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[Twitch] UE4 Rendering - Apr. 9, 2014

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    1 more hour i think


      Originally posted by iniside View Post
      No they only covered why they removed SVOGI.
      I'm actually really curious what other GI solution they are currently examining for implementation. LPV is already here, and I would love to know if they are planing on expanding it or implementing something different.

      I would also love to know about GPU precomputation for GI. I willing to sacrifice my editor working for it, if it can reduce rendering time from 30mins+ to 5mins.
      Also perhaps do a tutorial/blog on how they are implementing their Dynamic Day/Night cycle for Fortnight ?


        Originally posted by TheJamsh View Post
        Custom Lighting support/support for user-created lighting models still remains my topmost question personally. Do we simply submit questions during the stream?
        I agree, not every game needs PBR, GI lighting etc.
        Simpler lighting control would be very nice



          I would love a little bit of information (tips, tricks, how-to) on these subjects:

          Water Shader
          Skin Shader
          Eye Shader


            VR rendering

            little late with this question,

            Got into a discussion last week with some rendering guys about how VR is forcing post fx algorithms and other algorithms to be implemented differently, since they assumed 2d projection. How are you guys handling this? will their be tools or perhaps material editor things to help tackle this?
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              It was short but very informative. Thanks Nick, Martin and the rest of Epic! Can't wait for the next stream.
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                I missed the first half of the stream. Is there an ETA on posting the stream up for those that missed it? Thanks!

                Edit: newbie. It's already up under "Previous Broadcasts":
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                  Hi everyone, thanks to all who were able to make it!

                  Twitch automatically archives the stream and you can view it here now. We'll also post it to in this playlist most likely by Friday.

                  Two pieces of news, in case you missed it:
                  - Fortnite is the next Game Informer cover story. You can expect some Fortnite dev streams! We invite everyone to sign up for the alpha.
                  - By this time tomorrow, all active UE4 subscribers will be able to download the Effects Cave showcase for free from Marketplace.

                  Follow up rendering notes from Martin M:


                  To use the feature enabled put this into consolevariables.ini and [re]start the engine (or [SystemSettings] in your project ini):


                  You need to change the material to use one of the DBuffer DecalBlendModes (open the details on the final block).
                  If you want some materials to not receive DBuffer decals you can specify that in the DecalResponse (same location).

                  Documentation is upcoming.
                  LightPropagationVolumes (LPV):

                  To get the an early peek at the feature enabled put this into consolevariables.ini and [re]start the engine:

                  r.LightPropagationVolume = 1

                  At the moment this console variable cannot be changed at runtime.

                  Initial scene setup:
                  Add/Change the directional light to be “Movable”
                  Add/Adjust geometry and the light direction to give you some shadowed parts and some parts that receive the light (ideally bright colored materials).
                  Make sure you don’t have any Lightmass GI enabled to be confused as dynamic GI (both techniques together would result in too bright indirect lighting).
                  Enable “Affect Dynamic Indirect Lighting” on the light source

                  Documentation is on the way.
                  Thanks again for all your questions and feedback. Keep watching the Announcements section for details on our next stream.
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                    Again a really interesting talk! Although I find the one hour limitation a pity! I hope it'll not be present for every talk in the future.
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                      Originally posted by The_Distiller View Post
                      Again a really interesting talk! Although I find the one hour limitation a pity! I hope it'll not be present for every talk in the future.
                      It was fun for us too but I suppose we have to get back to writing code at some point

                      I hope it was informative for everybody out there. I'm sure we'll do it again in the future!
                      Nick Penwarden, Lead Programmer @ Epic Games


                        Originally posted by The_Distiller View Post
                        Although I find the one hour limitation a pity! I hope it'll not be present for every talk in the future.
                        Generally we try to go closer to two hours. Today we were crunched for time. You can count on a longer stream next time!


                          Awesome, thanks for the info!
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                            Nice talk!

                            Would also enjoy a longer talk. Seemed like you guys were a bit surprised ending the talk at that point ^^


                              Btw: really looking forward to that cave demo


                                Very enjoyable video! I love the loose nature of the talk which allows the speakers to meander. Looking forward to more