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[Twitch] 4.6 Roadmap - Oct. 23, 2014

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    Originally posted by smallB View Post
    Hi, what I don't like is those constant changes, that you don't have the continuity from one minor release to the next one (I'm not talking about major releases that are always in some way very different and somewhat incompatible with the previous one), that things that worked in earlier release don't work in newer etc, etc, sure I don't like those things, does anybody can honestly say that they like it? Can you?
    4.5.0 to 4.5.1 is a minor release. 4.5 to 4.6 is a major release. By your own logic things are "always in some way very different and somewhat incompatible"


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        Originally posted by benjamin.smith View Post
        The stream should be up on YouTube early next week. If you cannot wait you can always watch it via Twitch as the broadcasts are archived after each stream.

        NOTE: I assume the reason why there is a delay with the YouTube upload is due to 3 reasons:
        1. They usually wrap up the stream by around 3:00-3:30pm and I assume are swamped for the remaining 1-2 hours of work for the day.
        2. The following day is Epic Friday which is when all or most Epic Games employees can work on any feature they want that benefits the company (think Hackathon/ShipIt/Game Jam).
        3. They usually make some edits to the video in preperation for YouTube, like removing the countdown, any short breaks and I assume trying to fix any audio problems in post.

        For your convenience:

        YouTube - Inside Unreal and Livestreams Playlist :
        Twtich - Past Broadcasts :

        Hope this helps
        Thanks for the links here! And to give some insight to our procedure of uploading the archive - it's gotta get move from a computer to a server after the recording (it's big, and raw, so it takes quite some time), most times it's not quite ready be EOD Thursday. Then it goes to YouTube, typically the next day, and takes a few hrs to upload, process, and time stamp each video so you all can get a solid recap with links and all I'm currently out of town for an event, so there'll be a little delay before it's up. However, it should be in the past broadcasts link listed above. Thanks again, Benjamin.smith!
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