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    Originally posted by katanec View Post
    Greetings, this is our prototype.
    -Rest House-

    Html5 export version

    Play in your browser:


    Team Name: Studio Don Quixote
    Team Members: Marko and Doris Kacanski
    Submission: Marko Kacanski Studio Don Quixote


    “All wrong.”
    Game consists of five stories that are interconnected with mysterious characters and events.
    The main character is trying to discover the meaning each of them.
    He gets sucked in the events that will lead him to the strange places where he meets strange people,
    fairytale creatures and landscapes.


    more info at:
    Hang on a second. You were making this WELL before the GameJam :P
    "Information shouldn't be behind a paywall, It should be free for all!"


      Team Name: Team Orbis
      List Of Team Members: James Knight (Jaught)
      Download: TeamOrbis_FreeTheHearts

      *Probably late* still wanted to share <3.

      Check out the README.txt before playing for launching details. Had a lot of fun and any feedback would be awesome .

      Description: Simple 2 player networked competitive multiplayer game where players craft defenses to hide and defend their enemies hearts. The player to free all their hearts from the enemies base is the victor.

      First UE project Woo .
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        Lots of nice entries and lots of new people submitting games, glad to see it.
        Hope everyone's sanity has returned.
        Personally, I feared that they were going to come & lock me up yesterday, about went nuts.

        @ Kitatus - says the one that wanted to submit their game before the twitch stream announcing it was over! lol yeah - 'Hang on a Second'

        not the first time I'm sure, we can use any resources that are legally at our disposal so can't blame anyone for that. and it's all for fun, eh.

        overall a great learning experience, other than getting caught in my own trap, thinking my gameplay was ready and in place so I could finish the ending. etc. etc.
        it was a great Game Jam, of which, a huge thanks goes to Epic.
        Thanks for making it happen! Epic!

        ps: would love to see a video of the judging! that monkey must go nuts trying to judge all the entries to the game jams.


          Originally posted by ayretek View Post
          @ Kitatus - says the one that wanted to submit their game before the twitch stream announcing it was over! lol yeah - 'Hang on a Second'
          I did have a few things like the menu ready, but it wasn't submitted till the end of day #1, Unless the Twitch was a whole day long... 8]

          But yeah, I've given all of these games a little play and I'm yet to see a bad one (Apart from mine, But I'm unsure if that's developer self-dismorphia or if it just sucks, haha).

          I'm so glad Unreal went free, It's open the doors to a lot more creative and awesome games!

          Great job everyone, You all did super-awesome work!
          "Information shouldn't be behind a paywall, It should be free for all!"


            Originally posted by Havoc View Post
            I dig the combination of 2d and 3d! I gave it a go, and it definitely reminded me of some old school Rise of the Triad / Wolfenstein, good job!
            Thanks for playing!

            I'm looking forward to trying all of the other games in this thread over the next week
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              hi all, was a great jam, great entries and congrats to the winners.

              about 2 days after the game jam, it started bothering me not having actually got my winning condition or the ending that I wanted in my project. since I can't seem to let things go, I made a more complete version.

              would like everyone to check it out, I put an easy mode and also a cheat key in to finish the game and make it easier to see the ending. (~20 sec matinee that applies to the theme - not a AAA production but good enough)

              (Press 'Escape' to skip )

              You are a drone of the 'Collectors' a master race that collects specimens from different universes, they allow their drones to collect a few specimens for themselves. One of their favorite places to collect from is a small blue planet it's inhabitants call Earth. And your collection from Earth is your pride & enjoy in your dreary meaningless life span.
              You awake from recharging and see another drone leaving your cubicle and that your favorite specimen collection from Earth missing.
              You chase him and as he runs he grows tired and starts to drop your items which you collect as many as you can, while avoiding the negative charges he drops as well as the positive charges that help you build up enough charge to zap him and slow him down.

              please try out this version of GoodGuy/BadGuy:

              Cheat Key: 'G'
              (finishes game during game play so one can skip to matinee at the end)
              Movement: Left & Right Arrow Keys or 'A' & 'D' allows left & right movement
              Corners: Tap left or right movement keys once or twice to turn
              Fire Energy Charge: 'F' or 'Up' key to fire

              Also if you like try out the new 'Easy' Mode (shortens game to around 5 mins or so)

              ps: would like to thank Zak for the tutorial he did on the infinite runner, as well as all the other tutorials he as well as others have done, one word -> Epic!
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                Re: Dangerous Days

                Re: Dangerous Days

                Great Job Guys! I LOVE the sprite graphics. The Music is great. I also like how you managed to get away with no environment textures and just use a 'film grain' screen effect. It looks sweet!!! Very Inspiring as far as making a 'simple' game that still plays fun.
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                  I agree slot9, loved the effect they came off with

                  reminded me of doom w/ men in black characters. the way things just popped up and was there, and the characters looked like 50-60s Government agents or something, great work.

                  edit: btw... I changed the game mechanics as well in the revised game jam entry - check out GoodGuy*BadGuy2
                  (especially for the ending-see post for more info)
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                    Thanks for playing!

                    Sorry for the slight thread necromancy, but I thought I'd share that we're carrying the game on further...
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