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    Bound Effigy

    Team Name: Scorched Interactive
    Members: Joseph Whitworth (LEAD), James Hodges (UI)
    Name of Submission: ScorchedInteractive_BoundEffigy

    Controls: W/A/S/D
    Interact: E
    Flashlight: F
    Insert Battery: Q
    Open Menu: ESC
    Sprint: Left Shift

    Download Link:

    I hope you all enjoy it. It has some issues, but not bad for my first game.

    "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you" - Maya Angelou


      Preparing the livestream of all the game jam submissions now over at

      Come chill with some early birds and talk about things?


        Team name DrekTopia
        Team members Drekmonger
        Name of submission Drek_StarFling


        BUGFIX Link:

        EDIT: A bug was discovered post deadline -- the timer doesn't fully reset upon Defeat, which means you have to exit and enter the game again to get a full timer back (game saves your progress on the Victory screen). The above is a very quick patch that (probably) fixes the problem. Keeping the original link as well, since that's what was submitted within the deadline.

        Click stars. Drag. Release. Fling the stars, hopefully towards the top of the screen, where they will soar to freedom. Fling all the stars upward to advance to the next wave.

        There are three campaigns, each with five waves. Campaigns are unlocked by defeating the previous campaign.

        Most of the sound effects and music come from the Puzzle Audio Bundle by Evil Mind, on the marketplace. (guess where my $30 of Free Marketplace Money went) The totally awesome victory fanfare was downloaded from, uploaded by Johan Bradd. I built all the ugly programmer art. The textures are largely based off of maps from the GameTextures Materials Pack, which is free on the Marketplace, and would be worth paying for if it weren't.

        The after action report will read: Nowhere near as much fun as Heartbreaker, but I'm reasonably happy with my effort.
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          Alex Haddow-Mendes, Sean Boardman, Scott Swarbrick, Safwan Akhtar

          Light Bright

          - DOWNLOAD -

          You play as a 'Light Bringer', evil floating eyeballs have soiled the waters! You must reach
          the final runes and align the colours - activating the weapon to remove
          the blight.


          It's a tad difficult... sorry

          Controls -

          Aim - Mouse Cursor
          WASD - Move
          Space - Jump
          Left Mouse Button - Fire
          Right Mouse Button - Melee
          TAB - Pause


          EXPERT MODE -
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            Team name: 2tired2jam
            Team members: Frozz, Express, Desolator
            Project name: Forgotten
            Name of submission: 2tired2jam_Forgotten

            Chained to a post without care and attention try to find your way to freedom!


            Link: Download on Dropbox
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              Quandry Of Ase

              Team Name Crafted Studios
              Team Members Alex Orman(Just me!)
              Game Name CraftedStudios_QuandryOfAse


              A man lost in an unknown place. I strongly recommend to explore everything near you on the journey or you will miss the story! :P

              The game can be run from the QuandryOfAse.exe in the main folder. Hold left click to move and use mouse to look around. To investigate something just walk close to it.
              If you want you can press C for smooth cam, pressing again to disable. The game can be exited with the escape key. Couldn't get running animation to work hence just walking.

              Thanks to @Skulburn for the smexy grass. I also realised I had spelled Quandary wrong during the upload :P
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                Team Name: Jvthewanderer
                List of Team Name: Jvthewanderer (James C Vaughn jr.)
                Name Of Submission: UniUnre Freedom Mayham!


                WASD: Move
                Left Mouse: Aim
                Left Click: Shoot
                Esc or P: Pause


                Download: Link Ver. 1.2
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                Unreal-Chan v1.2 is ready!

                Twitch:/jvthewanderer Twitter:@JvtheWanderer


                  last minute problems, but still submitting, put in too much work not to. just couldn't pull the ending out the way I wanted. still has an ending but well.. oh well, still posting

                  Team Name: Ayretek
                  Team: yeah just me, myself, and that I fella (we had an argument earlier but we worked it out)
                  Game: GoodGuy*BadGuy
                  DownLoad Link:



                  use A & D or the Left & Right Arrow Keys to move left n right on the run, hit them once or twice in corners to turn 90degrees
                  avoid negative energy orbs (black) get pickups and the positive energy orbs (purple) - enjoy the pickups

                  will continue to try to improve, just hate hitting a bad snag like that, makes me so mad not to have a polished ending, oh well, hope you enjoy if ya try it out
                  has a win condition in if you reach a 20,000 score - not the way I wanted it to end but...

                  PS: Nice Looking Entries this Game Jam! Nice Work All !
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                    Game Name Caged
                    Description "A prisoner was surprised by a bird at his cell window with a lock pick in his beak. Maybe the bird doesn't like cages either. Avoid the guards, open the doors to find the keys to your freedom."
                    Team Members (3) rayn, DarkAcreJack, Moonsia
                    Team Name Team Mittens


                    Controls Arrows Keys, WASD, Gamepad or Mouse Click to move

                    Please Note
                    The game has 3 levels but currently the last one is not loading when the game is packaged. I will try to figure it out and hopefully post an updated link before the due time.
                    Figured out the issue, needed to manually add all maps to editor .ini file..
                    Replaced with proper link, old link here as reference.
                    - rayn
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                      Down the stream

                      Team: Solux Games
                      Team Members: Nickolay Polozov(vortigaunt), Dmitry Korniienko (haarer0), Artem Korniienko
                      Name of submission: Down the stream

                      Control a toy boat as it seeks freedom in the big water down the stream.

                      How to play
                      A/D Steer
                      TAB Pause Yeah, I know...

                      Stick gates with red flag are checkpoints. Pass through gate to restart near it if you happen to sink.
                      You will sink if you crash into obstacle or oversteer.

                      In case anyone wonders (and no one will, cause it's laughably easy) - yes, you can beat this game. In fact, you can beat it even if you ignore all the checkpoints.


                      + Zen mode for those who just want to admire the beautiful environment
                      + Hardcore mode for increased MLGness (Allar mode jk)

                      Known issues
                      Restart button doesn't work (endgame screen only)

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                        We're cutting it fine... hold me.
                        @SeanNoonan | My Portfolio


                          Soul Warden

                          Game name: Soul Warden
                          Team Name: Team Havoc
                          List of Team Members: Me, myself, and I

                          W/A/S/D for movement, mouse for camera rotation
                          L-Click for melee attack, time it right for a 3 hit combo
                          Q for Soulfire
                          R-Click for some crowd control

                          Dave was an ordinary guy, until he died. As it turns out, a necromancer has been amassing souls in the shadowy shadow forest. Dave was chosen to be the newest reaper, to free the souls of the damned, and stop them from breaking through to our world.

                          Unfortunately, bugs are abound! The game was envisioned as a "hold the point" game, but that functionality only exists in the barest of forms.

                          Hope you guys enjoy!
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                            I Will Lead Them

                            You regain consciousness, the warmth of the blood still lingering on your hands and feet. What have you done? In a fit of rage you've killed your masters, and now you must escape or face certain death. Will you free the other oppressed people of your city or escape quietly by yourself, it is up to you to lead them.

                            Team Name: Amok Dotte Games LLC
                            Team Members: Don Eddy (Leeloo), Dylan Ross (pdylanross)
                            Project Name: I Will Lead Them

                            This game is a straight forward, yet possibly nerve wracking, stealth game in which you must evade guards and rescue as many people as possible. The people will follow you in a straight line and it becomes harder and harder to evade the guards the more people you want to save. It can be easily related to as a combination of Centipede and Metal Gear Solid. You are scored based on the amount of people you save and the amount of time it takes to save them, saving all of the people on the map is possible but incredibly difficult.

                            We focused on quickly building a clean presentation with solid gameplay. We used the Top Down Cities tileset from the asset store to create a very visually appealing and usable level quickly. I (Don) focused on creating the city and the front facing gameplay while Dylan did the dirty work and created all the components necessary to make the game actually function. We're very proud of what we managed to accomplish in 3.5 days and we're both looking forward to getting some sleep tonight!


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                              Going live playing all these submissions!


                                Team Name - Niemiec&Szwed
                                Game - Freedom Code

                                Created by
                                Dawid 'vebski' Niemiec
                                Adrian 'Atheist91' Szwed

                                Game Instructions
                                W, A, S, D - Movement
                                Space - Jump
                                LMB - Use skill
                                F - Pick up

                                Downloads [85MB | Windows 32bit | RAR ]

                                Updated version - Dev (working music list! \o/ )

                                Music by Airglow from album Memory Bank (CC-BY)

                                Good luck! ^_^
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