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Unreal Engine Livestream - Niagara: What’s New - Feb 14 - Live from HQ

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    [LIVESTREAM] Unreal Engine Livestream - Niagara: What’s New - Feb 14 - Live from HQ

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    This week we'll be joined by Lead Technical Artist Wyeth Johnson. We'll be taking a look at some of the latest additions to the Niagara plugin, including template emitters, 2d and 3d texture sampling, distance fields, mass and forces, collision refactors, and some thoughts on where we're headed next.

    The Winter #ue4jam theme will be announced at 3:00PM ET!

    Thursday, Feb 14 @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


    Wyeth Johnson - Lead Technical Artist @sirwyeth
    Amanda Bott - Community Manager - @amandambott
    Victor Brodin - Community Manager - @victor1erp

    Previous livestream
    Niagara documentation



    Mr Boom's Firework Factory

    The Forge


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    Copy and paste of Nodes?


      [Question] Will Niagara be released at some point? It's not clear if it will replace Cascade or not.

      If yes, any idea when it could be production ready?


        [Questions] When will it be possible to set actor or component references dynamically/during gameplay as a variable? You can hard set them, but you cannot set them during play.


          [Question] Will there be any changes coming to the way materials interact with Niagara mostly meaning will there be any changes to dynamic parameter node? Like adding a vector3 to the dynamic Parameter node?


            Omigod I've been waiting for Niagara for literal years. I'm *so* excited. Will definitely be on this Stream -- first Stream I'll be watching live!! Looking forward to it. See you there!


              [Question] Will it add support for interaction with wind actor?


                [Question] Any info when Instanced Stereo Rendering will be supported by Niagara?
                There is no info why it's backlogged.
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                  Great stream everyone, thanks so much.

                  Below is a question I asked during the stream. If you have any thoughts on how to do it I would really appreciate it.

                  Is there a way to feed a sequence of RGBA16f png images into a render target for use by Niagara? The IMG Media Source available with the media frame work only seems to work with 8 bit images.


                    Great stream, I have a question about the new collision stuff that's forthcoming.

                    In cascade, cpu collision could be filtered on object type, so you could set particles to collide with world static, pawn, etc. Is there similar functionality planned for Niagara? I see in the latest preview that this may be possible but it's not (or doesn't seem to be) out of the box.

                    Essentially I would like to replicate cascade-era pawn-ignoring particle systems.


                      very cool... as more of an artist (kinda) i'm not so good at code speak, but as i watched i began visualizing workflows with niagara more than i ever did with cascade... like a waterfall with directional, collision (and effect), and physics... a thermal nuclear with rings on a curved timeline... and wolf gurl running thru the jungle with a variable exposed to cinematics to just tick to morph into a wolf... welcome to the 21st century (smile)...


                        Originally posted by S-ed View Post
                        [Question] Any info when Instanced Stereo Rendering will be supported by Niagara?
                        There is no info why it's backlogged.
                        The behavior seems to be changed in preview 3, as I got the content example from Epic to render in both eyes, but they "flicker" and "stutter".