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4.8 Preview, Game Jam Results, and More! - Live from Epic HQ

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    A am really looking forward to improved performance areas as always!


      Originally posted by dokipen View Post
      Would like to know more about

      - Distribution of plugins without source. Maybe elaborate on epic's view on how to manage the versioning of marketplace plugins. (maintenance, recompilation etc). Are you thinking of hosting code yourself with a private build system or leave it do devs?
      +1 on this please



        -- I Would like to have a collapse button for the tools/details panel to get more room on smaller display. In every tutorial they spend lot of time resizing the panels.
        --- Automatic cleanup of project. (removing unused items from project)
        ----Reduced Android file size.


          Too soon for a kind of Character Dismemberment System, similar to those of some recent horror games?
          I mean something easily doable with Blueprint?

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            UMG - lit materials as image object? Someday? Ever?
            Also Temporal anti aliasing doesn't work with panner material. Will that be fixed in 4.8? - UE-5775 -
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              AI perception, is it getting mature in 4.8?


                Please tell us about the current state of blutillities hopefully good news for 4.8

                blueprint problems regarding enums and structs have been there for quite some time when are you going to fix them?


                  Hi There ,

                  I have some [Questions] about Windows 10 that come for free in around 4 months (probably end of July), nothing special ? UE4.8 is ready DirectX 12 ?
                  I have a GTX SLI Dirext 11 but i will take a directx12 card , what you advise we ?



                    Will 4.8 include any improvements to temporal anti-aliasing which fix old flaws, like incorrect results on surfaces which use panning materials or world position offset (such as foliage and fluids)?

                    Will 4.8 bring us any closer to the desktop forward rendering path which was mentioned (I think by Martin Mittring) last year, and the associated performance improvements/MSAA support that would bring?

                    These issues are important to good VR and were not addressed on last week's chat.


                      one question, is the linux editor officially coming with 4.8?



                        Personally I feel that such an epic release would warrant the staff performing Latin Dance Aerobic's while announcing it as seen here:

                        WIP: Science Project - A collection of middle school through advanced college level science theory and formula-based functions for use in your own projects
                        World Machine to UE4 Export Macro
                        WM Folder Generator - Creates a folder that you name with HeightMap, NormalMap, SplatMap, and Tile sub-folders


                          I know epic hired an audio engineer (yay!), and I have seen some large commits for UnrealAudio , What changes are being made / the goal of the new system (is this being rolled into mobile eventually)?
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                            Steamworks API is still not working when packaging on Shipping mode; are there any plans to fix this on 4.8?
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                              I'm interested in exactly what parts of the Kite Demo will make it into 4.8, specifically the processes discussed in the talk that aren't currently in UE4:

                              Also, how will landscape actors change in the near future (if not 4.8 then 4.9)? Are the best results still achieved going from WorldMachine to UE4, or is Epic releasing internal tools for that process? Will we see the ecosystem in 4.8, and if so, how mature will it be?


                                OK I'll bite.

                                I'd like to hear what Mike and Ray think of doing a "stability release" every 6 months or so. One that is purely intended to find and fix bugs and isn't allowed to add any features. Because right now there are some core bugs and it would be nice to give the development team some deliberate thinking time to figure out the core issues that cause them.

                                Here's a related question, there appears to be an issue with the internals of blueprint, in that blueprints can become corrupted (usually during a crash) that it is impossible to open the blueprint concerned. Often this seems due to some reference to an object that doesn't exist, or one that has become lost in serialization. If you search for "transient" on answerhub you'll find bugs relating to this kind of issue.

                                I don't think this is an isolated problem either. I've seen my students locked out of projects because of asset references that are no longer valid. Again possibly due to bugs during serialization.

                                It would be great if Epic could have a "verify project" system that goes and fixes up any issues it finds (even if the fix is to break a wire, or delete an asset as long as it tells you what was wrong). A bit like how a clean rebuild often fixes a large project in visual studio. It would give me a lot more confidence if there was a fallback system that actually reliably recovered what it could and told me what was wrong with what it couldn't. Crashes are going to happen, but its recovery from crashing that is the important bit.