Otherwise the link from the previous post and this one still work

    There are 2 little bugs in the game, sometimes our creature will scream again even after suddenly vanishing from a mysterious feathered predator! And also the pause menu buttons need a double click to work. I apologize for those oversights!

    Game Perspective
    Proudly delivers this project to the May 2015 Game Jam!

    Team: Game Perspective
    Team Members: David Hache, Marianne Meloche
    Submission Name: Lonely Storm

    Enjoy and best regards to all!

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    Sliding in my submission by the skin of my teeth.
    Do teeth even have skin? Regardless heres the game:

    Cat-former 3-D
    Made by Catalyst Studios

    Team members 3:
    Dylan Holmes (me) : Programming/Gameplay
    Jordan Pellerin : Level design/Art director
    Jon Lefebvre : Consultant (Guy who tested game and gave suggestions)

    Wow 2 Broken links, good thing i watched Allar stream my broken game. This link should work

    Shoot Cats for cat points before they break all the platforms.
    Shooting a cat respawns tiles, use F to slow down time, the rest is self explanatory, How long can you survive?

    CatalystStudios_Cat-former 3-D
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    Neutron Mouse: Reign of Cats and Dogs!
    by Binary Eclipse

    Just a simple game. Dodge the rockets and blow up the Cat and Dog turrets.

    WASD - Move
    Space or Click to Fire.

    Team Members
    IdleChris : Art
    Dave8128 : Engine

    Last edited by IdleChris; 05-20-2015, 07:14 AM. Reason: Changing the Link... Again. Thanks for letting me know Allar! :D

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    Project Name: Cats N Dogs

    Team: Havoc


    Description: You play as Spaceguy, just an all around cool bro. One day he is hanging out at home, and he hears a noise. He soon finds out that some jerk wad is rounding up the cats and dogs in the galaxy, and just chucking them out of his space ship. You and the cat (named Thud) venture through two levels, collecting cats and dogs, while utilizing Spaceguy's power of friendship to solve the physical puzzles that make up the levels.

    Controls: WASD + Space. Shift slows things down a bit. Double jump + Wall Jump are going to be necessary. The game ends when you go through the door; I had a couple other levels planned, but I wont have time to include them in this release.

    Art: Me, but mostly Kenney NL's sprite pack.
    Sound: Me
    Music: Mark over at

    I had a lot of fun making this, but real life interrupted development. Started on Friday, and worked a little more on it throughout today. I plan on making this into a full fledged game at some point, let me know if there are any glaring issues.
    Last edited by Havoc; 05-17-2015, 10:35 PM.

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    Midnight Oil

    Team: lnx3 Games
    Team Members: Aaron Shea, Jacob Pfeiffer
    Submission Name: Midnight Oil


    Midnight Oil is a puzzle game that places you in a small shore line house on the brink of an oncoming storm. As you are given idioms, you search around the changing rooms of the home for the answers, then feed them back into the terminal.
    It's a strange concept, and I'm not sure how well we executed it, but we're happy with the results as it's our first game jam! The answers that you need to type back into the terminal are 100% in the environment, so be sure to really look around and take note of everything. (Each answer is one word or a number only) Seeing as we have limited time, the clues are a bit arbitrary, but solvable.

    (Type "clear" to reset the terminal if you can't see anymore)


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    Gabriele Granocchia


    A very classy game, but in a competitive variation.

    Reflect the spheres and rebuild your base as you play.


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    GameJam Submission “insomniac”

    Project Name: insomniac

    Team Name: SpiritJZL
    Team Members: Zeliang Jiang (SpiritJZL)


    Inspired by the "Hotel Remorse", I made a small advanture game with easy puzzles. Ps:My art skill is very very bad……lots of stuff are migrated, except a cat and a dog

    Last edited by SpiritJZL; 05-17-2015, 10:11 PM.

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    Reining Cats and Dogs

    Put the reins on cats and dogs to propel your sled faster down the slope!

    For maximum speed: Dogs with cats in front of them are faster!

    Can you survive both songs?

    TeamName: Alexotronic & MasterEvilAce
    List of Team Members: ^
    Name of Submission: Reining Cats and Dogs


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    GameJam Submission &quot;ThunderBlade&quot;

    Project Name: ThunderBlade

    Team: Cucomberos
    Team Member:
    Roberto Costas
    Maximilian Lund
    Thomas Margaard Sørensen
    Sigurd Malta
    Camilla Smidt

    2 Player Game.
    (Game needs two controllers with x-input to be played, we didnt have time to code keyboard inputs for two players )
    Last edited by Luscofuscos; 05-28-2015, 02:30 PM. Reason: Fixed critical bug in the game

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    Team: Kutinsoft
    Team Member: Brendan Kutin
    Project Name: Feed the Puppies!
    Download Link:

    I ran into unexpected time issues on Sunday, so was unable to finish the visuals. The level is playable though. Enjoy!

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