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OCTOBER GAME JAM: Win Subscription Time! Theme Announced on Thursday's Twitch Stream

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    So whilst making a menu for my game I sort of broke the stars?


      Just finished my entry. I'm still new to Unreal Engine and I didn't really have a solid plan so I kind of made it up as I went along.

      "Knock" is a short cinematic "horror" experience. You play as a paranoid person that has been haunted by unexplained knocking sounds for months, only occuring during the night.
      You've just moved to a new place. Afraid that the knocking might come back, you didn't even take the time to properly settle in. So far it has been quiet. Until tonight...


      A video playthrough of the entire game (SPOILERS):

      I'm a one man team so unfortunately (performance) testing has been lacking .


        Didn't have as much time this weekend to get everything I wanted to do with the game done but I got something. I've been calling it Fading Light in my head. Can you collect all the pickups before your flashlight runs out of power and you're left to stumble in the dark?
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          Right then boys and girls, here is my submission to the October Game Jam.

          The exe is \Pump Kin Up\WindowsNoEditor\Pumpkin\Binaries\Win32\Pumpkin.exe.


          I am currently on holiday in Vietnam so i had to make this on my laptop and boy has it struggled but I started this yesterday and made all the art and audio assets so there is no assets that need permission for. This is my first UE4 project and I have learned absolutely loads from doing it

          I am assuming this is all I have to do for a submission.

          I am going to bed now its 4am here.


            I Did it!
            Left and Right arrow - Movement;
            (Extra) Z key - Pretty explosion (useless);
            Reach the candies but watch out with the green straps!

            Candy ball - 1 point;
            Candy cane - 2 points;


            The game is on the ProjectGRenew folder!


              Our project is Illumina
              Team members
              Niky Leaton
              Levon Church
              Aaron Leaton

              You play as a small child who has "awaken" from a nightmare, you're terrified and all you have is a flashlight that runs through really cheap batteries quickly. You have to try and keep the flashlight lit by collecting batteries. Each battery will fully light your flashlight. Avoid your nightmare no matter what!

              WASD = Movement
              ESC = Pause
              E = Pickup Battery / open door
              also forgot to say that the nightmare is attracted to noise, so watch what you bump!

              Updated Download Link 9:41 pm
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                Team members:
                Arturo Espinoza (myself)
                Antonio Espinoza (my brother)

                The game is called Pumpkin Maze
                The player has to go through a randomly generated maze to get to the Bar while avoiding the flying pumpkins. There are three game difficulties: EASY, MEDIUM, and HARD. The size of the maze and number of pumpkins spawned increases with each difficulty level.

                I made the package on my mac, so here is the mac version:!3RkykDJA!XsZwYe...TOtB4BIRXwURjw
                I'll upload the PC version tomorrow.

                Edit: PC Version:
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                  Hello folks and Epic Games.

                  After many late hours myself and Leoalexus have made a short game called Poltergeist.

                  You play as a ghost / demon / haunted spirit who recently has a new house guest. The objective is to travel through the house without being seen and at the same time to scare your house guest. Turn off lights, knock over books, set off clocks and turn on televisions to frighten your new friend. If he is scared enough then you will win. However if he sees you for too long he won't be scared of you any more and he wins instead

                  Controls - WASD to move the camera - Left Mouse Click to move - Scroll wheel to zoom in and out - E to interact with environment objects which are close to you.
                  Instructions - Unzip the folder and the PC EXE is located within WindowsNoEditor\Poltergeist\Binaries\Win64



                    Game Jam submission: cabin

                    Note! Left Mouse Button places wood over windows.

                    Download the game (Windows) (Mac OS)
                    Windows build requires Microsoft C++ Runtime 2013.

                    Read the design document. Note that a bit was cut due to time constraints.

                    Scott Perrine
                    Paul Davis
                    Manya Susoev
                    Joshua Martin
                    Chris Ainsworth

                    248 revisions
                    Built entirely with blueprints.
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                      Prj Terror -
                      Escape the nightmare.
                      you lied down for the night and you've just drifted into asleep.. BANG BANG.. you awake somewhere strange to the sounds echo. where am i ? this looks familiar but different...there is a hole in the floor... but where does it lead ? what's lurking down there ?
                      will you last long enough to make it through it's maze and safely back to your bed before it gets you ?

                      ---- Controls ----
                      WASD - Movement
                      Left Shift - Sprint
                      Left Click - Toggle Torch (flashlight)

                      I did everything myself. It features a low lit environment and randomly generated maze game with sounds and complete with terror all packed in for your pleasure
                      (The maze is a tiny big but the game is fully complete-able, it just might take you a few tries to find the bed and survive.)
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                      EDIT -
                      10-27-2014 at 2:41 AM.- I made a special version for a friend with slow internet and i figured i'd post it here too in case it was useful for a forum member to wanna play my game
                      It's the same game i just deleted unused assets and repackaged it, i hope that's okay! <3 btw this version is untested but it should work exactly the same, if you are epic get the one at the top of the post since that's the one that was submitted on time.
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                        WASD, Space to Jump
                        DPad, Left Stick, Face Buttons to Jump
                        Luminawesome Games


                          RIP - Requiescat In Pace

                          RIP - Requiescat In Pace

                          Find a Way out and RIP.
                          a Solo Dev Project

                          Require a Mouse (Left Click) + Keyboard (WASD) + Headphones!
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                            King of the Pumpkins

                            Local Splitscreen King of the Hills-game.

                            Player: WASD movement + H for interaction
                            Ghost: Arrows movement + Right CTRL for interaction

                            Download Link

                            We are a team of 4 people.

                            Since we were one of the winning teams I figured people might also like the version with even the latest bugs fixed and a Mac version as a bonus!
                            V1.1 Windows & Mac
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                              Parasomnia is a short, dark, anxiety-inducing experience -- a bit of a stretch on the theme "Bump in the Night", but it's dark... and something's making a godawful sound out there

                              Download from

                              Best played with headphones in the dark

                              Note to self: don't attempt weekend-long game jam over a busy weekend (had to cut this massively short due to time constraints).

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                                Rushed entry for the game jam, had a lot of fun with my team.
                                This is a local multiplayer pvp game and was tested using two xbox 360 controllers. The objective is to push the opponent out of the platforms.
                                After clicking Start game click again on the screen to enable controller input.
                                Left Thumbstick = Move player
                                Right Thumbstick = Move camera
                                A = Jump
                                Right Trigger = Attack

                                Screenshot of the game:

                                Link of the Game:

                                Music used was obtained from

                                Final thoughts: Lots of fun, lots of troubleshooting and will look forward to more of these events
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