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    Boo - yeah! have learned so much since the last jam. Looking at forward to putting new skills to work and testing thy self.


      Originally posted by Chance Ivey View Post
      Awwww yeah!

      I wonder if Allar is gonna do the long-night-of-streaming-all-the-games thing he does each time


        Might join in this time; Seen so many cool submissions over the months, Might throw my two cents in :>
        "Information shouldn't be behind a paywall, It should be free for all!"


          I am so glad to see the Game Jams will continue, you never let us down Epic n thanks Chance for keeping us going.

          Great to hear Allar! your stream is about the same level of fun as the Game Jam itself imo. nothing like watching you struggle with some abomination I created. :P

          Since the great news by Epic of dropping the subscriptions, and the publicity from GDC, I believe there will be many more that will be joining us now. (or in the near future)
          I do have some suggestions or hints for anyone planning on joining in the Game Jam:

          Hints & Suggestions for Game Jam:
          Start now, don't wait! Although you can't work directly on the game itself until it's announced, you can get setup for it.

          ---Think! I dumped more ideas than I've ever used. You might have a super great idea but do you have the Time & resources to pull it off. Be realistic! Think about it!
          (*** Planning & being realistic is just common sense, you'll thank me later. - Keep it Simple! You can always add stuff as time permits, get that gameplay working!***)(*** BTW Don't throw away those great ideas you came up with just because you don't have time for them now, write them down! In another scenario that idea may be the great game you were looking for. You'll Thank Me Later! lol ***)

          ---Don't use the Starter Content 'option' when creating your project! This doesn't mean not to use the actual Content (UE4 has great stuff you can use) but unless it's changed recently (engine doesn't recognize or removes unused resources at this time) it will bloat your projects size, at times making it several GBs instead of MBs which will take longer to build, package, zip up (compress) & for someone else to download.
          (*** Best thing to do is to create a dummy project with Starter Content option. Then merge materials, effects, sounds, etc. that you might want to use from other projects or create yourself. Then you can just 'Merge' them straight into your project or any other future project as far as that goes. The Content Example Project (as well as the Features Tour) from Epic is a great source to get ideas and even resources from as well, it can be found on the Learn Tab of the Engine Launcher, download etc. Use it! All good stuff! ***)

          ---Create a Menu of some kind. Even if it's not an elaborate 3d AAA game menu, it will help a lot to have at least a start & quit already made for your game. A Pause would be nice too btw. lol
          (*** You can always add other options etc. to it if time permits later.***)(*** & Use UMG silly that's what it's there for***)

          ---Build & Package a game, any game, even use the template games if you have to. This can take a while to get right, so just do it! And after you package it then Run It!
          (*** This gets you used to the workflow of packaging the game and being ready to submit it, I would also make sure I could zip it up real fast too! Thank Me Later! lol***)

          ---Create a Google Drive account or any other that you can upload your 'Zipped' game to so others can download it and make sure it works!
          (*** Individual websites work for this, just make sure you have the bandwidth & can create it fast!***)

          ---Give your Packaged Project a unique name, as much as I like watching Allar struggle with 4-5 WindowsNoEditor packages (Fun Stuff) you will be surprised how many projects wind up with the same name. Even if you think you've come up with some super unique name no one would ever name their game, trust me you haven't! ie: AyretekSuperNewNameGame

          ---Make Plans! If you are serious about making a game submission tell others you'll be busy, if you are worried about work or some other event just tell them you'll have a horrible disease and won't be available that weekend, the Bubonic Plague should do nicely. Although the name 'Black Death' always appealed to me as well.
          (*** The only time people really notice that I am alive is when I am trying to do something, especially Game Jams! Throw your phone out the window & tell everyone to send messages by Carrier Pigeon if they need to contact you! ***)

          Remember Don't Wait! Do It NOW! and see you all in Allar's Stream!
          (hopefully & if I can make it)

          Good Luck to All !
          ( if you make too good of a game, i'll be over to your house and delete it for you! gwahahaha! )
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            Dat Swag Bag though, can we get a sneak peak? ;D

            Also if you're working in a team and this is your first game jam /team project you should totally get an SVN sorted out ahead of time. Having the project on a memory stick was a terrible idea as we found out last month haha.


              This is some great advice Ayretek!
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                Originally posted by CaptainMcMarcus View Post
                Dat Swag Bag though, can we get a sneak peak? ;D
                If it's anything like the swag bag I got from Epic a few months ago, You'll be in for a treat! Such awesome stuff! /Tease :P
                "Information shouldn't be behind a paywall, It should be free for all!"


                  aww man don't be a tease xD

                  Maybe us February Peeps might get a swag bag considering the engine went free a week after the winner announcement *hint*hint*


                    Originally posted by Alaan View Post
                    Last time I utterly failed to finish my AI in time. Lets see if I can do better.
                    Yeah i did the same ha ha, more gameplay needed from me this month.
                    I am so ready for another Jam...
                    Redbull: check!
                    Dual screens: check!
                    Enthusiasm: check!
                    Day off work Friday: Fail!
                    3 out of 4 is not bad..


                      I really want to participate this time I hope the theme would be inspiring.


                        I hope it's more Pat Benatar.


                          I probably will participate in the event. I just need to speed things a little up with the game I'm developing, so I get the spare time for the game jam . Love ya guys and am pretty interested, what you will come up with^^.

                          PS: As always, you guys are EPIC .
                          UE4 game developer.

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                            I'm IN I promise no burps or farts this time - I'll at least TRY to keep them out anyway LOL ;p
                            Every day I beat my own previous record for the number of days I've stayed alive!


                              I'll be participating for one. Have been way too busy since the jams started and luckily this one falls at the end of my Spring Break.
                              Justin Schwieger
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                                The thing I'm most looking forward to is seeing all the new people's submissions; I'm really excited to see how people are getting used to Unreal Engine 4 and I'm sure there's going to be so many entries that are going to blow me away!

                                HOWEVER, I hear that you get a badge as a prize. Being a badge hoarder, I will try my best to win a darn badge!
                                "Information shouldn't be behind a paywall, It should be free for all!"