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Continuation of the 4.8 Preview! - May 7 2015 @ 2PM ET

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    So what should we expect feature wise compared to the 4.8 GDC demo? Is anything going to be missing or disabled? What has been added or improved since then? DFAO, DFGI, Heightfield GI, etc?

    Are you planning to release any of the tools you created for managing and cleaning up photos for photogrammetry purposes?

    As far as the GDC demo is concerned, which implementations would have to be changed to support multiplayer, I.E features that depend on camera distance/player location.

    Any plans to make a runtime version of the foliage tool? Ideal scenario would be chopping down trees(destroying instances) and having new ones grow (slowly).

    IIRc The tool did not yet support different models for different stages of growth/age yet, planned?

    I noticed the Open World Demo Content Breakdown on Trello, what topics will you be covering? The cell system? The animal AI? Very interested.

    I'm hoping you'll cover your world building workflows, including Epic's World Machine workflow, while there are tutorials out there already, I imagine Epic has some insights and precise calculations.

    (Apologies if much of this has been answered elsewhere, yes I've seen the GDC presentation)



      Further questions in response to your comments about PIE/Standalone/Shipped differences (which I did appreciate, thank you, and sorry about the lack of specific references-I couldn't recognize how my issues were occurring because it breaks differently between standalone and shipped).

      You mentioned that only objects that were specifically referenced in the project would be shipped, however when shipping I had errors on blueprints I knew 100% that I wasn't using anywhere that had no reference to them (when working I tend to duplicate WIP blueprints to make backups of them in-case of issues like accidental infinite loops in construct that require manual deletion of the blueprint in the work folder-so that I have at least got a known functional recent backup).
      Does this mean that even though they were being checked for errors when shipping, they still wouldn't actually be available in the end package?

      Not being a programmer/engine engineer, and not being involved with the engine development, I have absolutely no idea how PIE/standalone/shipped works differently. If I can do something in the editor I expect that I was allowed to do that and I have no clue where the source of any difference could be. Especially when things such as one area of my UMG not showing in standalone, actually worked perfectly in shipped. Does this mean your comments about object references being required just apply to standalone?

      If we could have some detailed "This is what you need to do to have things working in standalone/shipped" or some warnings that show in the blueprint editor or somewhere visible in the game engine that would be incredibly appreciated as right now I still have absolutely no idea where I could be going wrong based on the fact what you suggested may be an issue for disappearing UI may be why it's not showing up in standalone, but then why is it working in shipped-does this mean the issue could be somewhere else?
      I'd really like some list of do's and don't and solutions to these rather than be expected to anticipate things not working in PIE when there's no warning and no indication of what said issues could be.


        I must say I really like 4.8. The grassType material feature is just awesome.

        I'm still missing HeightField GI, or am I mistaken? Would love to use that in combination with my HDRI skylight, since I'm working on a night mission. Any moonlight bounce I can use is welcome

        Also, is it me or did the translucent shader get a big improvement? I'm now able to use it in conjunction with screen space reflections. Maybe that was already a thing in 4.7 though, but it didn't work there for me.


          Does anybody know when this will be up on youtube?


            You can watch it on twitch
            Easy to use UMG Mini Map on the UE4 Marketplace.
            Forum thread:


              Originally posted by John Alcatraz View Post
              You can watch it on twitch
              Thanks, I did'nt realise they were saved on twitch.


                The stream was very instrutive.
                Great to see that UMG will get all those updates...

                Just to follow up on the question raised about PIE/StandAlone, I think it is clear that some object are not reference in Standalone and this is the root cause of the discrepancies.
                One path that can really help is the cook documentation improvement. This has been raised on the documentation side thread, but this is clearly an area where we need more information to understand the process and how works the different properties.

                here are some cases where PIE / Standalone are not working:
                - HUD / UI - in those case, as of today, if you load the widget by code (load object) you will fail in standalone are the object are not referenced. the only option to include them is to add the directory in the cooking parameter. An area of improvment might be to "parse" the code to look for LoadObject macro and see if the path can be resolved (hardcoded path), if it can, why not including it as a reference object?
                - Slate Atlas texture - in PIE, evertyhing is working as expected, in Standalone, the icon "cut" of my Atlas is not done properly. It might be a setting but from scratch I failed. As of today, I have no solution but I didn't dig a lot as we are moving on UMG. If someone knows, I will be glad to have the answer.