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    Download from here:

    Download RAR from here:

    Members: DazPetty (aka "Neurocase")
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      Originally posted by Allar View Post
      I'm preparing to do a twitch stream of a play through of all submissions in 1 hour (when the jam is over) like I did last month. I'm going to play them in order submitted, but if you want yours played earlier/later/never, let me know.
      Hey, it's gunna be 5am when you do this stream and I've been up all night for this. Any chance you could do mine a bit earlier?


        Originally posted by Daverm View Post
        Hey, it's gunna be 5am when you do this stream and I've been up all night for this. Any chance you could do mine a bit earlier?
        Sure, will make yours first.


          Originally posted by Allar View Post
          Sure, will make yours first.
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            Be sure and put the recording up afterwards. My team went to bed already but I know they'd want to see someone play the game.



              Solo Dev: Hadar Silverman
              Game Name: Dispersion
              -Hold right mouse to rotate
              -Left mouse to select
              -scroll mouse wheel to zoom

              now Oculus enabled!

              download link:

              This is really more experiential art than a game. Or maybe it's a 6 DoF yo-yo. will hopefully post an image soon. enjoy!

              [edit] - updated the link to a newer build. fixed a bug with the last box, and designed a new equation for scoring.

              and some leap motion testing (with broken raytracing at the moment):

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                Team: Solux Games
                Team Members: Nickolay Polozov(vortigaunt), Dmitry Korniienko (haarer0), Artem Kornieenko, Vlad Lobachev
                Name of submission: Retool

                Shut down the drone facility using various tools. Avoid hazards such as mines, play hide and seek with drones or confront them. Combine items to progress.

                WSAD - move
                C - crouch
                CTRL+WSAD - peek
                SPACE - Jump
                DELETE - Self-destruct
                LMB - Primary active item (Some items are passive)
                RMB - Secondary active item



                  Team name: NA
                  Members: Sunnyxyed

                  Submission name: Tap and Slide
                  Navigation: Arrows - Movement , Spacebar - Jump

                  Download Link :

                  Collect Stars and Dont hit the spikes it will respawn you back to the beginning.With each Star you can get as many hits with the spikes without respawning at the player start

                  its a very very basic game,i have used the assets from marketplace as i didnt had the time to make a good game



                    Team Name - Niemiec&Slizewski
                    Game - Suspicious Detective

                    Created by
                    Dawid 'vebski' Niemiec
                    Maciej 'Farplane' Slizewski

                    Game Instructions
                    W, A, S, D - Movement
                    LMB - Pick Up / Talk
                    RMB - Rotate item in inspection mode

                    Downloads [97.8 MB | Windows 32bit | RAR ]

                    btw. the song title is "Stephan Siebert - When"

                    Good luck
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                      Team Name: Compeltus

                      Project Name: Corpus Completus

                      Team: Lucas Brown: Level, Assets, & Shaders, Jesse Rademacher: Character TD, Animator, Technical Artist, John Barker: Animation & Previs, Michael Aldrich: Technical Artist, Zach Gray: Pizza, UVs, & Booleans


                      Packaged for Windows 7

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                        Team Name: Land Yacht
                        List of Team Members: Raventp, Dfhetzel, Whitepray
                        Name of submission: LandYacht_BallsWillRoll

                        Description: You're a ball. Roll around and hit the things that make loud noises to make stuff happen. If you hit the green tile you win!

                        Side Note: We still seem to be utterly useless in packaging a project.. no idea what we are doing wrong and no time left to troubleshoot. Hopefully you can use the project files again.

                        Download Link:
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                          Game Name:
                          MEMORY ERROR

                          Team Name:
                          The Lonely Robots

                          Team Members:
                          Sebastian Villarroel
                          Jan Kaluza

                          Download Link:

                          You are an archaeologist exploring an ancient temple. The floor is pretty damaged in some places! So send in your army of dinky little robots to find a safe path! Can you remember the way through increasingly large corridors?

                          Play with keyboard or gamepad!

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                            Team name: none
                            Team members: Gabriele Granocchia
                            Name of submission: GabrieleGranocchia_ThatSideOfTheSun

                            Download Link

                            The game start in fullscreen , press esc to close the game;
                            WASD to move
                            Space to jump

                            Some pictures of "That Side of the Sun"

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                              Team Name:
                              List of team members:
                              Download link:
                              Dropbox URL
                              You're living inside of huge tree that shaped like a one, some random guy said the end of world is close and terrified people headed to the square root to save themself from diminishing
                              I get carried away with graphics and did not managed to implement all gameplay stuff I want so I scrapped a lot and now it's just a little funny sandbox - enjoy!
                              [W A S D] [Left Stick]— Movement
                              [Left click] [Left Shoulder ]— Attack
                              [Space] [A]— Jump/Double Jump/Attack.
                              You can chain your attack for higher effectiveness - different punches, punches in air, tail attacks during double jump
                              Noahs Stark by Krackatoa, Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 International License
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                                Team Name: Blast Zone Studios
                                Team Members: Steven Yang
                                Game Name: Get the Can!