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[Twitch] NEW! Training Stream - Spline and Spline Mesh Components - Dec. 9, 2014

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    yeah, thanks, great job

    Like you said at the start about it being as much about BPs as the Splines, I think everyone got something out of this.

    And I probably will too, when I can slow it down to light speed & be able to pause it at will, lol.

    just j/k, well.. sorta.. thanks, was a great stream!


      Originally posted by Zak Parrish View Post
      That was awesome! Thanks to all those who participated and brought questions!
      Thanks Zak for being your typical awesome self! Archive should be up within a couple days for those that missed!
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        Awesome !! would love to see more of that coming


          Excellent training resource! Please do more, it made so many things clear (specially seeing the way Zak was using the Editor and hearing his comments was very useful)

          A good idea for a future stream might be to look at some of the content examples, like going through some key places in their blueprints?


            I happened to see the video just now and it's great! Very well explained and instructive for all the tips and tricks shown down the way!

            Please, do more videos like this one!


              Just watched through all of this. Excellent presentation skills, clear and thorough explanation throughout - not only with regards making a track, but more importantly I think in best practise when dealing with blueprints (making me realise I have a whoooole lot of cleanup needed in my project).

              Keep up the great work guys and girls.


                Originally posted by Jeff Wilson View Post
                Otherwise he would probably just sit on camera and talk about Unreal 24 hours a day.
                Dream job!


                  Great stream, learned a lot in one hit.

                  Really really want to see these sort of thing continue. So very helpful