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Unreal Engine Livestream - Unreal Engine Marketplace Updates - November 1st - Live from Epic HQ

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    Originally posted by motorsep View Post
    Informative stream - thanks. Bad move with free assets - can't really say "thank you" for this :/
    Not sure why you would say bad move, it helps out the smaller guys to start with their developing. This creates more opportunities for Epic to have a bigger audience of devs to compete more with Unity and Cryengine and the other major players (Unreal Engine is still better than them, just saying). Free things are never a bad idea for a company. Many companies give away free things or free samples. Why? Well behind this brings more attention to the company and its product or services. A huge spike in downloads and clicks show on the analytics for Epic that when they do this, it creates more conversions for them. This is a marketing tactic that works very well which is a win-win for both the creators like me and you and the company like Epic. Epic wants more people using its game engine, not less. Also this shows Epic cares for its Community by giving back not taking away.
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      Originally posted by entity_z1 View Post
      For Unreal Developers:

      Every time I've tried to sell my assets I get this answer:

      - Not enough content
      - Asset not of high quality

      Seriously guys, what exactly is "enough content" for you? and how do you measure "high quality" ? (all my props were smoothed w/ quads topology, textured, scaled, lods, etc). I may not be the best modeler in the planet but I majored in 3D animation, so please.. be open to receive new assets from unknown developers, not just your favorites.

      What's your seller name, I can offer some C&C to help you out.


        Originally posted by Ellessarr View Post

        Well here on BRAZIL it is on US$ and using or currently conversion of 3,70 a 10 US become 37 R$ which is almost 4x the price and we also ending paying a "extra taxe" for paying in US from the credcard, which is also based on US then it can easy go near 40, is really unfair for us, i'm not saying which it is epic fault and is more like our country fault, but as i told normally others companies which make the "conversion" it ending beng much more fair and more like instead of a 10 US become 40 RS it's ending becoming like 20 to 30 RS at best wich i much more affordable fo us, that is why others companies like blizzard, ubisoft, EA GoG, steam and others use the own way to convert to our local currence it make the products become much more affordable and even in some cases like blizzard, gog and steam you can pay in payments, well it could be really cool for countries/places like here where the US currence is bigger than local currence.
        your saying you pay more the 40USD for somethings that would cost 10USD in the US? Hmm I think you made an error.


          Originally posted by rasamaya View Post

          your saying you pay more the 40USD for somethings that would cost 10USD in the US? Hmm I think you made an error.
          currently the USD exchanging in RS is 1 USD(dollar) = 3.67 RS(REAL) and if we apply the normal taxes the credit cards put when making a purchase it can easy go to 4 RS(Real).

          it ending means which if we could put on a 1 to 1 comparation we ending paying 4x the normal price, again i know which it's not epic fault and most of our country and also the "globalized market and others like policies and bla bla bla but the point is which a "currence conversion" like others companies like EA, Blizzard, Ubisoft, steam and GoG could help a lot that sort of issue where you don't have a "proper value" for the things in market and the price fluctuation in one day you can be paying one value then in another day another price (normally high)


            Originally posted by Ellessarr View Post

            it's not epic fault ..
            But Epic could set special region based pricing like Steam does. Now, if the creator chooses not to follow recommendation, that's their prerogative. On Steam usually devs follow Valve's recommendation and set pricing according to the region.


              Originally posted by motorsep View Post

              But Epic could set special region based pricing like Steam does. Now, if the creator chooses not to follow recommendation, that's their prerogative. On Steam usually devs follow Valve's recommendation and set pricing according to the region.
              yeah that is why steam and GoG (which also have lower prices games) are awesome, normally a product on steam ending costing much less than what it was supposed if they followed the "normal currence conversion"


              a product cost USD 40 outside steam, if steam used the "normal conversion/exchange" based on the USD current value that product could ending costing around 160 RS( using current exchanges and taxes) even if they could avoid the credit card taxes it could still ending costing around 140 to 150 RS, however they manage to sell the product for around 80 for the best course and 120 for the worst, which is much more easy for the customers to buy it.

              the others companies like EA and blizzard they try to do the same but the ending price still more high than steam in most cases without counting a big factor for steam which is about games, which is too old games prices start to drop over time to a point where you can buy many games for the price of a single game.

              here in BRAZIL we call steam our beloved "parent"(father or mother), because it really make much more easy for us to purchaise many games they even allow you to do payments like you can pay for the product in like from 2x 3x without any "taxe" and up to 12x (with small taxes) this is really a bi "thing" for my country cuz most of the times we have to pay high for products normally it is on payments.

              It's also helped a lot great decrease the piracy in our country, basically almost of my "non blizzard games" are from steam and i have a lot of games most of then thanks to steam and current i'm looking for buy some programs like marvellous design and substance design and akeytsu to work on my game project since they are on steam and the price is "reasonable" and time to time they go on sales which help even more.

              Really steam was the best thing to happen here in my country, if not was for then i could not have even one third of the things i'm current having and see epic going on that route could be a big dream

              but for sure a local currence conversion in the same model of steam could make it much more insane and easy to sell in countries like mine where the USD exchanges are overpriced.
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                Hello Epic, many thanks for that stream and shared info.
                I wish that the marketplace sents automatically a reminder to customers after they bought a pack(sidenote: I noticed Unity does it this way.
                You get two reminder emails, one a week, after no response they leave you alone. Sure, you can't force someone to vote, simply just a reminder.

                Thanks for pushing this plattform to the next level!

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                  May we expect some packs from Epic that really have good performance and work together? Otherwise those stand-alone packs from the market place are pretty much useless for indie developers as you have to put more time into learning them and bug-fix them instead of using them for youre project.