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Inside Unreal: Animating with the Control Rig Sample Project

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    So is this system able to cover all the basic IK features of a regular game character? Things like foot IK for ground collision, hand to wall adaptation, etc.


      How can the Control Rig be used with skeletal rigs other than the default SK_Mannequin? For example Mixamo Rigs?
      I have a rig exported from Mixamo in a T-Pose, The skeleton bones don;t appear too dissimilar to those of the SK_Mannequin but when I use exactly the same configuration that works on the SK_Mannequin for IK of Hand or Foot, on the Mixamo Rig the arms and legs go all bendy.

      Can anyone help please?
      Why does it work for SK_Mannequin but not MixamoRig?

      Ultimately what I want to do is to be able to control my rig in real time using external input (Avateering)
      Any pointers on how to do this would be welcome too.
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        Ayo, asked this answerhub question about some issues I ran into trying to make hand animations for VR using control rig. Anyone got any idea about it?

        Basically there seems to be a difference in the generated animations compared to what the control rig looks like.


          At time code 53:34 in the livestream Jeremiah shows Additive Control Rig track.
          Can the Additive Control Rig track affect CR Controls? or just Bones?
          What would be a good way to bake motion capture to the Control rig so that we can then use the Additive Control Rig Track to adjust it with keyframing?


            Looking forward to playing around with this system. I ran into an issue after adding a Vector parameter to a Control Rig and exposing it to the AnimBP.

            After restarting the editor, I get an error in the class "AnimGraphNode_ControlRig.cpp" at line 112. It seems that FVectors are not handled in this loop, which causes the error. I'd imagine it would be handled by the "GetScriptStruct()" if statement, but this returns a nullptr.

            At the moment I'm using three floats to compensate, but is there something I'm missing when exposing vector parameters from the control rig to the AnimBP?
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