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    Team Name: Zer0 Day

    Project Name: The War of Us

    Team: Jackson Miller: Modeling & Animation, Jesse Rademacher: Character TD, Game Design, Technical Artist, Branden Hawkins: Animation, Michael Aldrich: Technical Artist, Stephanie Owen: Modeling


    Packaged for Windows 7

    You'll probably need a hefty graphics card to run this. We're getting around 50fps on a gtx780ti.
    Controls are WASD, space to jump, P to pause, and Shift to walk.
    Your objective is to restore the tree. Restore the tree by bringing each of the 5 memory sites it's memory shard. The vultures chase after you and steal the memory shard from you. You have to leave them alone to get them to put it down.

    Uploaded about 12:10, we did a cleaner build.

    Did a few tweaks today, if anyone cares to see a cleaner, more audio/visually completed version it's here.

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      You play as one of two robot lovers racing across a battlefield to a shelter, along the way your significant other is damaged, you must now search the battlefield for parts to help repair them!

      Team Name: Collision Error

      Team Members: Venci Nachev-Velocity, Jon Riley, Samuel Riley, Adrian Martuneac, Jamel Glenn

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      Self-Learning to program, Open to advice!


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        Team Members: Christopher Reed
        Game Name: Fourteen Hearts

        Two Player Arcade Shooter Get the highscore across 1, 3, or 5 rounds of arcade action! Play in LOVERS MODE for added fun - use same controller for both players

        I was trying to give the feeling of two players in competition, but also somewhat in partnership. I don't think I quite accomplished that, but I had fun

        A/S/D : Left/Shoot/Right
        Left/Down/Right : Left/Shoot/Right
        Gamepad Stick : Move
        Gamepad Shoulder : Shoot


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          Team Name: JvtheWander
          List of Team Members :James C Vaughn Jr (Jvthewanderer)
          Name of submission: Shoot Up for Love

          W,A,S,D = Move
          Left Shift = Aim
          Left Mouse Button = Attack / Shoot

          Goal of the Game: Love fariys have Infestive the Unreal High School and Up to Unreal-chan To show them the love that actually hurts. Shoot all the Fariys before time runs out!

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          Unreal-Chan v1.2 is ready!

          Twitch:/jvthewanderer Twitter:@JvtheWanderer


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            Now streaming all your game jam submissions at


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              Project Name: Lovn Jack
              Team: EpicMilan
              Members: Omar (omigamedev), Giovanni (giovanni), Ernest.
              Here we are, a bit of troubles building the package so we decided to upload the whole project.
              Submission version (source):

              UPDATE: I was finally able to build a shipping version
              Packed version (no changes to the game):
              7Zip 162MB
              Zip 205MB

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                Team Name: Teradice
                Team Members: Felix Pereira, Gian Carlo
                Project Name: Rock of Love



                You are in the stone age and have to conquer a beautiful cavewoman, but be quick because the competition is great, then capture her and bring to his cave.

                W,A,S,D = Move
                Left Mouse Button = Attack
                E = Drag Woman


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                  ok, well didn't get the endgame thing done but like above playable & Now with Scoring! lol


                  tada! argh! btw... nice work, people, nice work!


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                    Team Name: Max Games
                    Team Members: Max Fights (me)
                    Project Name: Heart-A-Tech

                    Not 100% Finished, but it's "playable" more or less.

                    Was about an hour late, sorry

                    Controls are introduced via game play.

                    The goal or objective is to collect as many hearts as you can while avoiding the "evil hearts".

                    Hope you guys like it.

                    Download Link:!rc0BSD4Q!s-SlOf...qaXOyjNEsL7Imo

                    Here are some screenshots:


                    • Originally posted by DwunkyPengy View Post
                      Team Name: "The Brunos"
                      Team Members: Bruno Brito(Sound Extraordinaire), Jan Kaluza(Programmer Elite), Niky Leaton(Concept Finger Painter), Levon Church(Animations Expert), Aaron Leaton(the guy who modeled and did level stuff)

                      Game Name: Fifty Shades of HEYYYY

                      WASD/ L Thumbstick = Movement
                      Mouse / R Thumbstick = Aim
                      L Mouse / R Trigger = Fire
                      R Mouse / L Bumper = Alternate Fire

                      Objective: Gain as many admirers as possible while avoiding other prom attendees. (hint you gain admiration with tough love(another hint that means shooting))


                      Game Link: [Download Here]
                      Will add additional link for a build with a small fix on the hud soon
                      Here's a few screenshots of our game:

                      Attached Files
                      Broad Strokes | Jan Kaluza | Marketplace Release: 'Over 9000 Swords' Modular Melee Weapon System
                      Currently available for freelance work
                      Dev Blog & Tutorials | Twitter


                      • Team Name: Hypercane Studios
                        Team Members: Jake & Zach Burke
                        Project Name: Love & Truffles


                        You are a robot assigned to protect a fast breeding species called a Truffle. This creature is being hunted by various intergalactic neighbors due to its deliciousness. They also double as great wrecking balls...

                        WASD - Move
                        Left Mouse - Tether
                        Right Mouse - Laser (You don't start with laser)
                        1-5 - Switch Laser Type

                        After packaging I noticed that 3D Text doesn't show up in the game, unfortunately all the menus and in-game help prompts use this

                        Here are the missing help prompts
                        Mission: Protect Truffles from alien invaders.
                        Truffle Care 101:
                        1) Truffles die if left outside of bio-pen
                        2) Truffles make good wrecking balls
                        3) Do not feed Truffles after midnight"

                        Plasmium laser enabled!
                        *) Burns through metal
                        *) Heats Truffles for extra damage"

                        Freezium laser enabled!
                        *) Slows mechanical things
                        *) Cools Truffles"

                        Electrium laser enabled!
                        *) Massive damage to mechanical"

                        Magnetronium laser enabled!
                        *) Attracts all things magnetronium
                        *) Experimental use only"

                        Higgsium laser enabled!
                        *) Adds mass to objects
                        *) May cause spoilage"
                        Dev Blog
                        Arconia: Twinstick Shooter Adventure


                        • I've streamed gameplay of all the above submissions.

                          If you're interested in watching, here are links to the twitch recordings.



                          • Thanks for the Twitch stream i watched almost all of it! What a great Jam, i cant wait untill the next one...


                            • Thanks Allar for playing and streaming! Glad my game gave you a chuckle, that was kinda the goal LOL (second game ever, for the record, but it WAS better than the last one as promised LOL)
                              Every day I beat my own previous record for the number of days I've stayed alive!


                              • Originally posted by omigamedev View Post
                                Project Name: Lovn Jack
                                Team: EpicMilan
                                Members: Omar (omigamedev), Giovanni (giovanni), Ernest.
                                Here we are, a bit of troubles building the package so we decided to upload the whole project.
                                Submission version (source):

                                UPDATE: I was finally able to build a shipping version
                                Packed version (no changes to the game):
                                7Zip 162MB
                                Zip 205MB

                                I have had chance to play a lot of the games this evening and this is my favorite one! all the games are so good but this one just ticked all the boxes for me. Great job guys....