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    Originally posted by Daelus View Post
    I know it's short, but you got that downloaded, running and played in under 10 minutes. Thats pretty impressive! Oh and thanks.
    I think the length was just fine! Just wanted to move a little faster in the world :P I really want to see you expand this! Maybe incorporate THIS into it and I think that would a game that I would throw ALL my money into to! Great work again
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      Uncage 'em

      Team: mamoniem
      Members: mamoniem (Muhammad A.Moniem) - solo
      Submission: Uncage 'em

      You are not going to play with Pacman anymore...Play with the ghosts. set them free by uncaging them. select the one you want to move, and press somewhere to move it. Try to eat pacman as fast as possible, the less collectables he gets and the less ghosts you uncage; the more scoring you get! And be aware of the giant big collectables, it makes pac super powerful for a wile.

      Controllers: Just the mouse


      P.S. I'll try to update the post with a windows version within few hours..

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        Project Name: The Sacred Butterfly
        Team: Me (Solo)

        Disclaimer: This is my first game jam and first game I have really ever released. Most of the content is taken from Starter Content and I spent far too long trying to work out how to get MakeHuman to work with Blender and UE4. I also realized after spending half an hour uploading that my "How to play" is cutting off the "e"'s at the end of mouse and time, but it is almost 3am now and I don't expect to get anything done on it tomorrow.

        Also note: I complete this game in under a minute. I probably should have added more than one level.

        Google Download Link

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          Originally posted by Glzmo View Post
          Good Evening All. Hope Everyone had A very Productive Weekend.
          i know i did. However unfortunately i didn't quite finish it. AI on 2d Characters does my head in.

          but i still thought i would give you guys some screen shots of UNLEASH THE BEAST.....
          Pretty cool style!


            Name Of Entry CatScratch Cat Simulator

            Team Members x1 WarpSpasm

            Premise Cat and Dog are SET FREE in the Loungeroom....You are the cat


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              Originally posted by WarpSpasm View Post
              Name Of Entry CatScratch Cat Simulator

              Team Members x1 WarpSpasm

              Premise Cat and Dog are SET FREE in the Loungeroom....You are the cat

              Pretty interesting little game! The constant motion made me feel a little sick but it was a good time-waster, Good job! 8]
              "Information shouldn't be behind a paywall, It should be free for all!"



                Team name SGS
                Team members Skuvnar and CantReadMaps
                Name of submission SGS_Irrelio

                Video :

                Download link :



                  Hi everyone this is my second Game Jam, I’ve got the Jam bug! It almost went to plan, I decided to build a game with a real structured methodology and less organic approach to the last jam and it almost went well ha ha.
                  The gameplay was lacking in my last submission so I made more of an effort this time to focus on it early on, it went a little bit better than last time however I only had sat/sun on this jam so it was tight..
                  I learn loads this time and making all the assets as you go even though s a pain really makes the game mine so that’s all good please play it and give me some feedback if you can.
                  The scoring system broke and so did my custom textures apart from that it’s done(ish)
                  TeamMembers: Tim
                  GameName: Chicken Coop


                    Thank you for the response! Wish I checked this before I modeled everything lol. That is good to know for the next game jam though.

                    Hope you all like my submission when it's done. A few tweaks here and there and it is all set for submission!
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                      Manny and the Sky Tower - March Jam Submission

                      Hey! It's our first game jam, though not first project with UE4.

                      Team Name: Eerie Bear Games
                      Team Members: Joe 'Fr0z3nR' Radak and Noah 'PyrisOmni' Rojahn
                      (Project Name) Name of Game: Manny and the Sky Tower

                      Manny and the Sky Tower Dropbox Download

                      Manny, the UE4 prototype Mannequin, has heard the calls of the Fair-Haired Princess Manny (or Prince Manny, up to you really), the UE4 Princess Mannequin, who's been inprisoned by a evil mannequin wizard. To the unfortunate pleasure of everyone involved, a volcano has began to erupt. The Evil Mannequin Wizard flees as the lava surrounds the castle. It's up to Manny to run through the castle (which is slowly being filled by lava), free as many (manny heh) of Princess Manny's pet birds as he can, and use them to fly away with Princess Manny to free her! If he's unable to collect enough birds, well, they're mannequin toast.

                      Run through the randomly generated tower, free the birds, avoid the spikes, falling debris and traps left by the Wizard. Free a majority of the birds and have enough to fly away with Prince(ss) Manny to safety!

                      We probably had a little bit too much fun with this. Enjoy!
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                        I was not able to finish the AI for my very first game and very first GameJam. Not too beat up about it seeing as I wanted the challenge and learned alot in the past 3 days of work. Congrats to you all that finished. Some of these games are very slick, both finished and unfinished showings. Look forward to the next GameJam and I know I'll be able to finish it with confidence.


                          Team Name: GotBeef
                          Team Members: Aaron Leaton, Niky Leaton, Levon Church, Bruno Brito
                          Submission : CryptoCow

                          Objective : Solve the cryptogram within 3 tries and under a time limit. (Refer to tutorial for further guidance)
                          Alien letters scramble each round so dont rely on previous solutions to figure out the hidden messages. Once you crack the code guarding the computer, the cows are able to pilot the ufo to safety and break free from the grasp of alien jerks.

                          Controls :
                          Keyboard letters = fill in the currently selected blank
                          backspace = erase the letter in the currently selected blank
                          arrow keys = navigation
                          enter = check your letters against the alien code to see what you got correct, this is a blanket effect so you can do more than 1 letter at a time.
                          esc = Pause menu, if pressed within pause menu or regular menu it will exit the game

                          Download Link Here

                          Also known bug, the menu sometimes gets locked only allowing you to select top two rows (nothing gameplay wise, just the pause screen and the main menu) thats why we added the escape button as tape for now!
                          Song supplied from
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                            Project Name : SET US FREE
                            Team Members: Andrew "BPANDREW" McTeer and James "MAJOR P" Wheatley
                            Team Name: 2Cans (Two Canadians)

                            -- GAME DETAILS --

                            You've been captured in the castle of the evil Giants. If you want your freedom, you must use your wits (and your legs) to get it. Magic mushrooms give you abilities (to break walls and have a turbo sprint) there is also a jetpack.

                            Escape the castle and get free from the Evil Giants. If you get squished by a giant, you will go back to your cell.

                            RUN FOR YOUR FREEDOM. RUN FOR IT. HIDE IN THE TREES. This is a multiplayer game so outsmart the giants with your friends, or fight your friends - whatever

                            -- GAME INSTRUCTIONS --

                            WSAD - for movement (however S doesn't move backwards, it pvp blocks)
                            LEFT SHIFT - Sprint
                            SPACE - Jump
                            Q - JETPACK
                            CTRL - magic attack (PVP only)
                            ESC - opens chat window/game settings
                            LEFT MOUSE - PVP attack (doesnt work on giants)
                            RIGHT MOUSE - PVP block (doesnt work on giants)
                            MOUSE WHEEL - camera zoom in and out

                            Download & Play
                            DOWNLOAD WINDOWS 64bit

                            Source Code -

                            This game runs best multi-player but single player does work. You can host your own game but ideally use my dedicated server.

                            I will be hosting a dedicated server my amazon ec2 server until after the twitch stream on thursday - it will show up in the game browser or the IP is
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                              Ok, submitting my game, a solo project. Ended up being nothing that I imagined. There were many more things I wanted to add, but I started too late in the weekend. I wanted to make a game where you'd play a guy who trained to "Unleash the Beast" within by increasing his speed, stamina, and power through various exercises like running, lifting, boxing, etc... Ended up with not sure what.

                              Team Name: None (Just me, Alphanumber).
                              Submission Name: Alphanumber_BOUND

                              Link from Google Drive

                              Uses standard 3rd person controls. Mouse to look. Space to jump. WASD to move.

                              Adding a playthrough:

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                                Game name: Forgive yourself
                                Team Name: Marcin Matuszczyk
                                List of Team Members: Marcin Matuszczyk
                                Name: MarcinMatuszczyk_Forgive_yourself

                                Run - W/A/S/D
                                Camera - mouse
                                E - interact
                                Break ropes - W/A/S/D depending of context

                                Adam just had a tragic car accident. He can't forget what happend. Help him set free his sad memories!


                                Download: (zip 551 mb)

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