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    nice that is really cool


      Originally posted by StarHunter_Blue View Post
      .... bone issues ...
      The bone layout in blender VS ue4 doesnt really matter.
      What matters is the position of the large end ... pics/edit with explanation incoming.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	Bone01.jpg Views:	1 Size:	254.2 KB ID:	1678537
      The main "bone" appears to be flipped. in reality it's just that visually the display points are altered. There is no "visual" bone here because Bone isn't actually parented to anything else (or it's head would have the connection line in Blender as well)

      Click image for larger version  Name:	image_175564.jpg Views:	1 Size:	241.8 KB ID:	1678538
      Here, UE4 visually represents the bone as starting from the head of bone01, and ending at the tail of Bone, it's parent.

      Note that these are only purely VISUAL representations. they do not really matter when skinning/animating your rigs.
      Whatever UE4 choose to represent it like visually, so long as the animation and skinning work fine in blender they will also work fine in UE4 - SO LONG AS, you get your parenting correct.

      The bone hierarchy is essentially what matters, more so then bone placement. (which is also true for re-targeting and the Epic skeleton).

      So, for your little marshmallow box thing, it looks like your parenting is off a bit. if you go and parent the arms to the correct bone, and the legs to the correct bone, then even in UE4 you'd get a more accurate representation.

      Here's an example of a minimal "personified" rig that works for people to get an idea of what is supposed to be where:
      Click image for larger version  Name:	image_175566.jpg Views:	1 Size:	334.6 KB ID:	1678544

      NOTE: Leg bones (L1_r, L1_l - aptly named to use X axis mirror) are disconnected but parented to Pelvis.
      Arm bone (A1_r, A1_l) are disconnected but parented to Main.
      Pelvis and Main were flipped on purpose.
      This is to demonstrate that UE4 will create the cirss/corss by pointing each paterent bone to the head portion of the parent bone (the body's center in this case). The positions here don't really matter (because of the random 4second mesh/armature combo).

      And here is the final frame of the random animation:
      Click image for larger version

Name:	image_175565.jpg
Views:	152
Size:	303.4 KB
ID:	1678543

      Here is a gif of it playing.

      Hope this 2 min monstrosity helps you guys rig stuff properly it's quite easy once you understand the basics.
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        Thank you both for your time. Looking back to the stream, the socket spawned there also seems to be at the "wrong" place at first. Is this simply a fact of life that UE4 displays the bones "incorrectly" (at least form a Blender perspective)? Because all animations work, but it just seems so strange to me that UE displays the skeleton wrong, or at least counter-intuitively. Going by your example, in UE I'd have no reason to assume that the "body" is split into a main and pelvis, or that I could move the lower arm separately from the upper arm and that just seems all kinds of weird to me. However, looking at the mannequin skeleton from the Third Person Shooter starter, this realls seems to be the case, I just didn't notice while playing around with it.
        That just seems incredibly strange to me. Why does UE4 display a "Bone" as going from foot of child to foot of parent?


          It's more likely a blender issue really. Maya or 3DSX don't have the same results.
          It could also be an FBX export issue. The code for that is pretty dirty.
          Either way, since it works, no one will likely touch it at all...


            wow thanks


              agreed... i find it quite dis-orienting and completely counter intuitive to have the bones rotate at the tail of the bone, rather than the head (as in blender)... maybe glFL will find an answer down the road...


                Watching this - the animation part - makes me wonder! How does it make sense to do the animation in Blender, as it would make much more sense to do that part in UE... is the animation tools really that much better in blender?

                My 2nd question is more advanced. I seems very difficult getting human skeletons from Blender to UE and reusing the animations. You would need to re-target the skeletons and that seldomly works out. I tried this with the MBLab skeletons, to both mannequin and mixamo animations and there is always some showstopper bugs... what we seem to miss is some re-target tool that will also "fix and rename" the skeleton in Blender... (or that we can somehow use the re-target information to save, and export, a renamed skeleton. )

                For the community,it would make a lot of sense to have this done once, say if one of us have done the the mapping/re-targeting between MBLab (or the other tools) to Mixamo/mannequin, is there some place where we could share this?


                  1) yes. in any 3d program. UE4 just isn't equipped to do any animation at all. especially nothing professional, and definitely nothing more then a quick fix.

                  Particularly with blender, because of copy/paste inverted you end up able to make a walking cycle in half the time. Any cycle where you have opposite poses really....

                  2) re-targeting works just fine. you just need to learn how to do it properly.
                  Fixing/Renaming the skeleton in blender is a decent idea actually, but if you do that you loose compatibility with whatever else was released for the same skeleton (say additional animations are released, you can't use them anymore.)

                  Really, everyone does their own work on renaming things in the master skeleton because it's very individualized work. Often it's not a "one size fits all" problem. And most importantly, it seems that most folks are Ok with just having it re-targeted and skipping the whole part of the work process that would have you work on a skeleton several hours if not days.

                  However, if you make it and you want to share it with he community you can always just add it to the "animation tools" sticky in the animation section. I don't think anyone would complain about it.


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