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[Twitch] Animation and Rigging Toolkit, EGX Recap, and More! - Oct. 2, 2014

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    Give us your questions below about new Animation and Rigging Toolkit in Unreal Engine 4.5 ?
    Ok but where is UE4.5 ? i will put question if you want

    Animation and rigging Tools for Maya LT , it's possible (Mel Script why not ) ?

    Did you look the new tools Send to Unreal Engine in Maya LT ? What do you think about it ?
    How it's work with Enreal Engine ? What is the best solution for working with it, Can you give us some tutorials ?

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      [Question] Can you go over the best way to do npc jumping through it's animation, not physics applying force?

      I've been doing root motion jumps, and switching the physics to flying, then back to walking on notify's in the Montage.

      What do you need to turn on and off in a locomotion system to handle it? I'm getting inconsistent results and think I may be over-complicating it.


        Has there been any updates to the behavioral tree system for 4.5?

        BTW, I also just wanted to say thanks again for all your work on creating the new skeletal re-targeting system. This is going to help me a great deal.
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