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Join Us At Our Unreal Developer Day in Europe!

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    Thanks for organizing this, it was really great to meet you guys in person
    Hope there's more days like this coming!

    Originally posted by JamesG View Post
    Zak's hair was certainly the latter at least
    I agree
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      And from me as well a big thanks to Epic and all those other people involved in organizing the event and to those of you I spoke to.
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        I had second thoughts about going.I went and as i thought it was more people who had never used the engine before.
        I am myself very new to unreal engine 4,before the "dev" day i had been learning how to use the engine most nights.
        My time spent in the lab 3 pc's went down and i had been left behind,i was not worried as i had heard exactly the same as on the interweb "build a box put in a light, $19
        and you can keep it ect".With 5 minutes to go i got to ask Zak a question and he was amazingly fast and enthusiastic to show us how to do what i had asked.In fact with seconds to go he had it finished!
        If we could of had a morning with Zak and JamesG "not buttering them up" with there amazing talent/knowledge in the lab i think would have been time well spent.
        Anyway it was nice to meet new people and special kudos to the guy "i am sorry i lost your name" who travelled 15+ hours from an island up in Scotland.