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[Twitch] Unreal Engine 4.1 Tour - Apr. 24, 2014

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    When is vehicle support coming? D:


      Are there any new audio-related features in the plans? I never hear anyone talk or ask about audio so I was curious.
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        +1, audio needs some improving for sure. It is so basic right now.


          Read this about the new 4.1 release:

          Upgrading C++ code projects
          You’ll need to recompile the C++ project for the new version of Unreal Engine
          Locate the .uproject file in your game’s folder, and right click on it. (on Mac, you can also Command + Click)
          Select Switch Unreal Engine Version -> 4.1 (on Mac, this is in a Services menu)
          Right click to generate new C++ project files, then recompile your game normally.
          Note: Some C++ APIs may have changed between versions, which can cause compile errors. Read the API Changes section for more information.
          Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I think applying the above steps would make the project unable to open/compile with 4.0 version of the engine.

          If that's the case, is there a way to make a duplicate of the project and then upgarde the duplicate, so the older folder is still able to be opened by 4.0 while the new one is for 4.1 . I know we can make a copy of the folder, but isn't going to be some conflicts, because of the same name and IDs?

          And if it is, is there a way to resolve the conflict, even by hand?

          Thanks guys.


            (Audio) You guys have full source access. You could probably hookup Wwise on your own esp if the license for it is still cheap for indies like it used to be.

            In the old unreal I hooked up Fmod

            just an option
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              4.2 in few days? WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW !


                Is there an ETA on what JamesG said the other day? It's kinda crucial for platformers.

                We are looking at adding an option for also supporting box-like collision as well though, so you have a flat bottom.


                  thankyou for the vehicle info, nice to hear there's progress
                  sorry can't login into twitch atm !!!!
                  but watching
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                    Any info about using BSPs workflow like geometry in Sketchup or something similar?

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                      Thanks again for relaying my question, Dana.

                      For clarity, currently, Characters use CapsuleComponents for collisions. The problem is, the top and bottom of a capsule are rounded. That isn't the case on any platformer game I'm aware of, so it creates really strange collision situations when you're hitting the corner of a platform either above or below. It should be either you fall straight down and you don't collide with it, or you fall *on* the platform and you collide with it, but with a rounded bottom, there is this strange halfway point where you collide with the platform horizontally, but the vertical collision doesn't match where your character's feet are, so it looks like you're standing below the platform. Here's an example:


                      One way of dealing with this issue is to change the max perch height, but all that does is make the capsule slide off the edge of the platform, which is pretty far from ideal. So the solution is to change the basis of collision detection to use a box (or a cylinder). The problem there is that making that change involves going through something like 13k lines of code to account for every function that assumes a Capsule is being used for collision, which is incredibly time-consuming, but is necessary for any and all good platformer games.


                        Originally posted by DarkInfiktrator View Post
                        4.2 in few days? WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW !
                        What? I missed that. Are you sure?
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                          Originally posted by DarkInfiktrator View Post
                          4.2 in few days? WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW !
                          No, only code branching in few days. So if you feel like it, you can go to github and compile latest code.

                          Anyway great stream. Though, Twitch half-worked for me, and didn't make all the answers. Waiting for youtube to watch again .
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                            Originally posted by iniside View Post
                            Though, Twitch half-worked for me, and didn't make all the answers. Waiting for youtube to watch again .
                            Twitch was painful for me as well today so i missed the whole thing. :\ But anyway, there is still Youtube!
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                              Again a really informative stream with a good length, looking forward to the next one!
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                                Thanks for the kind words and suggestions, everyone. We're working to answer more questions here.

                                Our next two Twitch livestreams will be:

                                Thursday, May 1, 2pm ET - UE4 Tools
                                Thursday, May 8, 2pm ET - Blueprints!
                                *We'll actually have James Golding and Nick Whiting in town for this - a rare and wonderful opportunity.
                                Maybe we should allot extra time, or do you think 1.5-2 hours is enough? Let us know what you want!

                                Will post a new announcement thread for these as well. Aiming to get early feedback here. :-)