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Blender to Unreal Tools, Part 2 - March 5

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    [LIVESTREAM] Blender to Unreal Tools, Part 2 - March 5

    Click image for larger version  Name:	200305_LivestreamAnnounce_Third.jpg Views:	10440 Size:	179.5 KB ID:	1727027

    We're back with the second part in our "Blender to Unreal" series!

    This week on Inside Unreal, we’ll cover UE_to_Rigify, an upcoming tool from Epic, set to be released later this year. This new workflow allows you to map Blender's animation and rigging tool to the Unreal Mannequin, and we’ll also show how it integrates with the Send to Unreal button we covered in part 1.

    Thursday, March 5 @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


    Kaye Vassey - Senior Technical Animator - @kmvassey
    James Baber - Pipeline Developer - @TheJamesBaber
    Victor Brodin - Community Manager - @victor1erp

    Part 1
    Blender To Unreal Addon (you must connect your Epic Games and GitHub accounts and be logged in to GitHub to access)

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    THANK YOU SO MUCH! Cant wait for the stream!


      Can't wait


        Wow, I do really wanna see it!

        I am currently on this stage, so the sooner it would be out the better for me and others it is!

        Please also pay attention to character physics assets and other small details!


          Really like what you folks are doing.

          Would like to see the Mr. Mannequins tool from Jim Kroovy more featured and maybe sponsored?


            I create my own rig for animation because of rigify got some problem when import to Ue4. Its there any method to retarget the animation from my old rig to the new UE4 rig when they release and keep the same amount keyframe for later adjust not bake all frame?


              it will be a very good tool, I can't wait!


                thank u! I am Waiting~!


                  Thank You.I wish I could help with making blender 1 to 1 like you guys.Thank you !.I'm going to have to re do my characters now and this make me want to learn how to animate more.


                    Can't wait to put my hands on it


                      Super happy to see the Part 2 come so early!
                      Just a heads up, on Reddit we have a stickied thread where you can share your suggestions and feedback about it (i hope the devs look at it).
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                        This is interesting, I hope you will release it very soon.


                          Check also this addon for blender


                            I'd be surprised if with the current rigify/bone scale issues in blender as of the latest release any of the import/export stuff from/with rigify ends up working 100%.

                            Also, I do hope the feedback from many about forcing object types into different collections was received and considered.

                            Having to split a parented skeletal mesh into 2 collections makes little sense.
                            Having to split an LOD from its empty container makes scene management even more difficult.
                            Now imagine having an LOD skeletal mesh and having to manage the scene position of it when the skeleton and the meshes for it are all separate... a nightmare waiting to happen.

                            Either way March 5th is coming fast.
                            Really hope to see some actual improvements for the Rigify to UE4 skeletal structure pipeline. Please consider elaborating some on your Under The Hood process as well!

                            (It seems that the latest update to rigify has broken a lot of things for my plugin. When coupled to the visual bake not working correctly this is making the whole thing a total mess).
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                              This is Going to be EPIC lol