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Inside Unreal: Animating with the Control Rig Sample Project

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    I'm new to unreal but why they chose A-post rather than T-post (any benefit)?


      the last Days i looked for some Options and now this... Great.


        Love that all the videos are posted to YT, but searching... Inside Unreal 403 videos. A general search narrows it down, but daaaamn.


          Fantastic news, hope this livestream cleared the last questions of that, go forward with this amazing plugin, im very interested.
          Have try a few tests with this, but no find really a goal.


            awesome! keep up bro!!!


              this is way to hard for me


                When it comes to animating, Its Unreal that does the work!


                  Originally posted by baroba_at_work View Post
                  Are you guys going to talk about Ozone? (
                  there is a plugin in the marketplace you could do something like this. it reminds me on houdini - fully build inside UE
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                    Originally posted by AEY-AES View Post
                    I'm new to unreal but why they chose A-post rather than T-post (any benefit)?
                    The A-Pose is much closer to a natural state that the arms will animate around, being more central to the shoulder's most commonly used range of motion. It's not that often to have animations where the arms go straight out like a T-Pose gives you, or even reaching upwards. The benefit is that when skin weighting a character, you get much less deformation on top of the shoulders and less crunch in the armpits to deal with, and it's easier to skin the upper arm twist influence in there too. Also, you could argue that setting up the elbow targets in an arm IK solution (or a pole vector in the control rig lingo), is much more straight forward from an A-Pose than a T-Pose. (These are two benefits in my opinion). You can still use T-Pose models without problems ... just be sure to get them into an A position before attempting to retarget animations from the default UE4 mannequin.


                      fresh 3rd person template, 4.25.3
                      3 controll rigs, all the same but 1 gets rotator 1 gets transform and 1 float.
                      exit and restart UE4 and only float still works
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                          Originally posted by baroba_at_work View Post
                          Can it also be put up on Youtube after recording? I like to download videos and learn from them during my commute on the train. Mobile internet is super expensive and slow here ...

                          VictorLerp commented
                          07-24-2020, 09:49 PM

                          You can find all episodes of Inside Unreal on YouTube:
                          The Live stream has not been linked into YouTube yet,

                          "Inside Unreal
                          403 videos 289,261 views Last updated on Jul 23, 2020"

                          any idea when it might be available ?


                            As BECK would say: "WOW!" This is amazing.
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                            with the raw power of UE4.

                            I wrote a book in the mid-2000's called: 'Artistic Motion Performance Capture in 3ds Max' -using the often overlooked (even forgotten) 'Motion Capture Utility' that was a part of the Autodesk package since it was 3D Studio for DOS!
                            My procedural use of this tool, allowed me to 'hand animate' using not videos or markers, but a joystick, or mouse, or Wacom Pen (what I use...) or even a MIDI controller, to achieve the most natural head, eye and facial animation. (and far better results than any form of 'marker', 'markerless', video or other type of 'Rotoscope' capture. I worked on a movie called: 'Life of Pi 3D' in the mid-2000's, where I used this tool and my 'Performance Capture' procedure, to animate NATURAL LOOKING ANIMAL HAIR MOTION!

                            With my method one chooses every motion, (every 'micro-expression') 'Artistically', like Sculpting, or Composing Visual Music (and much like music, doing so in successive 'multi-track' animation tracks.)

                            With this method I invented, I could finally get the output quality, of the most skilled pose-to-pose 'hand animation' imaginable, with the speed and convenience (but none of the limitations, caveats, or 'uncanny valley) of 'motion capture'!

                            I think I have waited since then, for this level power-tool, to do so in real-time and finally, fully using GPU properly!


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                              Originally posted by AEY-AES View Post
                              I'm new to unreal but why they chose A-post rather than T-post (any benefit)?
                              Yes! T-pose can be harder to rig and generally makes getting smooth correct shoulder/upper arm deformations, harder. A-pose is just as effective at allowing full control and torso/arm envelope separation, but; without introducing the same problems - (simply, because A it is a more natural / less extreme pose to begin with)...

                              In my ~30 years of experience rigging (since 3D Studio for DOS), Rigging is 'done' a lot faster and requires far less tweaking to get the desired result with A-pose.

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                                Hello, is it possible to release the demo content from the live stream? i want to take a deeper dive at some of the examples it that would be possible?


                                Also there are some hopefully small requests that would be possible to add?

                                1) Custom gizmo Meshes, it can even use the same material that the current gizmo system is using. I would just like to use some custom shapes to better define its purpose. the selection while decent, is a tiny bit limiting. examples the jaw here specifically -

                                2) In scene Text labeling, unless i missed this, but some sort of in scene text and being able to label certain controls, especially for more complex rigs with many controls, and it being a separate component to add i think would be ideal as the rigger can place it anywhere they need. Examples https://ganimationsimulation.files.w...258780_640.jpg

                                3) What about Control types "Transform no rotation" and "Transform no Translation" to complete the trio?. I also see that there are limits in place to mimic said types but it also does not look like there are individual limits for each type of transform? Side note: the limiter on rotation and scale do not seem to be working on any of transform control type(it seems to completly lock any rotation and scale from happening)? is this a bug or haven't gotten to yet?

                                4) rotational verlet? or does the normal verlet do the job?
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