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NOVEMBER GAME JAM: Win Subscription Time! Theme Announced on Thursday's Twitch Stream

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    Our build is failing due to a copy of a blue print that's no longer in the directory. It was a copy made by windows so there's a space in the name.


      Just posting to say that the problem skyler is talking about is solved, there was a file that was not being used that had a space in it which the engine cannot handle (for some reason). It does therefore not show up in the content browser but is actually there and blocks any attempts at packaging.


        Stone Skipping Simulator

        Project Name: Stone Skipping Simulator
        Team Name: Hawk Vision Games
        Members: Kyle Hawkins, Rich Murphy

        Link: Stone Skipping Simulator

        Goal: How many skips does it take you, to hit all of the fake ducks on the lake?
        Controls: Use the mouse to look around, and left click to skip your rocks.

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          Team Members:Michal Arendt,Jonathon Riley,Venci Nachev(Me),Kit Sune.
          Name of Submission: Ice Pack
          Description:Collect the gems to save your friend and return the color of the world(while being snowman)


          Download Link.
          Hope you enjoy our jam project.
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            Two Birds One Stone

            Objective: literally hit 2 birds with one stone in one stone throw! (They are evil birds and must be dealt with!)

            Controls: W,S,A,D to move; Hold Mouse1 to throw further.

            Here it is, complete with bugs & all, dl link: Here (dropbox link)
            If we had more time we'd of implemented a first person slingshot, improve bird ai and sounds, optimize and compress final build & bug fixes.

            Team name: Triple Threat.

            Team members: Josh (PhoTek), Dave (razzerjr), Billy (Mobius1ne).

            Enjoy & good luck to all!!
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              OK, so this was a lot of fun! Never done a game jam before, so it was an interesting experience.
              Main take-away: you can get a lot of stuff done when getting stuck in analysis paralysis is out of the question. That's my usual state otherwise. But this time around - so many dirty hacks and terrible assets in such a short time. Gets results, shockingly enough.

              So... uploaded with 2 hours and 14 minutes to spare...

              Project name:
              - Clicker Ops [double squash]

              Project binary (Windows) here:
              - Download

              Team members:
              - Cykelpimp (sound FX and music) (no, he's not registered on this forum)
              - Xenome (everything else)

              Generally speaking, this was heavily inspired by one of the first platform games ever (Space Panic) and another classic (Impossible Mission) but all translated to a first person perspective, and adapted to the theme at hand.

              I'll probably spend some time polishing this later on.


                Here is the download link of my game:

                Team Name: MarkSoft Interactive
                Team Members:
                -Marco Antonio Ortega Moulin
                Game Name: Destroy two objectives with one missile




                fire with spacebar
                explode misil with space bar
                control direction with mouse (you can slightly move the missile while in the air using the mouse after firing)

                Destroy two green spheres with one missile.

                Gameplay video:
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                  Team Name:
                  The random dudes (note: we met a day before making our game and during the live stream at the start of the game jam, destiny brought us together(cheeeeesy)).

                  List of Team Members:
                  Dissonanceint - Sebastian Villarroel (Technical artist)
                  Kuro1n - Maximilian Mellhage - (Artist)
                  skylerWithAnE - Skyler Evans - (The magic guy (Programmer))
                  ReckLess - Ron Seaman (Artist)

                  Name of submission:
                  Rock paper bird!

                  Versus Mode: Compete against another player over 8 fragments of a glowing rock. Get them before the enemy does, prevent him from getting them, steal them from his nest or even get rid of them! The player with the most rocks by the day's end wins. Play offensive or defensive or a blend of both. Multitask. Kill 2 birds with 1 rock! (requires two controls).
                  Exploration: Explore the world and art.

                  WASD and mouse for moving about and Boost/Attack - Left Click/Right trigger. In order to play two players you will need two controllers for now.

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                    Shooting Birds

                    AHHH hope it's not too late!!!

                    Here's our One-Keyboard Multiplayer Pigeon Simulator aka Shooting Birds.

                    Mission objectives:
                    - Mark people
                    - Capture the stone to get better score
                    - Beat your pigeon friend!

                    Player 1: W/D to move, SPACE to fire
                    Player 2: LEFT/Right arrow to move, NUM0 to fire



                    Team Name
                    UBER PIGEONS

                    Team members:
                    Paweł Miniszewski
                    Michał Orzełek
                    Paweł Siech
                    Mateusz Więch

                    Name of the submission
                    Shooting Birds

                    More info at:


                    PEGI 12
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                    UE4 blog: - Tutorials, free content and more!


                      Two Birds with One Stone
                      Title: Escape from Graydania
                      Team Name: Kutinsoft
                      One Man Team: Brendan Kutin
                      Feedback would be much appreciated (see readme for details)
                      Description: Sarah and Shockey are two bandits on the run. Help them escape a strange land in order to accomplish each of their goals.
                      You play from an inside the vehicle perspective. You must avoid traps, complete stunts, and survive to learn more about this land and to complete your mission.
                      Also compatible with oculus rift for a more immersive experience.

                      Download Link:

                      W- Forward
                      A- Turn Left
                      S- Reverse
                      D- Turn Right
                      F- Horn
                      F12- restart game (in case you flip over)
                      F11- Alternate view (in rift)
                      Controllers are also compatible with this game
                      RT- Forward
                      LT- Reverse
                      Left stick- steer
                      (If you are using oculus rift, use alt+enter to get to full screen while the rift is in direct mode. The camera will be off centered, so press F12 to fix it)

                      This is my first publicly released project. I'm still a beginner, but learning new things in the engine has been lots of fun. I hope you enjoy.
                      Please send any feedback you can to help me improve. I realize the audio could be much better (I used a TTS program).

                      Also compatible with Oculus Rift. Needs more optimization though for VR.
                      Runs at 55-70fps on a Titan Black w/ i7 4790k 16GB ram.
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                        Team Name: chipgw
                        Team Members: chipgw & his brother
                        Game Title: BirdRoller

                        Download Link

                        I'd include a screenshot, but my internet is working so badly ATM I'm lucky to even have the game uploaded...


                          Well, I ran into some technical problems with mine, so this is more like a tech demo of the game I wanted to make. I wanted you to shoot a flock of birds with special weapon powers and get combos (a play on the theme, with two being extended into multiples in general). I also wanted to use Luck from OneGameAMonth, but never quite got that far.

                          Team: Better Bug Games
                          Jason Quesenberry, Lauren Cordell

                          The one (ha) weird thing is you start with what appears to be a gun equipped, but you still need to choose a gun style and ammo type (u-p, 1-7) before you can fire anything. There's a readme with the executable that I've pasted below.


                          README for Which Stone
                          Made for Epic's November 2014 Game Jam
                          Theme: Two Birds One Stone
                          (Optional theme of Luck taken from OneGameAMonth)

                          Press F to spawn birds (well, flying marshmallows anyway)

                          Press the following numbers to equip the associated ammo type
                          1: Regular ammo
                          2: Splitting ammo - creates additional bullets at impact location
                          3: Freezing ammo - freezes the target (chain freezing additional targets not functional)
                          4: Lightning ammo - non functional (works like regular ammo)
                          5: Explosive ammo - explodes on impact (destroys first contact only. the explosion doesn't actually do anything)
                          6: Injection ammo - injects explosives into target, exploding after one second (explosion has same effect as explosive ammo)
                          7: Duplicating ammo - creates a copy of target, making more targets to shoot with the other ammo

                          Press the following keys to change weapon style
                          U: Slug fire - shoot a gigantic slug for easy targetting
                          I: Single fire - shoot a single, small projectile. Hardest weapon
                          O: Spread shot - fire a group of small projectiles in a cone
                          p: Burst fire - shoot a series of single, small projectiles

                          Escape key - press twice to exit the game

                          Future wishlist:
                          Randomly build the number of birds and take control of that away from the player to be able to effectively score things.
                          Button to randomly assign which weapon style.
                          Once the weapon style has been selected, press the fire key to randomly assign an ammo type. The player then gets one shot (unless duplicating ammo gets chosen, after which the player can fire again to get another random ammo type.)
                          Combo style scoring system.
                          Finish the freezing, lightning, explosive, and injection ammo types.
                          Track high scores.
                          Voice announcing for good combos.
                          Actual bird models instead of fluffy marshmallows.



                            Team Name: Team JW
                            Team Members: JW
                            Game Name: Turkey Bowling

                            Controls: Peck right turkey with P, left turkey with W, Enter to reset.
                            Goals: Knock down the pilgrims and don't get cooked on a platter.

                            This is my first game jam. They're hard. I spent three days making a game based on a mechanic that turned out to be a terrible idea, so I slapped together the most straight forward thing I could today.


                              Originally posted by JW View Post

                              Team Name: Team JW
                              Team Members: JW
                              Game Name: Turkey Bowling

                              Controls: Peck right turkey with P, left turkey with W, Enter to reset.
                              Goals: Knock down the pilgrims and don't get cooked on a platter.

                              This is my first game jam. They're hard. I spent three days making a game based on a mechanic that turned out to be a terrible idea, so I slapped together the most straight forward thing I could today.

                              404 on your link there, JW Also - welcome
                              Let's Connect [Twitter]


                                2 Turkeys 1 Stone

                                3d Shooting Gallery - Shoot Targets w/ 2 Turkeys to Score
                                Single Turkeys on Targets still give a positive score but don't hit the pilgrims, lol.

                                Team: 1

                                Two Turkeys - One Stone

                                fyi - gig zip takes forever on googledrive

                                I ran into a lot of firsts in UE for me doing this gam jam and it was also my first time to build a release, are all those files really needed for someone to play the game???

                                So after a long and painful 3 days, of throwing ideas away, and forcing my way thru it all. I feel I have really learned a lot and couldn't imagine meeting a 'real' deadline for publication. OMG
                                I might have not completely succeded but I don't think I'll walk away without thinking I've gained a lot.

                                I'll try to get a decent playable version out if I can, so at least people can try it out.
                                Good Luck All

                                PS: I posted a little better version down below (more playable) to show the actual game mechanics, after testing (didn't have time to test actual release build) I saw my timelines didn't run the same as in the editor. And felt bad about presenting the game to ya'll the way it is posted here. (fixed timeline bug)(well sorta)(fixed is pretty specific)

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