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[Twitch] 4.6 Roadmap - Oct. 23, 2014

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    It would be much appreciated if we could get an update regarding Android rendering progress. I am beyond eager to see the platform support improve. I am still having to work with other game engines solely for this reason. My head hurts from all the switching.
    The only GPUs I can get any decent lighting out of have been Adreno in my tests.
    Malis although both powerful and very popular GPUs still seem to prove nearly impossible to use.

    I wish I had the skill and time to try and understand the reasons for this.
    I would very much like to ship something with a short dev cycle on the platform in the hopes it would fund work on more complex endevours.


      Hello i noticed that Forward shading support (translucency, more shading models) is now in "Wishlist/Backlog" on the UE 4 Roadmap.
      I may be wrong but I sort of had in my mind it was orginaly set to November?

      When do you think we will see the implementation on this feature?
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        When is the foliage performance problem getting fixed? Its a huge problem, and sad that unity is so much better in this department


          Two words: render layers.
          Need it!
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            Originally posted by WCode View Post
            Hello i noticed that Forward shading support (translucency, more shading models) is now in "Wishlist/Backlog" on the UE 4 Roadmap.
            I may be wrong but I sort of had in my mind it was orginaly set to November?

            When do you think we will see the implementation on this feature?
            Eek I need nice translucency! This just made me finally create an account in Trello just to add my vote.


              Its "Retarget Manager" implement on "Manage Retarget Base Pose" can adjust and save while animating rig (without clicking "View Pose")?


                Stability, stability, stability. Without it UE4 remains a toy not a tool.



                  Alembic support with vertex and transform animation please!

                  Finished Box2D physics.

                  Anything that'll help 2D dev for us indies, so those 2D splines would be awesomeballs.

                  Generally more better would be better, but I'm sure you guys are on top of things. Any hint to a release date would be nice. Like, put a newspaper next to yous on the next video stream dated with the release date.. like a hidden message thing.. or set your computer's date to it when you show your examples.. c'mon it'll be fun! No? Hrmf.

                  Also more coffee.


                    Cannot wait for tomorrow!
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                      I would like to see content examples expanded. For example, the Third person shooter example should include shooting and a melee move. This should be updated for BP and C++. Are there any plans to expand the basic demos?



                        Is there any news about large world support for version 4.6 or beyond?


                          Hey Guys, so what did I miss lol

                          So yea, 4.6, alright, lol! In all seriousness though, I'm really looking forward to it and Epic has done an amazing job here with their constant progress, trying to make all of us happy with putting the effort into the things that matter most and on top of everything else, delivering a strong experience that defines the industry standard on what a AAA Next Generation Engine should be. I love the progress and yes, I think if there are areas that need addressing that could create some very bad use cases for others, but they have been diligently putting the man-power into getting it done and genuinely want the best for the engine.

                          I think we can all agree that everyone's use cases in the engine are different and some more or less than others could be experiencing some instability, crashing, performance loss or just some accessibility things that may not be there that probably should be. Not everyone will encounter the issues and having been a developer for a very long time, I know not everyone will see certain bugs and that a specific set of occurrences could need to happen for someone to be affected by it. Heck, many people complained about glitches in Alien: Isolation and I didn't see one till the end for a split second

                          I think we should however, and I'm saying this lightly cuz a bunch of us are buddies, but let's try to have a little more respect here just in case there are issues that are impeding others that maybe aren't affecting us. Just saying... if the tables were turned, you'd want the same level of respect from the other side of the coin. And those would be glad to give it and in no way are we that selfish

                          Yes, I had a pretty long post about instability. It was primarily due to the problem that does actually still exist that Hourences pointed out, which is the evil beast that is the Circular Dependency in Blueprints. I've been programming for a long time but I chose to you use BPs to quickly prototype things with C++ for small cases. Because I'm a programmer, I tried to do a lot of abstraction in my BPs with inheritance and base classes as BPs, that I ran into probably every circular issue in the engine that still exists, and let me tell you... it's a nightmare, lol! I've had unexplainable bugs, corrupt files that I've lost and god knows what else lol. Take it from me, having lost BPs due to corruption and even though I had auto-saves from the day before, that was major time lost from my work, it can happen and I feel bad for Rama to have that perf issue.

                          I do a lot of posting on AnswerHub and the team is companionate and really cares to help out. So far, a lot of those issues have been resolved however, I have a lot of issues and random errors that don't make sense right now but some seem to disappear as I update to the newer builds. We all have to understand the nature of the beast and that Epic completely rebuilt the entire engine from UE3 -> UE4 and for what they have accomplished, it's pretty uncanny and a monumental amount of work. Also since this engine is still just gaining ground compared to the previous status quo of where UE3 was at the end of the console generation, there is a lot of room for growth.

                          Now I personally noticed a major difference from 4.4.3 to 4.5 and I still have glaring issues, but it's getting better all the time. Of course, there are more issues left/arrising and they are more than smart enough to know if they are getting ahead of themselves where fixing those issues in the future will be very hard. I think they got this and I'm starting to feel much better about things. I talked with Adam Davis and it seems like they've honed in on the last bits of the circular dependency issue and for that, he mentioned re-writing the custom linker so that may resolve a lot for everyone. I do think UMG needs some help but they pushed hard to get that into a production-ready state so I'm sure a lot of the usability things will be coming in 4.6.

                          Rama, I know you probably have a bat-phone to the team, jk and I know they'll get someone on it to profile it for you to find where the extra render time is going. I'm sure they'll nail it out buddy and hope the projects are going well nonetheless.

                          Originally posted by smallB View Post
                          Stability, stability, stability. Without it UE4 remains a toy not a tool.

                          (Sigh).... smallB, come on. Please don't take this disrespectfully but I've had to chat with you prior to having respect on the forums, and from what I've seen, you've been pretty cool which I think is great as it's positive and productive, so kudos there. I understand you are also new to game development, that's great. But you have a tendency to repeat something in an immature way. Perfect example is posting the above and also posting it twice. I'm not sure if you are also young as well but please understand, you are getting the most transparent access to the best game engine in the industry for developing games bar none. Epic, and you should spend time reading up on them, have accomplished and attained so much and have a team of valuable, passionate developers with the best skills in the industry and absolutely know how to do it right, innovate at the same time, and then setting the bar for everyone else to catch up to when it comes to the engine.

                          You need to understand, it's not a toy just as C# is not a "toy" language and you might want to drop that word as it can make someone look young and unexperienced. UE4 is everything a AAA engine should strive to become. Because they had to re-write the entire engine structure, it will undoubtably show issues to the early adopters. It's up to us, to communicate those issues to the devs at Epic, and let them decide the best way to handle it. I know you are trying to bring the focus to the people who are having issues and that's very considerate of you. In the future, just think about how you want to communicate it to others and how to also be respectful of the developers at Epic. I'm sure those guys and gals poured their life into this engine and had lots of crunches where those working on it, couldn't spend time with their loved ones because they were committed to the industry and giving us, the developers, the best possibly expiernce to develop our next great idea and those are the stories that unless you or I are working at or directly with Epic, we would never hear. For what is such a personal project to many at Epic, that have sacrificed themselves to deliver that for us, probably deserve much better than calling their work of love a toy, ya know? Don't be that person.


                            When do you expect the linux editor to be stable?


                              -- QUESTION --
                              Whatever happened to the plan to share snippets of and/or full Blueprints via multi-select than the engine generates a share-link and puts it into the (Epic) Cloud?

                              And yes I do agree that 4.6 should really be a bug fix and workflow/tools release with minor to major usability tweaks.

                              Would it be out of the question for Epic Games to run a week-long hackathon/Ship It/Epic Friday? Perhaps even bringing the community into the mix and who knows maybe Epic Games might break a Guinness Records or two for good measure

                              -- Some comments that stand out to me from a quick skim read of this thread --

                              Originally posted by TommyBear View Post
                              Hi guys, my questions:

                              - What are the plans for Market Place in terms of search-ability, categorization, sales and specials/bundles
                              - Are we going to see blue-printable components soon? Make components in blueprint?
                              - What is the status of blu-tilities? Would love some getting started documentation.
                              - What is the status of plugins in marketplace etc?

                              Originally posted by Anadin View Post
                              Epic Cloud?

                              Allow us to host leaderboards, achievements, stats and data (basically user accounts and profiles) similar to Hydra (agoragames) and then taking a leaf from Unity, advertising, analytics, cloud builds etc.

                              Since UE can't build a Windows exe from Mac and a Mac exe from Windows, a Cloud build service would be very useful indeed.
                              Originally posted by erWilly View Post
                              Prefabs have 221 votes in trello but still in backlog, I miss this from day one. Some planing for them.
                              Originally posted by The_Distiller View Post
                              Will the latest LPV code from Lionhead make it into 4.6?
                              Originally posted by TheJamsh View Post
                              Questions from my wishlist. Can we expect any improvements and/or iterations on the following:

                              - A version of Matt Mittrings' Forward Shading material node (mentioned in this weeks stream).
                              - An experimental version of Niagra and/or Sequencer.
                              - C++ Code / Plug-in support on UE4 marketplace.
                              - Any additional shader models such as Foliage, Hair, or Screen-Space Subsurface Scattering with Light passing through from backfaces?
                              - Any word on Lit Translucency with Specular Reflections, or Planar Reflections?
                              Originally posted by XilenceX View Post
                              +1 for this!
                              Also will (Blueprints useable with foligage) be worked on anytime soon?
                              Otherwise I would like to see the foliage shaders to be available for all meshes, not just with the foliage tool.
                              Originally posted by Robert Khalikov View Post
                              I also would like to hear about patching, DLC and support of multiple PAK files.
                              Originally posted by RPotter View Post
                              Some things I'd like to know whether they are planned for 4.6:

                              Patching/DLC - i.e. additive paks and delta paks. Having these available as first-class features is something I would consider very important for a modern game.

                              Simplified Text Localization - It's certainly possible to localize text in game right now, it's just a very laborious process that is poorly documented. Given how important it is (especially for independents) to release internationally, I would hope this would be a top priority. Last I checked, even the experimental Translation Editor was for engine text only.

                              Audio Localization - Seems it's been half-finished for a while now (Dialogue Waves, etc), when will we see this properly supported?
                              Diffing/Merging - There's some good early effort here already (the BP/BT diff tool looks great!), but I don't feel we have a complete solution here yet, given the fact that assets are all binary.
                              Materials should have the same visual diffing as BPs and BT. This almost seems like an oversight!

                              We need proper merging tools, or a good merging flow. Here is how I see it working: export the local and depot copies of the binary asset as temp T3D text files. Invoke a configured merge tool to merge versions together. Take the merged output text file and reimport it and replace the local binary asset.

                              You guys use P4 internally as we do: I'd be very interested to know how you guys are managing assets in projects (especially map files!). Exclusive locks can only go so far.

                              Looking beyond 4.6, I'm also curious about these trello cards on the roadmap:

                              Cooker 3.0 - Live editing is a *huge* productivity booster when you are working on a platform (like mobile) where your interaction model is very different from your work machine.

                              Geometry 2.0 - Personally not massively interested in BSP construction, but there's a lot of potential for advancements in geometry creation and editing. The idea wouldn't be to recreate Max or Maya in the editor, but to provide a way for rapid prototyping (for which the current brushes are not well suited, even when compared to the UnrealEd of the past), as well as provide tools to enable geometry editing at runtime (terrain, character morphing, foliage painting... the things you would need to build a good building-sim game in Unreal)
                              Originally posted by EoinOBroin View Post
                              Hair shaders or some form of integration with Nvidia Hairworks/TressFX! The main thing stopping 3rd person characters looking really real in the engine is the lack of hair shading support! Definitely my no. 1 feature request!
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                                Hi, there must be some misunderstanding here.
                                Just to clarify few things:
                                1. I do not try to insult anybody, I do respect what Epic's engineers are doing and I really think they are great at it
                                2. Yes, I'm very, very new to game dev, but I'm not new to software development.
                                3. I do understand how priviledged we are in having access to such technology - I myself mentioned that on number of occasions.

                                OK, having said the above, this doesn't change the fact that UE4 is still at very unstable stage.
                                To me software (and after all UE4 is just a software of certain kind) which constantly crashes, cannot open previously (last evening) saved packages and what not is not stable.

                                This shouldn't be taken as an insult and I never meant it to be taken as such.

                                I also see world differently to you and for example to Rama guy. He is great and I admire him, but I cannot be happy all the time like he is (or it looks like it anyway). But even he got bit piised off with changes in UE4, so it just show you that everybody has his limits.

                                I also don't believe that being Politically Correct is a great way to be. In my world not everyone is doing great stuff, not everyone is great at everything they touch, not everything is beautiful and rosy, and as long as I'm able to express my opinion I will continue to do it, not to insult people, but in hope that somebody will get the message and will try to improve things.

                                I do love UE4 and the way Epic is trying to work with community. This does not change the fact that UE4 is still at very unstable stage. Would you agree with that?

                                And as for C# not being toy language? Sure, never said such thing, but it is definitely not for game dev at that level, yet you will find people who claim, that performance is not important (in game dev, you hear that) that C# provides higher abstraction than C++, that this that the other. And what? Am I supposed to just stand and say nothing? Such behavior (passiveness), was cause of first and second war. Stalinizm happened because of such behavior. I know here we are computer folks, and those examples are ... but you know I have broader interests than just computers, and knowing what happened and why in world we live in is great thing.

                                Another thing you mentioned about pouring heart into work. I believe most (if not everybody here) are doing exactly the same. This has two fold meaning:
                                1. I am pouring my heart into my game, and if after release this game will not be positively received, will not get good sales etc, surely you don't expect me to start posting on forum and wherever else: hey, guys, but I've put so much work into it and I've poured my heart into it, so surely you ought to like it and don't have any rights to critisize it, right? Wrong. If my game is a failure it is only my fault and nobody's else.

                                2. If I'm pouring my heart into my game and I'm working with unstable software, than I'm sorry but I cannot see it other way than that software is not good enough yet even though has a great potential. It does sabotages my work. Surely this isn't right and you wouldn't expect it from software, doesn't matter how many hearts were poured into it?

                                Best regards
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