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Schools and universities worldwide are filled with students that aspire to become character artists at top game studios and film companies working on amazing AAA game titles and popular film franchises. But what does it really take to make it as a AAA character artist in today’s game and film industries?

Tune in to our Friday Educator Livestream to meet four of Epic Games' top Character Artists. They’ll discuss their journeys into the exciting field of character art and how they got to where they are today.

We’ll talk about not only the talent needed to make it in AAA character art, but also the day-to-day discipline and grit required to be successful in one of the most exciting careers in digital content creation.

See you this Friday, July 25th for another fun and helpful Educator Livestream on!

Friday, July 24 @ 2:00 PM EDT



Luis Cataldi - Global Education Evangelist - @EpicLuisC
Tom Shannon - Technical Artist, Education - @TomShannon3D
Mark Flanagan - EMEA Education Partnership Manager - @marknaught

Special Guests
Vitaliy Naymushin - Character Art Lead - Artstation
Adam Skutt - Senior Character Artist - Artstation
Justin Holt - Senior Texture Artist - Artstation
Kolby Jukes - Outsourcing Lead • Character - Artstation