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Unreal Engine Livestream - Touch Input - August 8 - Live from HQ

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    [LIVESTREAM] Unreal Engine Livestream - Touch Input - August 8 - Live from HQ

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    In a world where more and more displays have capacitive touch support, it can be useful to know how to implement different kinds of user input. On this week's livestream, Alan Willard will walk us through how to listen for common touch input combinations. We'll also announce the theme and kick off the Summer #ue4jam!

    Thursday, August 8 @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


    Alan Willard - Senior Dev Rel Tech Artist - @AlanJWillard
    Victor Brodin - Community Manager - @victor1erp

    Project files

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    Can/will Alan touch on (pun intended) the basic motions pretty much every smartphone owner probably knows by this point, namely tapping, swiping, pinch-zooming and pinch-twisting? Also "right-clicking" (holding down one finger and tapping a second one) and perhaps other hold/tap combinations that might make sense.
    Think top-down RTS where you move across the map, select units/give them orders, swipe menus in/out at the sides, zoom in/out and rotate the view.


      Ya'll need to do a steam for the actual intended Epic way to do gamepad implementation for UMG.
      We've been hacking it for years and I don't think there has ever been an actual answer.


        I second both of you guys and especially the gamepad Implementation for UMG, I would love to see a local multiplayer game pad system, to the point that users can select different players etc.


          Will be waiting to watch.


            Oh please talk about implementing 3D Touch for iPhone!


              Click image for larger version

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ID:	1650561 This should seriously help with something ive been trying to figure out lately. using smoothing the controlling of a character through UMG buttons.... can't wait


                Alan Willard … 'The' Alan Willard ??

                Alan 'The Wizard' Willard?

                oh Please, give Alan 5-10 mins to show us some Magic Tricks !!!

                Don't think I'm trying to make fun either, being very serious. we miss Alan's amazing effects & insight. we really do!

                will be good to see Alan on the streams with us again !

                PS: I see they still can't figure out a title that covers all he does on one line. lol


                  I am interesting to hear about switching between two kind of control. For example in 3rd person project between classic joystick and touch to go. This is for archviz field would be very useful.


                    Originally posted by ayretek View Post
                    Alan Willard … 'The' Alan Willard ??

                    PS: I see they still can't figure out a title that covers all he does on one line. lol
                    Some of these folks doesn't make it easy for me


                      Where is the project in the stream available?


                        Originally posted by LaserWolf105 View Post
                        Where is the project in the stream available?
                        Same. It was said on steam that it wouldn’t be in the marketplace or shipped with the engine, so WHERE will it be released?

                        Great stream, btw.


                          Looks like a great learning resource. Keep up the great work!


                            Any word on when we can get a hold of the project, Victor?


                              I double the request for project files. Any ETA on those VictorLerp ?
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