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    The laser graphics is just a plane (or ribbon particle) with gradient map on masked glowing material.
    You set ribbon's origin to raycast origin and ribbon end to hit location in world space...

    Then you get the hit surface's normal and do the math he shows to find vector for the next raycast.
    I'm pretty sure it's a For(x) loop, at least in C++ I just run a loop for the amount of rays I want to test.

    Oh there's builtin function in engine for that btw:

    Use case:
    for (int32 i=0; i < MyReflectionLimit; i++) {
                const FVector Reflection = FMath::GetReflectionVector( REF_Location, REF_LastHit.ImpactNormal );
                FHitResult REF_Hit;
                if ( RayTrace(Channel, REF_Hit, REF_Location, Reflection, TraceParameters) ) {
                    REF_LastHit = REF_Hit;
                    REF_Location = REF_LastHit.Normal + REF_LastHit.ImpactPoint;
    bool RayTrace(const TEnumAsByte<ECollisionChannel> &TraceChannel, FHitResult &Hit, const FVector &Start, const FVector &End, FCollisionQueryParams &Parameters) {
               Hit = FHitResult(ForceInit);
               GetWorld()->LineTraceSingleByChannel(Hit, Start, End, TraceChannel, Parameters);
               return ( Hit.GetActor() != nullptr );
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      Does anyone know how the gizmo controls were setup during the laser demo? It looked like the default editor widget was in the runtime. Curious to know how they did that


        Originally posted by VictorLerp View Post
        I've shared David's slide deck under "Resources" in the OP, but the projects were for visual reference only, and will unfortunately not be shared. However, similar examples to Wyeth's Niagara particles will be released as part of our Content Examples for Niagara in the future.
        Is there an ETA on this or is it already in the examples and i missed it


        • VictorLerp commented
          Editing a comment
          Later this year, no ETA as of now. Stay tuned!